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Acupressure is acupuncture with no needles, so it removes the discomfort that some people have with acupuncture without taking away any of the benefits that acupuncture offers. This 5 week program is customized to your body, taking into account the unique needs that every person has to provide the best care for your body that can be offered. Acupressure can take away chronic pain, swelling, and aches without having to use needles. You don't have to deal with any more pain This method only takes the pain away! You will also get guided meditations to help connect your mind and body and aid the healing process. You will get a few useful bonuses as well You will get a trick to give you youth, using a process that is centuries old. You will also learn tips to lose weight using these advanced techniques. You don't have to deal with pain with this system All you do is get rid of pain.

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Acupressure Fingers Hands and a Whole Lot More

I used to hear the same excuses from my friends and family every time I wanted them to give me an acupressure treatment. Oh, I can't do that I don't know how. This chapter is for all the people who would like to learn the simple yet powerful techniques used in acupressure or have an idea exactly how your acu-pro works. By reading this chapter and following the pictures, you'll feel more confident in the way you perform acupressure, including just the right amount of pressure. Every time you practice, your sensitivity will increase. By asking yourself and others how they feel afterward, you'll continue to guide yourself along in the right direction of healing and centered relaxation. So, no more excuses It's time to give the best acupressure session there is. Let's go for it When performing acupressure either on yourself or others, think about what you want to accomplish do you want to help someone relax a sore muscle, increase circulation, or improve his or her digestion In Oriental...

What is acupressure When is it useful in treating LBP

Acupressure is the application of thumb or finger pressure to traditional acupuncture points. When applied to a myofascial trigger point, it is called ischemic compression. Acupressure techniques are reported to achieve a therapeutic effect by producing ischemia, muscle relaxation, and reactive hyperemia. When trigger points are identified in back musculature, acupressure techniques may produce rapid muscle relaxation and pain relief. One advantage of acupressure is the ease of application. The patient can use a tennis ball, cane, or other object to provide appropriate pressure independently. Alternatively, a family member or friend can be trained to provide acupressure treatment.

Acupressure The Match Points

Acupressure is an effective and timesaving technique for healing tennis elbow. The acu-points are located along the channels that affect the outside of the elbow. As you'll see by their names, these acu-points are famous for treating elbows just like yours. Len came to the office in desperation. He wanted to keep playing in his tennis league and be able to hold the phone or type at work. I immediately suggested he get a headset for his office and asked him to cut back on all unnecessary tennis. You'd have thought it was a death sentence. He reluctantly agreed to the tennis part to avoid further aggravation of his condition. He was taking prescription medication from his physician, but that had not helped. We began treatment consisting of electromagnetic acupuncture, home acupressure and biomagnetic treatments with ice and a topical homeopathic ointment named Rhuta Graveolus. His pain and stiffness began to consistently lessen. He tried to go back to his original schedule too soon and...

Healing Hands Acupressure and Reflexology

The benefits of a healing touch can bring about much-needed relaxation, may reduce pain, encourage lymph flow, reduce edema, decrease nausea, and improve sleep. Acupressure and foot reflexology (see Chapter 3, The Origins of Oriental Medicine ) can help you feel more in control and assist you in adjusting to body changes from surgery, chemotherapy, and cancer. According to Massage Magazine (March April 2000), patients who are touched during treatment experience a greater sense of relaxation and less insomnia, nausea, anxiety, depression, pain, and need for medication. There are some considerations to keep in mind when giving self-acupressure or getting a treatment from a friend or practitioner Finally, let your physician know that you are receiving acupressure therapy and ask for any input regarding your sessions. Speaking with your physician affords a chance for both of you to learn.


Acupressure is finger pressure on the same acupoints used in acupuncture (see Figure 3 in Chapter 1), and for the same problems. These include the relief of pain and stress in a particular area or part of the body. Pressure can be applied by one's own or another's fingers. Acupressure probably was a formalized outgrowth of the natural human tendency to stroke, massage, or press the body until pain is relieved. One can imagine the process becoming increasingly sophisticated over the centuries, as pressing specific points on the body was found, perhaps by group consensus, to relieve distress in particular locations. In turn, acupressure seems to have given rise to the more technological, albeit still ancient variation acupuncture. Although shiatsu often is assumed to be the same as acupressure, it is not. They are similar in that they both involve applying pressure to acupoints. However, shiatsu is new and focused on prevention rather than healing. It is a modern outgrowth of ancient...

Acu Boxes for Accurate Understanding

These sidebars contain real-life anecdotes from my patients about their experiences with acupuncture and acupressure. You will get a glimpse of the conditions they came in with, the techniques we used, the frequency of office visits, and the final outcome. I am grateful to have studied with Andy Gamble, Kiku Miyazaki, Lea and Tom Tam, Ping Chuan, and Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Our profession is constantly recreating itself to fulfill the challenges of a new century of healthcare. Acupuncture and acupressure schools and organizations continue to foster excitement and expertise in new practitioners. They are the guardians of our standards. The Complete Idiots Guide to Acupuncture and Acupressure was reviewed by an expert who double-checked the accuracy of what you'll learn here, to help us ensure that this book gives you everything you need to know about this aspect of oriental medicine. Special thanks are extended to Amy Hull. She was not only my classmate through acupuncture school, but has...

What to Expect on Your First Visit Does It Hurt

You're thinking of going for an acupuncture or acupressure treatment, but are hesitant or even skeptical. You don't know what's going to happen, so you keep putting it off Maybe tomorrow I'll call for an appointment. You're not alone. While the popularity of these therapies is growing, most of your friends and family have not gone for treatment yet. Acupuncture and acupressure are both almost risk-free as therapies. There are no side effects such as we find with drug therapy, and the safety records in this country and internationally help to explain why these methods have become so popular. Let's take a look. Acupressure Press Safely Acupressure uses your body as its only tool. As long as the pressure is applied in a gentle manner, there are few safety considerations. Acupressure is safe to receive, use as a self-care treatment, or share with your family and friends. Some cautions to remember include the following Acupressure is often performed while you are fully clothed, either on a...

Pressure Points to Take the Ache

Most of the points used here will also be used by your acu-pro. Here's how you can continue the treatment by continuing these acupressure techniques at home. Simone worked as an office manager in a small company. She knew everyone and was on a first name basis with all the customers. She could coordinate the activities of multiple executives because they all knew each other's needs so well. When her chronic headaches kept her out of work, or she had to lie down in a darkened office for several hours, the office was a wreck. She came in with a diagnosis of migraine headaches for which she had taken numerous prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for years without satisfaction. We began a series of acupuncture sessions twice a week for three weeks to see if the results gave us both confidence to continue. By the second week she noticed a significant reduction in both the frequency and intensity of her headaches. Following the third week she had almost a whole week without pain...

Fibromyalgia Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Sigh and the world sighs with you Sighing out loud on an exhalation helps to -further release tight muscles as you perform acupressure. The sigh makes sure you are taking in enough air, which helps to oxygenate sore muscles and help release emotional stress and worry that may contribute to your aches and pains. All together now, say Aaaaah V Say no way to neck pain through acupressure.

Help with Acupuncture

To perform this technique, you will need someone to help administer the acupressure to the stroke patient. Have him or her go to the side affected by the stroke. Use kneading and grasping techniques combined with palm pressure on the large flat muscles on the inside and outside of the arms and legs. Remember to grasp the muscles and hold for about five seconds. Press them firmly with your palm. Use pressure to fit the particular condition. You may repeat this procedure two to three times throughout the day using gentle yet firm direct pressure. The neurological conditions that we've just reviewed lend themselves to a limited amount of self-care at first. As your condition improves there are many of the acupressure techniques that will be valuable to your continued recovery. For our next chapter, take a deep breath in we're about to go into your respiration. So breath easy and follow me.

Beliefs on Which It Is Based

Acupressure stems from the ideas on which traditional Chinese medicine (Chapter 6) rests, and it is rooted in the beliefs and assumptions of that ancient healing system, including the flow of qi throughout the body. When qi meets no blockages and can move smoothly, balance and harmony are said to exist in the body, a state equivalent to health. Conversely, when the flow of qi is blocked, internal imbalance results, a condition that is tantamount to illness. The fundamental belief behind acupressure, then, is that pressing certain points on the body, called acupoints, can remove energy blocks along relevant meridians, returning balance to the body and enabling healing to occur. Although it may not work in this way, it does work.

Research Evidence to Date

Studies have assessed acupressure's ability to treat several problems, including morning sickness in pregnant woman, headaches, motion sickness, backache and nausea and vomiting. In the acupressure acupuncture system, nausea is believed to be controlled by a small area on the inside of the wrist called the P6 acupoint. Pressing that point is believed to control nausea, and research backs this belief. A Cochrane meta-analysis was reported in 2009. It analyzed all randomized trials that compared P6 acupoint stimulation with acupuncture, acupressure or other means, versus sham treatment or drugs for postoperative nausea and vomiting. Forty trials involving a total of 4,858 adults and children were analyzed. The P6 acupoint stimulation controlled nausea and vomiting just as effectively as did antiemetic drugs. And acupressure worked just as well as acupuncture. Many other well-conducted published studies also support the value of acupressure for nausea and vomiting as well as for anxiety...

What It Can Do for You

Acupressure relieves pain and reduces other problems for many people. Especially because it is easily self-administered, not invasive, and low- or no-cost, it is worth a try. Some obvious precautions are in order. Acupressure should not be used as the only treatment for a chronic problem or for serious injury or illness. In these cases, a licensed physician should be consulted. Acupressure should be avoided near the abdominal area in pregnant women and near varicose veins, wounds, sores or bones that may be broken.

Massage Using Essential Oils

Massage has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine in India as well as in China and shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, and many other contemporary techniques have their roots in these sources. Massage was used for conventional therapeutic purposes in hospitals before World War II and is still used by physiotherapists for various conditions including sports injuries.

Part with Postpartum Depression

Oriental Medicine explains this condition as a sudden loss of blood and yin, which leaves the body unable to nourish and balance the mind and spirit. Your acu-pro will use acupuncture and acupressure, Chinese herbal medicines, and Qi Gong meditations to help you take back your life and feel good again. As usual, your exact condition will determine the treatment, but many of the herbs that you are likely to find in your prescription include Dang Gui, Shu Di Huang, Bai Shao, and Ye Jiao Teng. These can be prepared in teas, capsules, or powders, just to name a few. Acupuncture, acupressure, and Qi Gong are all designed to free up the heavy stagnant Qi that often accompanies this condition. Acupuncture is on the World Health Organization's list of viable treatments for depression.

Acu Points for Bothersome Bowels

I've helped many patients return to a more normal life through Oriental Medicine. In addition to working out an acupressure and acupuncture plan, I also help my patients address lifestyle habits, such as diet and stress management. Typical treatment lasts for several months, with acupuncture sessions spreading farther apart as your condition stabilizes and your own self-care becomes more effective. I also recommend that my patients begin taking acidophilus and bifidus supplements. These are the naturally occurring bacteria that are supposed to be

Had Enough Let Go of Stress

The typical pattern of stress would include moodiness, irritability, frustration, annoyance, belching, irregular menstrual periods, tight feeling in the chest, and fatigue. In most cases, acupuncture treatments and home acupressure will help bring you back on course. Herbs, proper nutrition, exercise, and medical Qi Gong may be added to suit the individual needs of the patient. Dealing with the source of the stress is paramount to feeling better in the long term. Acu-points provide the window of opportunity to keep stress at arm's length instead of in your face so that you can continue healing.

Remedies for the Extremities The Oriental Medical Viewpoint

Fortunately, Oriental Medicine has a few techniques to help keep the flow aglow. After the initial visit to determine overall health and find the oriental pattern of imbalance, I often use combinations of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, along with home- and self-care measures like acupressure, Tai Chi, and biomagnets. These treatments will stimulate your body's ability to maintain normal levels of circulation regardless of the temperature. A qualified herbalist will put together a custom prescription based on your complete health. Chinese herbs that I often use include mil-lettia root and vine 0i Zue Teng), Szechuan lounge root (Chuan Xiong), dried ginger root (Gan Jiang), cinnamon inner bark (Rou Gui), milk vetch root (Huang Qi), and vine of Solomon's seal (Ye Jiao Teng). Therapeutic doses of herbs need to be combined and balanced in a formula by your herbalist to ensure safety and best results.

Complementary Therapies for Some Common Ailments

Anxiety and stress Therapeutic massage, acupressure (press center of inside wrist 2 inches above crease), relaxation techniques, yoga, aromatherapy, valerian, chamomile. motion sickness nausea Ginger (tea capsules, candy), acupressure at center of inside wrist, two inches above wrist crease.

General Approach to Treatment

Nonpharmacologic therapy for nausea and vomiting can be useful adjuncts to drug therapy, particularly in the setting of anticipatorynausea and vomiting. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends behavior therapies such as relaxation, guided imagery, and music therapy as well as acupuncture acupressure as useful in this setting.6 Other general measures that can be taken include ensuring adequate sleep before treatment, eating smaller meals, and avoiding greasy foods

Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine AGAOM

** Acupressure-Acupuncture Institute acupressure and reflexology, acupressure, 4, 9-10, 19, 21-24, 27-29, 74, 86, 128-131, 239-241 acu-points, 5-7, 63-64, 238 allergies, 116-117 anxiety 210-211 arthritis, 78-79 asthma, 118-120 back pain, 82-85 bladder infections, 182-184 bronchitis, 121 bursitis, shoulders, 70-71 cancer, 151-153 carpal tunnel syndrome, 76-77 colds, 124-125 constipation, 188-189 dental pain, 62-64 diarrhea, 190 dysmenorrhea, 169-170 eczema, 196-197 elbow pressure, 30-31 electrical currents, 8 endometriosis, 177-179 facelifts, 199-200 feet, reflexology, 24-25 finger pressure, 30 foot pressure, 31-32 headaches, 61 hypertension, 220-221 IBS, 186-187 indigestion, 192-193 228-229 reflexology, 24-25 safety, 17 sciatica, 86 shiatsu, 23 sinusitis, 128-131 skin, 199-200 stationary pressure, 33-34 stress, 203 strokes, 109-112 supporting pressure, 33-34 techniques, 35-36, 109-112 tennis elbow, 72, 74 tinnitus, 230-231 treatments, 18 vertical pressure, 33-34 weight management, 233...

Press Acu Points to Pause Your Menopause

Acupoints For Menopuase

Many of the conditions we've discussed here have been given more reasonable solutions partly due to better education and the growing demand for results. I'm glad that Oriental Medicine offers such possibilities for normal conditions that were just not talked about. We will continue our investigation into ways that acupuncture and acupressure can alleviate other gynecological problems. Calm nerves and release menopausal tension with acupressure on KD-1 and HT-7.

Nasal Congestion Had Enough of the Stuff

Bob flies across country as part of his job and has been troubled for years with chronic sinus congestion. Sometimes he gets an infection, but most of the time he's just got a nasally voice and has intermittent headaches, especially when he flies. Due to his hectic travel schedule I was only able to treat him infrequently with acupuncture. Our successes came from a combination of a customized herbal prescription, self-care acupressure at home or in the airplane, and watching the ingestion of some mucus producing foods. Today nasal congestion, or sinusitis, rarely troubles him.

Acu Points Concerning Your Burning

Typically, I will use acupuncture and prescribe an herbal formula for their condition and overall health. I have also given them a second herbal prescription if acute symptoms arise. Diet and stress management are quite important for continuous relief. Acupressure and regular exercise are an effective tag team for home care. Common herbs for this condition include Bian Xu, Che Qian Zi, Mu Tong, and Fu Ling. A qualified herbalist will be able to create an individualized approach customized to your needs.

Dental Pain Page the Tooth Fairy

Acupuncture and acupressure have been shown to be effective in the treatment of alleviating toothaches and postoperative dental pain. I frequently treat patients after they've had oral surgery or teeth pulled (even all four wisdom teeth ). With the help of acupuncture, the pain and swelling go down much more quickly Patients are able to return to work or regular household life much faster and with greater comfort

Edging Out Endo Acu Points Plus

When I first met Anne, she was 37 years of age and had already undergone laser surgery for infertility due to endometriosis. She had still not been able to conceive, had adopted two little girls, and found her old endo symptoms returning. With two small children to care for, her downtime from abdominal pain, constipation, and nausea was more than she could bear. We began with acupuncture and herbs, such as Dang Gui, Mu Dan Pi, and Chi Shao that significantly reduced her symptoms after one month of treatment. After three cycles, she felt greatly improved, acupuncture treatments were reduced to the times just before and after ovulation, and she uses herbs, biomagnets, acupressure, and nutrition to stay feeling good. It takes time, but positive results can be on the way.

Chemotherapyinduced Nausea and Vomiting

Beth was 44 years of age and undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. Dealing with the cancer was hard enough, but the nausea and vomiting from the chemo were beginning to take their toil. She had tried antiemetic medications, but none had worked well for her. We began acupuncture treatments once a week and twice on the week she received chemo. She began to feel relief after the second visit and improved steadily afterward. When she did feel sick following her chemo, the symptoms were tolerable and did not last as long. We followed up with home acupressure and biomagnet therapy. Her appetite and energy returned, enabling her to be more comfortable during her course of cancer treatments.

Electro Auricular I Hear Its All in the

That takes you through some of the most common conditions where pain is the reason you walk into my office. I encourage you to use the stretches and acupressure techniques that you read about earlier in this book. These would be the exercises I'd advise you to do. Talk it over with your physician and acu-pro to get his or her input. From here, we're headed for trouble, so buckle up It's the chapter on accidents and injuries.

Elbow Your Pain Out of the

The sciatic nerve is located deep in the muscles of the buttocks, so the acupressure techniques used to reach the affected area need to penetrate through layers of muscles. If you used your fingers or thumbs, you'd be sore in a very short time. That is why acu-pros use their elbows or tools to stimulate the points and put an end to your pain.

Nonpharmacologic Therapy

Several nonpharmacologic interventions exist for the management of dysmenorrhea. Among these, topical heat therapy, exercise, and following a low-fat vegetarian diet all have been shown to reduce the intensity of the dysmenorrhea.11,14 Dietary changes also may shorten the duration of dysmenorrhea. These interventions require little time and minimal cost and are associated with little risk. Other nonpharmacologic options that may be considered before or, in most cases, after a trial of pharmacologic interventions include the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), acupressure, and acupuncture.11

Conditions prevalent in pregnancy and lactation Nausea and Vomiting

Nonpharmacologic measures, such as lifestyle (rest, avoidance of nausea triggers such as strong odors) and dietary changes (small and frequent meals, fluid restriction during meals) should be used as first-line management. Acupuncture and acupressure can be also helpful.16

Causes of the Creakin

Acupressure and Tui-Na massage will use firm pressure over tender arthritic nodules and sore ashi points along the muscles and joints. Nodules are the hard, tender lumps you find in muscles and acu-points. ) Firm acupressure on L1-12, LI-11, or LI-10 can reduce tennis elbow pain. ) Electro- or laser acupuncture short-circuits carpal tunnel pain and numbness. ) Make an herbal soup to wash away your arthritic pain and stiffness.

Turn On Your Acu Points Shut Off the Ringer

In this case acupuncture, acupressure, and herbs are used to achieve two treatment goals. First, they work to bring down the rising Qi fire that in Oriental Medical theory is responsible for the noises. Second, and not to be forgotten, is the desire to strengthen and balance your body's own overall health so that your natural checks and balances will occur. Your patience and persistence will grow as your condition improves, and ringing, chirping, and all the other ear noises will be sounds of the past. Sally was 68, widowed, and retired. She was looking forward to a peaceful life of helping her daughter with the new grandchildren and volunteering in her community. She'd had tinnitus for almost 20 years, but the ringing had been getting louder and more bothersome, causing her great distress. We began a series of acupuncture treatments, two times weekly for one month. She began to steadily experience less ringing and better sleep. She used herbal medicine, acupressure, and biomagnets at...


What are acupuncture arid acupressure, arid how do they work We'll look at the distant roots of these popular point therapies to see what makes them tick. What Are Acupuncture and Acupressure, and How Do They Work acupuncture and acupressure When my patients respond favorably from undergoing acupuncture and acupressure therapies, they almost always look surprised and ask two questions Why didn't I do this sooner and How on earth does this stuff work This chapter begins to answer that second question by giving you an overview of these ancient healing arts that have become so popular in today's growing field of alternative complementary medicine. You'll learn the ancient principles of oriental Qi (chee) flow and the current explanations of how it works in your body You'll discover that you, too, have energy channels and acu-points, and I'll show you how to find them like the pros do. By the end of the chapter, you'll know when to use acupuncture or acupressure and when not to. What Are...

Oh My Aching Back

The good news is that acupuncture has proven to be an effective reliever of back pain, and acupressure techniques are some of the best ways to care for your own back. Weekend warriors that wake up the morning after with a stiff back will love the relief and shortened recovery time these techniques provide. Acupressure self-care for low-back pain is easy to learn, and the reward is feeling good the more you practice. Pay close attention to hand positions and point locations at first. Then let your fingers find the sore spots and enjoy the changes as your back relaxes. Ernie's primary care physician recommended that Ernie see me for treatment of severe low-back strain with sciatica extending down the right leg. Ernie works in a large retail company in the maintenance department where he typically is called upon to lift heavy objects and move them around all day. He takes pride in his work and did not like to just sit around all day but would rather like to do projects around his home. I...

Harm Alarm

You'll need a volunteer from the audience to get this useful acupressure technique. Have him or her curve his or her hands into soft round cups, then use percussion on either side of the spine with quick light tapping of the hands so a clapping sound is made. Your helper should do this for 30 seconds to one minute, while you let him or her know if the pressure feels good. This procedure will loosen up and energize the lungs. Your volunteer should avoid tapping too hard or for too long after all, you're not a conga drum

How Acu Points Help

Whether you're doing acupuncture, acupressure, herbal or nutritional therapy, or medical Qi Gong exercises, the idea is to jump-start your system and point it in the right direction for your optimal health. Think of acu-points as the retro-rockets on a A catalyit in our body speeds up a chemical reaction or makes it easier without changing or using up the host in the process. Acupressure and acupuncture are catalysts in your body's healing processes. A catalyit in our body speeds up a chemical reaction or makes it easier without changing or using up the host in the process. Acupressure and acupuncture are catalysts in your body's healing processes.

Anxiety Checklist

Joan was a 39-year-old professional who had developed free-floating anxiety, a chronic sense of uneasiness. Her family life had all the usual stresses, plus she held a demanding job. She couldn't explain it, but she did not feel comfortable or able to relax. Acupuncture treatments were given once weekly for five weeks. She began to feel better and did acupressure and Qi Gong breathing exercises at home. Now she is able to handle the challenges that her teenage children throw her way and can sleep well at night. Acupuncture and acupressure can bring quick relief to symptoms of anxiety. By strengthening your body with herbal medicine, exercise, and solid nutrition, you can go a long way toward leveling off anxiety. Home acupressure self-care and breathing exercises can help relieve acute anxiety episodes and give your confidence a boost.


- How medicine merged in China over 2,000 years ago - Acupressure choices to pick from - The many faces of acupuncture - The acu-life goes global The term Oriental Medicine is itself too simplistic when it comes to describing a vast body of medical knowledge that has endured over several thousand years. Many eastern countries, including India and Japan, added their own distinct advances in theory and techniques. Indeed, acupuncture and acupressure have their roots in the traditions of medicine that began in China over 3,000 years ago and have spread throughout the world ever since. We'll explore its fascinating history in this chapter. The tradition of acupressure grew out of the habit of pressing and rubbing chilled or numb areas of the body with fingers or palms of the hand. Through practice, the northern Chinese developed effective techniques, including stimulating points on the body with finger-pressure, pieces of stone, and burning herbs. Archeologists have found acupuncture...

Massage Techniques

Massage is customarily defined as the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes, using strokes that include gliding, kneading, pressing, tapping, and or vibrating (Tisserand, 1977 Price and Price, 1999). Massage therapists may also cause movement within the joints, apply heat or cold, use holding techniques, and or advise clients on exercises to improve muscle tone and range of motion. Some common massage techniques include Swedish massage, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage, infant massage, lymph system massage, polarity therapy, reflexology, reiki, rolfing, shiatsu, and therapeutic touch.