Acupuncture For Cynics

Acupuncture For Cynics

Have You Always Been Curious About Acupuncture, But Were Never Quite Sure Where To Stick The Needles? If you associate acupuncture with needles, pain and weird alternative medicine then you are horribly misinformed about the benefits of the world's oldest form of medicinal treatment.

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Lighten the Load of Your Legs with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be very effective during the early stages of MS. The techniques of needle or electro-acupuncture, along with herbal medicine, can be of considerable help in slowing down and even greatly alleviating the heavy, numb feelings in your limbs. It can be a real relief. The longer you wait for treatment, the more difficult it becomes to turn the tide of healing your way. In addition to acupuncture and herbal therapy, some patients with MS have found relief through the practice of apitherapy honeybee venom is injected by a hypodermic needle or by holding a honeybee and letting it sting the patient. The venom apparently acts like an anti-inflammatory and reduces leg fatigue, cramping, and spasms.

Help with Acupuncture

Acupuncture may offer some help to those suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. Unlike other conditions where a splint or bandage tells everyone you're hurting, this condition shows no obvious outward signs except the wince of your face when the pain hits. Wind (Shooting Pains) is traditionally how trigeminal neuralgia is characterized in Oriental Medicine. Needle, ear, or electro-auricular (see Chapter 9, Pain Below the Belt, on plantar fasciitis) have been the ways I've dealt successfully with giving relief. There are no guarantees with medicine, and this condition is no exception. I believe that acupuncture is worth pursuing as a viable treatment option.

Acupuncture Improving Your Quality of Life

While there are studies to support what most acupuncturists experience in their clinics, more research and integrated programs are needed. Expanding our knowledge will give practitioners and patients the confidence to use acupuncture in the most appropriate and effective ways.

Acu Points to Bring Back Your Appetite

Being able to treat morning sickness makes me glad I'm an acupuncturist. Weak, tired, and frustrated expectant mothers come into the clinic, and generally within the first two treatments, they've noticed a big change. There are certainly herbs to use for nausea, but I have found that acupuncture works fast at thoroughly alleviating the symptoms so that you can get back to normal eating habits and enjoy your pregnancy. A malpositioned baby also known as a breech baby is the most common cause of difficult labor. Treatment by moxibustion (see Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools of the Trade ) has a long history of success at rotating the baby. This is done by simply heating the acupoint BL-67 (End of Yin) located on the outside of the nail on the little toe. One to five treatments usually does it. Stop the treatments after the baby has turned. A malpositioned baby also known as a breech baby is the most common cause of difficult labor. Treatment by moxibustion (see Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools...

Acu Points for Bothersome Bowels

I've helped many patients return to a more normal life through Oriental Medicine. In addition to working out an acupressure and acupuncture plan, I also help my patients address lifestyle habits, such as diet and stress management. Typical treatment lasts for several months, with acupuncture sessions spreading farther apart as your condition stabilizes and your own self-care becomes more effective. I also recommend that my patients begin taking acidophilus and bifidus supplements. These are the naturally occurring bacteria that are supposed to be Bill led a busy life as a television producer, college professor, and father. His day was made even more challenging by severe abdominal cramps, foul intestinal gas, and the need to move his bowels about five times per day. I used acupuncture therapy to calm the colon spasms, and reduce the pain and frequent bowel movements. Supplements of probiotics such as acidophilus, bifidus, and Chinese herbs further helped stabilize his colon, adding...

Acupuncture and Addiction

Acupuncture has been used in private clinics to help patients in the United States deal with addictions since the early 1970s. The first hospital-based program that I'm aware of began about 17 years ago in the Bronx, New York, at Lincoln Hospital. Since then, programs have sprung up throughout this country and the world that model the protocols and successes of Lincoln Hospital's program. Michael Smith, M.D., began and still administers the acupuncture detox program at that hospital. The program combines treatment of five-needle ear acupuncture and herbal detox tea, along with case managers to coordinate conventional health and substance abuse counseling, social services, urinalysis, and a recommended 12-step program in Narcotics and or Alcoholics Anonymous. The ear acupuncture alters the blood and brain chemistry of dopamine receptors and other neurotransmitters. After treatment, the patients can opt for tiny, stainless steel balls taped in their ears. In between treatments, they can...

Acu Points to Relieve the Fatigue

V Acupuncture detox clinics effectively treat drug, alcohol, and tobacco addictions. V HIV AIDS patients believe acupuncture and herbs are important parts of their healthcare. The Fibromyalgia CFIDS Network provides members with the latest recommended treatments and provider lists for this condition. Acupuncture is frequently mentioned as a viable treatment option. Check Appendix D, State and National Organizations, for their contact information. The Fibromyalgia CFIDS Network provides members with the latest recommended treatments and provider lists for this condition. Acupuncture is frequently mentioned as a viable treatment option. Check Appendix D, State and National Organizations, for their contact information.

Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine AGAOM

The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), formerly the National Accreditation Commission for Schools and Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NACSCAOM), was established in June 1982 by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM). Its mission is to foster excellence in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine education. The commission acts as an independent body to evaluate first-professional Master's degree and professional Master's level certificate and diploma programs in acupuncture, and first-professional Master's degree and professional Master's level certificate and diploma programs in Oriental Medicine with a concentration in both acupuncture and herbal therapies for a level of performance, integrity, and quality that entitles the practitioners to the confidence of the educational community and the public they serve. The commission is the sole accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the...

Acu Points to Block the Bleeding

Many women who come to my practice are opting to use acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to stop the pain and excessive bleeding from fibroids and cysts. I make sure that they have been properly examined and diagnosed by their conventional physician to rule out any malignant growths. Over 30 percent of all hysterectomies (removal of the uterus) in the United States are done to remove uterine fibroids. Since these growths shrink after menopause, avoiding surgery is an option some women are choosing, and Oriental Medicine is a helpful partner. To shrink the cysts or fibroids, acupuncture is often accompanied by herbal medicine or moxibustion (see Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools of the Trade ). Cysts and fibroids vary in their oriental diagnosis according to your body's health and general well-being. According to traditional theory, emotional stress is the most common cause of abdominal masses. Anger and worry tend to slow down the flow of Qi and blood in the lower abdomen. Consumption of...

Press Acu Points to Pause Your Menopause

Acupoints For Menopuase

Many of the conditions we've discussed here have been given more reasonable solutions partly due to better education and the growing demand for results. I'm glad that Oriental Medicine offers such possibilities for normal conditions that were just not talked about. We will continue our investigation into ways that acupuncture and acupressure can alleviate other gynecological problems.

Acupuncture Yoga and Homeopathic Remedies

Three areas of CAM are most likely to be encountered in the family physician's office acupuncture, yoga, and homeopathic remedies (see Chapter 52 online for herbs and supplements). As shown in Table 11-9, these three areas are components of whole systems or nonallopathic medical systems of care acupuncture within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), yoga as a part of Ayurveda, and homeopathic remedies as the mainstay of homeopathy. Many Therapeutics Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into various points along the qi meridians. Moxibustion is the burning of moxa (Artemisia vulgaris) on or near meridian points. Gua sha is pressing the skin with a hard, round-edged instrument to create petechiae. Cupping is the creation of a vacuum in a cup and applying the vacuum pressure to the skin. Tui na is manipulation or massage with specific hand movements. Plum blossom is a cluster of needles that is moved along a meridian. Herbal therapies typically are combinations of multiple herbs mixed...

Acu Points Concerning Your Burning

I get a great deal of satisfaction when I hear how acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have helped turn someone's life around who has been struggling with chronic bladder infections. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there will be a 12-percent increase in the number of bladder diseases over the next 15 years, with a dramatic 28-percent increase among women and men 40-59 years of age. Oriental Medicine can help us understand why this may be happening when we look at the characteristic causes of UTIs. They include I have found that acupuncture is a great treatment for bladder infections, whether they are chronic or acute. Often an antibiotic can be avoided if you get to your acu-pro in time. I suggest staying in close communication with your physician so that you can be sure your treatments are effective. Women who come in for chronic cystitis are particularly pleased when the cycle of pain and burning is over. Typically, I will use acupuncture and prescribe an herbal formula for...

Acupuncture Tools of the Trade

In this chapter, you'll discover what acupuncture needles look like, and why they don't hurt. We'll discuss the progression of acupuncture healing tools, from chunky pieces of stone to a modern, hair-like, surgical stainless steel disposable needles. You'll learn about the therapeutic benefits of a hollowed-out horn of an animal a method accomplished today without the horn from the animal Many of the techniques covered in this chapter can also be a bridge to your own self-care. Learning them can get you feeling better and stronger with the effects lasting longer. So keep reading No pain and Jots of gain are what you get-from modern acupuncture. When you think of needles, I'll bet you think of the shot in the arm you get -from your doctor. Hypodermic needles are chisel-shaped to cut through muscles and large enough to inject medicine. Acupu ncture needles are small and hairlike, carrying no medicine in or on the needle. They have rounded tips to slide through muscle, not cut it Thatfs...

Edging Out Endo Acu Points Plus

When I first met Anne, she was 37 years of age and had already undergone laser surgery for infertility due to endometriosis. She had still not been able to conceive, had adopted two little girls, and found her old endo symptoms returning. With two small children to care for, her downtime from abdominal pain, constipation, and nausea was more than she could bear. We began with acupuncture and herbs, such as Dang Gui, Mu Dan Pi, and Chi Shao that significantly reduced her symptoms after one month of treatment. After three cycles, she felt greatly improved, acupuncture treatments were reduced to the times just before and after ovulation, and she uses herbs, biomagnets, acupressure, and nutrition to stay feeling good. It takes time, but positive results can be on the way. Locate SP-9 (Yin Tomb Spring) with your knee bent. Proceed to the inside center of the knee and move down toward your foot. This point can be located with legs crossed or uncrossed. When you hit soft, tender tissue in...

The Terminator in the Tunnel Acupuncture on the Scene

Acupuncture treatments include stimulation of acu-points near the wrist by an in-and-out technique with the needle. You may feel a mild electrical sensation, which is desired because it will help release the tendons and decrease pain and numbness. Acupuncture needles, electroacupuncture, electromagnetic acupuncture, moxibustion, magnet therapy, and even laser acupuncture are successfully used in treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Turn On Your Acu Points Shut Off the Ringer

In this case acupuncture, acupressure, and herbs are used to achieve two treatment goals. First, they work to bring down the rising Qi fire that in Oriental Medical theory is responsible for the noises. Second, and not to be forgotten, is the desire to strengthen and balance your body's own overall health so that your natural checks and balances will occur. Your patience and persistence will grow as your condition improves, and ringing, chirping, and all the other ear noises will be sounds of the past. Sally was 68, widowed, and retired. She was looking forward to a peaceful life of helping her daughter with the new grandchildren and volunteering in her community. She'd had tinnitus for almost 20 years, but the ringing had been getting louder and more bothersome, causing her great distress. We began a series of acupuncture treatments, two times weekly for one month. She began to steadily experience less ringing and better sleep. She used herbal medicine, acupressure, and biomagnets at...

Acu Points to Slow the Flow

I find that irregular diet, emotional stress, and overwork are frequently at the root of chronic diarrhea. After our initial exam, your total condition will be taken into account as a comprehensive treatment plan is designed for you. I use acupuncture, nutrition, and Qi Gong meditation to slow the flow. Chinese herbs can also be used to treat underlying conditions that lead to poor overall health and loose stools. Qi Gong meditations such as standing facing a beautiful forest, pond, or stream while you breathe deeply in through your nose imagining the peacefulness and majesty of nature flowing into you and exhaling all the unwanted tension or toxins out of your mouth are a great way to help with the excess worry and stress that often accompany diarrhea. Depending on the diagnosis, herbs such as Bai Tou Weng, Huang Lian, Fu Ling, and Bai Zhu will be used to reduce the spasms in your colon and regain optimal health for preventative care of your digestive tract.


Acupuncture involves the stimulation of anatomical points on the body using a variety of techniques, most commonly with very thin needles. This modality has generated some controversy due to questions regarding mechanisms of action and suboptimal research. One potential mechanism is the release of endogenous opioids. Preliminary research suggests efficacy for adults with postoperative pain (Sun et al. 2008). Controlled trials with childhood pain are needed. One study demonstrated feasibility and acceptability for the use of acupuncture with pediatric chronic pain patients (Zeltzer et al. 2002).

How Acu Points Help

Whether you're doing acupuncture, acupressure, herbal or nutritional therapy, or medical Qi Gong exercises, the idea is to jump-start your system and point it in the right direction for your optimal health. Think of acu-points as the retro-rockets on a Well, you've had acupuncture now you can jump over tall buildings and never have to worry about your health again. Not likely Using Oriental Medicine to assist your body's healing has its limitations. I am often asked, How many times will I need to get treated for my back Unfortunately, at first, there are no easy or quick answers to that question. A catalyit in our body speeds up a chemical reaction or makes it easier without changing or using up the host in the process. Acupressure and acupuncture are catalysts in your body's healing processes. A catalyit in our body speeds up a chemical reaction or makes it easier without changing or using up the host in the process. Acupressure and acupuncture are catalysts in your body's healing...

Acu Boxes for Accurate Understanding

These sidebars contain real-life anecdotes from my patients about their experiences with acupuncture and acupressure. You will get a glimpse of the conditions they came in with, the techniques we used, the frequency of office visits, and the final outcome. I am grateful to have studied with Andy Gamble, Kiku Miyazaki, Lea and Tom Tam, Ping Chuan, and Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Our profession is constantly recreating itself to fulfill the challenges of a new century of healthcare. Acupuncture and acupressure schools and organizations continue to foster excitement and expertise in new practitioners. They are the guardians of our standards. I want to thank the New England School of Acupuncture for giving me a solid foundation in Oriental Medicine. I have also gained a lot of knowledge from working with my fellow practitioners I am in awe of the talented health providers in this field and am grateful to continue learning from my peers. I also want to acknowledge the knowledge I gain from my...

What to Expect on Your First Visit Does It Hurt

Discover why acupuncture doesn't hurt You're thinking of going for an acupuncture or acupressure treatment, but are hesitant or even skeptical. You don't know what's going to happen, so you keep putting it off Maybe tomorrow I'll call for an appointment. You're not alone. While the popularity of these therapies is growing, most of your friends and family have not gone for treatment yet. Acupuncture and acupressure are both almost risk-free as therapies. There are no side effects such as we find with drug therapy, and the safety records in this country and internationally help to explain why these methods have become so popular. Let's take a look. Acupuncture The Safer the Better Evidence clearly shows that acupuncture is very safe when performed by a well-trained practitioner. In China and Japan, where millions of treatments take place every year, only 10 injuries have been reported since 1972. In the United States, 10 injuries have been reported since 1965. This compares with nearly...

Nutrition Heal with the Energy of Food

Oriental Medicine recognizes how important food and nutrition are to our health. Sun Shu Mao in 652 c.E. wrote a book, One Thousand Ounces of Gold Classic no, he didn't charge that much to buy it, but he did believe that human life and health was worth that much. His book detailed acupuncture, herbal, and dietary treatments for various common ailments of the times.

Pressure Points to Take the Ache

Simone worked as an office manager in a small company. She knew everyone and was on a first name basis with all the customers. She could coordinate the activities of multiple executives because they all knew each other's needs so well. When her chronic headaches kept her out of work, or she had to lie down in a darkened office for several hours, the office was a wreck. She came in with a diagnosis of migraine headaches for which she had taken numerous prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for years without satisfaction. We began a series of acupuncture sessions twice a week for three weeks to see if the results gave us both confidence to continue. By the second week she noticed a significant reduction in both the frequency and intensity of her headaches. Following the third week she had almost a whole week without pain and was learning to do home acupressure. She continues to work at a job where she is wanted and appreciated and has gone on to live a happier, more fulfilled...

Fibromyalgia Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbal medicine are recommended as effective treatments by the Fibromyalgia Network (see Appendix D, State and National Organizations )- The Network is an organization that provides information to patients with this potentially debilitating condition. Moxi-bustion or infrared heat treatments are also useful in driving out the cold. Nutritional supplements such as antioxidants (coenzyme Q10, vitamins E and C) are helpful in managing this condition, as are dietary changes to eliminate dampness and build immunity. Acupuncture gives serious sinus relief. V The National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests acupuncture shows evidence for helping post-op dental pain.

Shoulder Bursitis Play Ball Again

In traditional Oriental Medicine, the symptoms of bursitis translate to the pattern of stuck blood. The pain is often sharp and fixed in one spot and temporarily feels worse when you press on that spot. Common local points include LI-15 (Shoulder Bone), TH-14 (Shoulder Seam), and Jianneiling (Shoulder's Inner Tomb), an extra point off the main channel system. (They really have the shoulder theme going strong here ) Your acupuncturist may use needle, electromagnetic, or electroauricular acupuncture to get the blood moving again and decrease inflammation in the joint. If you are typically cold by nature or your shoulder feels better with warmth, your acu-pro may choose to use moxibustion (see Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools of the Trade ). Cupping jars or magnets (also see Chapter 5) may also be appropriate to free up your shoulder. Most of these are non-needle techniques, but all can help clear up pain in your shoulder.

Part with Postpartum Depression

Oriental Medicine explains this condition as a sudden loss of blood and yin, which leaves the body unable to nourish and balance the mind and spirit. Your acu-pro will use acupuncture and acupressure, Chinese herbal medicines, and Qi Gong meditations to help you take back your life and feel good again. As usual, your exact condition will determine the treatment, but many of the herbs that you are likely to find in your prescription include Dang Gui, Shu Di Huang, Bai Shao, and Ye Jiao Teng. These can be prepared in teas, capsules, or powders, just to name a few. Acupuncture, acupressure, and Qi Gong are all designed to free up the heavy stagnant Qi that often accompanies this condition. Acupuncture is on the World Health Organization's list of viable treatments for depression.

Oriental Medicine Helps the Flow Go

A research article published in the January 1987 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that acupuncture can help alleviate primary dysmenorrhea. Ninety percent of the women who underwent regular acupuncture treatments designed to treat their painful periods showed improvement during this one-year study, while also being able to reduce their pain medications by 41 percent This condition responds well to acupuncture or acupressure, moxibustion, warming Chinese herbs, and the dietary guidelines listed earlier in this chapter. I encourage you to seek a qualified acu-pro for assistance with this common but treatable condition.

Oriental Medicine Makes the Connection

Acupuncture can significantly reduce the itching and eruptions of eczema. I will frequently employ the use of nutrition to weed out food allergies and herbs to keep the whole body balanced. Since most of these patients have a family history of eczema or allergies, we work to balance or correct deep-seated deficiencies in your overall health. Be patient the results are worth it.

Had Enough Let Go of Stress

The typical pattern of stress would include moodiness, irritability, frustration, annoyance, belching, irregular menstrual periods, tight feeling in the chest, and fatigue. In most cases, acupuncture treatments and home acupressure will help bring you back on course. Herbs, proper nutrition, exercise, and medical Qi Gong may be added to suit the individual needs of the patient. Dealing with the source of the stress is paramount to feeling better in the long term. Acu-points provide the window of opportunity to keep stress at arm's length instead of in your face so that you can continue healing. Ears the window to your soul As you read in Chapter 9, Pain Below the Belt, your ear acupoints lead to your whole body. An acu-ear treatment will strike out at your stress. Close your eyes and hold both ear lobes between your thumbs and index fingers. Gently squeeze while breathing slowly and deeply. Move up and over your ear, lightly pinching as you go. Gently cup your ears in your hand and...

Depression Checklist Are You at Risk

Our strategy includes nourishing the body with foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and protein. These contain essential nutrients to feed your brain. Acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine have been effective in clearing the mind, restoring good sleep, and bringing energy and centeredness into your being. Suan Zao Ren, Bai Zi Ren, Mu Li, Long Gu, and Dan Shen are just a few of the herbs that may be used in your formula.

Oriental Medicine Manages the Immune System

I have certainly seen the benefits of treating HIV AIDS with acupuncture and herbal medicines in my office, benefits that are reported by other practitioners who treat HIV and AIDS throughout the United States and around the world. I give each new patient an initial exam outlining the patterns of disharmony in Oriental Medical terms. It's important to learn the overall health and specific immune strength of the patient. Remember that Oriental Medicine can't promise to weaken or kill the HIV virus. Its strength is in increasing your body's immunity and overall health. Many of the secondary infections and symptoms of HIV AIDS can be treated with acupuncture and herbs. About 75 percent of gastrointestinal conditions such as appetite, digestion, bowel problems, and weight stabilizations, show improvement patients also report reductions in pain, fevers, night sweats, sore throats, and sleep disorders.

Remedies for the Extremities The Oriental Medical Viewpoint

Fortunately, Oriental Medicine has a few techniques to help keep the flow aglow. After the initial visit to determine overall health and find the oriental pattern of imbalance, I often use combinations of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, along with home- and self-care measures like acupressure, Tai Chi, and biomagnets. These treatments will stimulate your body's ability to maintain normal levels of circulation regardless of the temperature. A qualified herbalist will put together a custom prescription based on your complete health. Chinese herbs that I often use include mil-lettia root and vine 0i Zue Teng), Szechuan lounge root (Chuan Xiong), dried ginger root (Gan Jiang), cinnamon inner bark (Rou Gui), milk vetch root (Huang Qi), and vine of Solomon's seal (Ye Jiao Teng). Therapeutic doses of herbs need to be combined and balanced in a formula by your herbalist to ensure safety and best results.

Choosing Your Acu Pro A Needle in a Haystack

Once you start opening the door to this line of communication, you may be surprised at the number of acquaintances or coworkers who have already chosen Oriental Medicine as a part of their healthcare. If that doesn't work, I've provided you with a list of national organizations and schools in Appendixes D, State and National Organizations, and E, Acupuncture Schools. Graduates and members have to have a minimum level of credentials and continuing education certificates to belong, ensuring you a strong foundation and competency

Informing Your Physician Whats Up

I was lecturing as part of grand rounds at an area hospital when a patient mentioned that he had been seeing an acupuncturist during his cancer treatments. He went on to say that when he told his doctor during an office visit how helpful the acupuncturist had been, he got no reply He said his doctor acted like he didn't even hear him and would not look at him again until he stopped referring to the experience he had with acupuncture. Unfortunately, this patient's experience is not an uncommon one.

Classical Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture A Comprehensive Text. Eastland Press, 1981. Birch, Stephen, and Richard Hammerschlag, Ph.D. Acupuncture Efficacy A Summary of Controlled Clinical Trials. The National Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, 1996. Connelly, Dianne M. Traditional Acupuncture The Law of the Five Elements. The Centre for Traditional Acupuncture, Inc., 1994. Legge, David. Close to the Bone The Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorder with Acupuncture and Other Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sydney College Press, 1997.

State and National Organizations

For more information about acupuncture and acupressure, including help finding the best Oriental Medical health team in your area, contact the following organizations Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA) and Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation (MARF) 5820 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90036 213-937-5514 fax 213-937-0059 Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) International Veterinary Acupuncture Society NAFTA Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Commission National Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance (Acupuncture Alliance) National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) National Acupuncture Foundation (NAF) P.O. Box 2271 National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) National Sports Acupuncture Association Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR)

Knee Pain Whats the Deal with Your Kneel

Our knees hold us up all our lives, and as time goes by, they become especially prone to injuries. Common diagnoses include arthritis, bursitis, and strains or tears of ligaments and tendons. Please select a qualified practitioner to help you discover the origin of your pain. Your acu-pro can help heal many of the strains and arthritic conditions. In my experience, ligament and tendon tears are only mildly improved with acupuncture and require conventional medical care such as surgery Techniques that increase circulation and decrease swelling and pain are used and may include using acupuncture needles, electricity, and electromagnetics. Chinese herbal medicine may be prescribed internally to deal with an overall damp and cold condition that aggravates the knee, or used in an external herbal wash (the warm liquid of boiled herbs rubbed on the surface of the knee with a washcloth).

Acupressure The Match Points

Len came to the office in desperation. He wanted to keep playing in his tennis league and be able to hold the phone or type at work. I immediately suggested he get a headset for his office and asked him to cut back on all unnecessary tennis. You'd have thought it was a death sentence. He reluctantly agreed to the tennis part to avoid further aggravation of his condition. He was taking prescription medication from his physician, but that had not helped. We began treatment consisting of electromagnetic acupuncture, home acupressure and biomagnetic treatments with ice and a topical homeopathic ointment named Rhuta Graveolus. His pain and stiffness began to consistently lessen. He tried to go back to his original schedule too soon and re-injured his elbow. The setback is not uncommon, but added another two weeks of treatment time to correct. He now is able to do what he wants and cuts back a little to do his home treatments when his discomfort increases.

Infant Massage for Asthma

Chinese Tui-Na (see Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools of the Trade, ) is used for infants as well as adults and can be quite helpful in relieving asthma. During the massage, rub gently into the acu-points CV-17, BL-12, and Ding Chuan which are discussed in Chapter 12, Respiration A Breath of Fresh Air, for asthma. Using a few drops of oil can reduce friction and make a more enjoyable time to connect with your baby. Soft singing is encouraged.

Nasal Congestion Had Enough of the Stuff

Bob flies across country as part of his job and has been troubled for years with chronic sinus congestion. Sometimes he gets an infection, but most of the time he's just got a nasally voice and has intermittent headaches, especially when he flies. Due to his hectic travel schedule I was only able to treat him infrequently with acupuncture. Our successes came from a combination of a customized herbal prescription, self-care acupressure at home or in the airplane, and watching the ingestion of some mucus producing foods. Today nasal congestion, or sinusitis, rarely troubles him.

Put a Close to the Runny Nose

Herbal medicine is frequently used with acupuncture to alleviate sinus pressure and stop your waterfall nose. I've instructed patients to use biomagnets as a self-care home treatment in between visits. All of these techniques have worked well for relieving and sometimes completely ending chronic allergy complaints. A word of advice, though start treatment of allergic rhinitis a few months before the allergy season hits. This will give your body a chance to change in order to lessen or eliminate the seasonal symptoms.

Dental Pain Page the Tooth Fairy

Acupuncture and acupressure have been shown to be effective in the treatment of alleviating toothaches and postoperative dental pain. I frequently treat patients after they've had oral surgery or teeth pulled (even all four wisdom teeth ). With the help of acupuncture, the pain and swelling go down much more quickly Patients are able to return to work or regular household life much faster and with greater comfort In ib 1997 consensus statement on the efficacy of acupuncture, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) identified acupuncture as an effective treatment for post-op dental pain. In ib 1997 consensus statement on the efficacy of acupuncture, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) identified acupuncture as an effective treatment for post-op dental pain.

Fun and Laughter Remember Us

Acu-points The Chinese meaning of acupuncture point is the combination of the words hole and position. These points serve as external doors, or openings, to the channels that access the internal muscles and organs of your body. acupressure The gentle but firm stimulation of acu-points by fingers, thumbs, elbows, and even feet. They are the same points along the energy channels that are used in acupuncture, but this technique forgoes the use of needles. acupuncture Practiced medical treatment that is over 5,000 years old. Very basically, acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus, on the body's surface in order to influence physiological functioning of the body. acupuncture needles High-quality surgical stainless steel needles inserted into the skin that access the Qi channels in the body these medical instruments are safe, strong, and as thin as a strand of hair. bioelectric flow The use of very small electrical impulses...

Facelifts An Uplifting Experience

Here's how I perform acupuncture for healthy facial skin and skin tone. I insert tiny 3-6 millimeter needles into worry lines, crow's-feet, and smile lines to bring much-needed circulation to the sagging, malnourished skin. Once I remove the needles, a facial massage is employed. Some practitioners use herbs and oils on the skin that enhance healing. I teach patients to do their own facial massage, allowing more frequent stimulation and helping patients become more involved in the healing process. I combine this with regular needle acupuncture to treat the patient's overall health, because the skin reflects it all. I also make some nutritional recommendations, including taking the supplement Coenzyme Q10, which is a powerful antioxidant. Sandy had been recently divorced and was making all the exercise, nutritional habits, and career moves to make a new life for herself. She felt self-conscious about the crows' feet wrinkles that were on the outside corners of her eyes. To her they...

Slips and Falls Stop Pain from Falling Through the Cracks

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Oriental medicine is teaming with techniques to treat all kinds of musculoskeletal home injuries, including those that affect your wrist Expect to use acupuncture to ease your pain, herbs for both topical and internal healing, and medical Qi Gong to keep the joints open and moving. Oriental medicine has an entire branch of treatments call Dit-Da or hit medicine (trauma medicine). When I studied this specialty, I was amazed by all the special herbal mixtures, herbal washes, poultices, acupuncture, and massage techniques that were used to speed up the healing of traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. Sandy came limping into my office complaining of a sprained ankle that had just not gotten any better over the past month. She was a college professor who had been checked out by her physician for fractures, but did not want to take medications because they had a history of bothering her stomach. She was nearing the end of her term and had a lot of lecturing and running around to do. Except...

Chemotherapyinduced Nausea and Vomiting

Studies show that acupuncture can be used effectively alone for nausea or provide added relief when using antiemetic treatments. I have found that acupuncture is highly effectis'e in this area, and it's a real pleasure to bring relief to my patients during a difficult time in their lives. If you decide to add acupuncture to your treatment plan, expect your practitioner to use acu-points such as PC-6 (see the photo later in this chapter), ST-36 (see Chapter 16), and SP-4 (see Chapter 19). These acupoints all work well for calming down and rebalancing the digestive system. According to the National Institute of Health's panel of scientists, researchers, and practitioners, clinical studies on humans have shown acupuncture to be effective for nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy. According to the National Institute of Health's panel of scientists, researchers, and practitioners, clinical studies on humans have shown acupuncture to be effective for nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy....

Electro Auricular I Hear Its All in the

Paul Nogier began observing successful treatments of sciatica using ear acupuncture in his hometown of Lyon. He began to do more studies and experiments until he finally developed an electro-auricular non-needle acupuncture device. When it comes to treating plantar fasciitis, hikers and dancers who once suffered from the condition are now up and around and can attest to its effectiveness. V Nagging sciatic nerve pain can be shut down with acupuncture and deep pressure on acu-points. Electro-auricular acupuncture is a non-needle solution for painful plantar fasciitis.

Sciatica The Nerve of It

Acupuncture stimulation is achieved by clicking on the DaQi or big Qi sensation switch. By that, I mean having a practitioner insert needles into acu-points and lifting or rotating them until you feel sensations such as electric current, warmth, or temporary achi-ness. These sensations let your acupuncturist know the channcl switch is turned on and help is on the way. Typical techniques include needle acupuncture with electricity or moxa.

Weight Management Motorize Your Metabolism

I always make it clear to patients that while acupuncture can be good for improving your metabolism, it is no substitution for proper nutrition and exercise. Let's make that clear up front. - Acupuncture and acupressure can effectively treat many types of sleep problems.

Endo Risks and Symptoms Could This Be

In my experience, Oriental Medicine can significantly improve a woman's menstrual cycle (see Chapter 17, The Disappointment Down Under ). If adhesions are too numerous, surgery may be recommended, but reoccurrence of endometriosis is very high. So even if you have the tissue removed by laser surgery, it may very well grow back. I have found that acupuncture and herbal medicine have brought satisfactory relief to many of my patients for whom surgery is not indicated, not wanted, or has already been done.

Causes of the Creakin

Acupuncture is widely used for arthritis and has served my patients well over the years. There are currently studies being conducted on several sites of arthritis being treated by acupuncture, such as knee osteoarthritis. I use a diverse mix of acupuncture techniques including the traditional needle system and electromagnetic acupuncture. All have their place in a series of treatments when determining which one or combination will give the most relief. Moxibustion is used to warm acu-points and channels, relieving the cold aches, while acupuncture in all its forms moves stuck blood and Qi to increase flexibility and decrease pain. ) Acupuncture relieves swollen, painful bursitis. ) Firm acupressure on L1-12, LI-11, or LI-10 can reduce tennis elbow pain. ) Electro- or laser acupuncture short-circuits carpal tunnel pain and numbness. ) Make an herbal soup to wash away your arthritic pain and stiffness.

Acu Pros Hasten to Relieve Constipation

Oriental Medicine categorizes constipation by your individual overall health. For instance, deficient yin symptoms include dry stools, thirst, dry mouth and throat (especially in the evenings), sore back and knees, night sweats, dizziness, and ringing in the ears. Effective treatments are available for this and other forms of constipation. It's not unusual for patients to have overused laxatives in order to move their bowels. I generally begin treatments of acupuncture, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, perhaps herbal medicine to lubricate the bowel, stop intestinal spasms or atrophy and gradually back off the laxatives.


What are acupuncture arid acupressure, arid how do they work We'll look at the distant roots of these popular point therapies to see what makes them tick. This section also takes the mystery out of your first visit to an acupuncture professional by letting you know what to expect. You'll discover the information your acu-pro needs in order to assist you in putting together an effective treatment plan. From looking and listening to pressing and poking, it's all here to help you open your mind. You'll begin your journey through some of the most fascinating and empowering healing techniques of all time well, maybe just the last four or five thousand years What Are Acupuncture and Acupressure, and How Do They Work acupuncture and acupressure When my patients respond favorably from undergoing acupuncture and acupressure therapies, they almost always look surprised and ask two questions Why didn't I do this sooner and How on earth does this stuff work This chapter begins to answer that...

Oh My Aching Back

The good news is that acupuncture has proven to be an effective reliever of back pain, and acupressure techniques are some of the best ways to care for your own back. Weekend warriors that wake up the morning after with a stiff back will love the relief and shortened recovery time these techniques provide. Your acupuncturist may choose a variety of techniques to treat your low-back pain, depending on the Oriental Medical diagnosis. Don't be surprised if your practitioner uses heat in the form of moxa or infrared heat therapy, especially if you hurt the most when you are cold. Relax and imagine you're on the beach in the sun. Traditional needle acupuncture, electroacupuncture, or electromagnetic acupuncture or cupping may be used on these points (see the techniques discussed in Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools of the Trade ). Ernie's primary care physician recommended that Ernie see me for treatment of severe low-back strain with sciatica extending down the right leg. Ernie works in a...

The Oriental View

In China and in a growing number of countries, oriental medicine is used to treat stroke in combination with conventional medications and physical and occupational therapy One study reviewed in the American Journal of Acupuncture (Vol. 21, Nov. 2, 1993) stated that 87.5 percent of patients had good response to acupuncture designed to reduce arm leg paralysis. The results were not affected by how long it had been since the stroke. It did matter, however, how much of the brain was damaged during the stroke. (Check with your physician. A CAT scan to check brain damage is a typical diagnostic procedure in cases of stroke.) The stronger techniques of acupuncture, such as electro-acupuncture, cupping, and firm acupressure, are reserved for the tense stroke, while milder techniques are used for the loose stroke. Your acu-pro may also use standard stroke treatments such as scalp acupuncture to help jump-start your brain, laser acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Acupressure techniques are...


Not only was she trying to hold down a job in which she was often out on a sick day, she could barely function at home with her family due to the debilitating pain of trigeminal neuralgia. Her pain began following a dental procedure, and a series of medications and other procedures had not been able to lessen her daily discomfort. She began to cry as she related the pain she faced during the course of a normal day, and how she felt bad that her children had to watch her suffer. She was unable to participate in life as she wanted to and had already lost hope when she turned the handle and entered my office. A friend had recommended that she try acupuncture to find out if it could help, even just a little. Donna experienced most of her pain along the nerve pathway beside her nose. Terrible shooting pains would take her breath away. We tried needle acupuncture at first, but did not have any change in her condition by the fourth treatment, so I decided to...

Harm Alarm

The goal is to get your sinuses to drain (remember the soggy, folded garments ). This will stop the swelling and pain, encouraging normal circulation to return, and end the thick, gunky mucus discharge. Oriental medicine does a great job at relieving both acute and chronic sinusitis. Patients are amazed at the rapid release of pressure in the sinuses that acupuncture can bring. Herbal medicine, improved diet, and attention to potential environmental irritants can help keep your sinuses healthy once they've been cleared. Your acu-pro will determine the kind of sinusitis you have, such as wind heat or dampness heat, based on your symptoms. Acupuncture and acupressure create circulation of blood in the hard-to-get-to folded tissues of the sinuses. You'll enjoy letting the pressure out of your face.

Get the Point

Acupuncture and herbs can be very effective in persistent diarrhea, because the symptoms, as well as the underlying Oriental Medical conditions, are treated. Dehydration can cause serious complications if left untreated. Seeking assistance can help your child's overall health improve. Acu-pros perform pediatric acupuncture using a gentle stimulation of acu-points mostly on the abdomen and legs. Each practitioner has his or her own techniques and will be sensitive to the fact that your baby is uncomfortable and will not hold still for prolonged procedures. Your baby will relax just as you would following a treatment and the relief will be shared by you both.

Anxiety Checklist

Joan was a 39-year-old professional who had developed free-floating anxiety, a chronic sense of uneasiness. Her family life had all the usual stresses, plus she held a demanding job. She couldn't explain it, but she did not feel comfortable or able to relax. Acupuncture treatments were given once weekly for five weeks. She began to feel better and did acupressure and Qi Gong breathing exercises at home. Now she is able to handle the challenges that her teenage children throw her way and can sleep well at night. Acupuncture and acupressure can bring quick relief to symptoms of anxiety. By strengthening your body with herbal medicine, exercise, and solid nutrition, you can go a long way toward leveling off anxiety. Home acupressure self-care and breathing exercises can help relieve acute anxiety episodes and give your confidence a boost. V Learn how acupuncture is helping addicts kick their habits The immune-stimulating effects of acupuncture are now being used to help people with HIV...

Insurance Coverage

I am always asked if insurance companies cover acupuncture. As you can see from the following chart, we've got a ways to go. In many states, we have no mandatory insurance coverage for acupuncture. Parity means that if insurance carriers pay for another health professional to perform acupuncture therapy, then they must pay the acupuncturist who is also qualified to deliver this therapy. Footnote Used with permission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Laws, by Barbara B. MitchellL.Ac. (National Acupuncture Foundation, 1999) Footnote Used with permission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Laws, by Barbara B. MitchellL.Ac. (National Acupuncture Foundation, 1999)


- How medicine merged in China over 2,000 years ago - Acupressure choices to pick from - The many faces of acupuncture - The acu-life goes global The term Oriental Medicine is itself too simplistic when it comes to describing a vast body of medical knowledge that has endured over several thousand years. Many eastern countries, including India and Japan, added their own distinct advances in theory and techniques. Indeed, acupuncture and acupressure have their roots in the traditions of medicine that began in China over 3,000 years ago and have spread throughout the world ever since. We'll explore its fascinating history in this chapter. Acupuncture The Ancient Art wood and stone splinters to pick out infection. Another popular technique that developed in this cold region was warming specific points of the body by placing one of the small grass plants, dried mugwort (see Chapter 5, Acupuncture Tools of the Trade ), and lighting it on fire. (Kids, don't try this at home ) They found...

Establishing an Optimal Healing Environment

Therefore, if the drug only accounts for 9 of this effect, which factor accounts for the majority of the healing influence Maybe researchers are not giving enough credit to the clinician and the nonspecific variables that surround the prescribing of the pill. Maybe it is simply the act of listening to people who are suffering and giving them a sense of understanding that there is something they can do to overcome the suffering. Maybe it is the interaction between two people before the medicine is prescribed that has the greatest healing effect. Psychiatrists gifted at developing a trusting relationship were found to have better effects with placebo in treating depression than their colleagues less talented at developing relationships who used active drug (McKay et al., 2006). Acupuncture delivered with a greater ritual produces better effects than the same points treated with less ritual (Kaptchuk et al., 2008 Kelley et al., 2009). Maybe it is the cost. Drugs that cost more...

Theoretical Foundations and Treatment

The most impressive mode of treatment recorded in detail in the Ma-wang-tui scripts is drug therapy. More than 200 active drugs and neutral carrier substances were described, as was a highly developed pharmaceutical technology. Other therapies included massage, minor surgery, hot baths, sexual practices, dietetics, and moxa cauterization, in addition to various magical interventions. Acupuncture was not yet referred to and appeared first in the already mentioned biography of the semilegendary physician Pien Ch'io compiled by Ssu-ma Ch'ien in 90 B.C. Because no earlier documentation of needling exists in China, the origins of acupuncture, possibly the most recent mode of therapy in the history of Chinese medicine, remain unknown. The Huang-ti nei-ching and the Nan-ching linked these notions of systematic correspondence with physiology, etiology, and therapy. As a result, the human organism was described as a microcosm of interrelated functional units associated with the more...

The Final Centuries of the Imperial

This does not mean, however, that this period lacked brilliance several authors made contributions to their respective fields that were never surpassed. The Pen-ts'ao kang mu (Materia medica arranged according to drug descriptions and technical aspects) of 1596 by Li Shih-chen is a most impressive encyclopedia of pharmaceutics touching on many realms of natural science. It contains more than 1,800 drug monographs and more than 11,000 prescriptions in 52 volumes. In 1601 Yang Chi-chou published his Chen-chiu ta-ch'eng (Complete presentation of needling and cauterization) in 10 volumes, offering a valuable survey of the literature and various schools of acupuncture and moxibustion, which is cauterization by the burning of a tuft of a combustible substance (moxa) on the skin (including a chapter on pediatric massage), of the preceding one and a half millennia. Similarly, acupuncture anesthesia resisted modern scientific explanation, but could be understood on the basis of the dialectics...

Treatment effectiveness

Evidence does not support the use of acupuncture for chronic neck pain of eight high-quality trials, five were negative (Kjellman et al. 1999 White and Ernst 1999). Subsequent trials have demonstrated short-term changes in pain, but outcomes no better than sham treatment (Irnich et al. 2001, 2002) or not clinically significantly better than placebo (White et al. 2004). High-quality studies demonstrated lack of effect for traction (Kjellman et al. 1999 Philadelphia Hoving et al. (2001) identified and examined twenty-five reviews, of which twelve were systematic, but all these were from the 1990s. Conclusions lacked agreement about mobilisation, acupuncture and drug therapy, but agreed that the evidence was inconclusive on the effectiveness of manipulation and traction.

Research Evidence to Date

Naturopathic medicine uses several specific techniques that vary in their effectiveness or ability to influence health. Some naturopathic approaches, such as homeopathy, may be of little value. Others are documented and known to be effective. Examples include the importance of diet in modifying the risk of severe illnesses such as heart disease and cancer and the use of acupuncture to reduce pain and to assist withdrawal from addiction. Researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School examined naturopathic treatments and found some supporting scientific evidence in their favor, plus the need for definitive clinical trials.

Types Of Complementary Medicine

Acupuncture Of these varieties, the one that commanded the highest popularity was acupuncture as a form of pain control. The author cannot possibly be knowledgeable about all the varieties of complementary medicine, and is not able to discuss all their clinical trials. Rather, he will concentrate on the two varieties that he is familiar with, herbal medicine and acupuncture. While discussions are being made, examples of clinical trials will be given, based on personal interests and experiences.

General Considerations

Studies have shown that the frequency of use of complementary or alternative medical therapy in the United States is far greater than previously reported. These therapies include relaxation techniques, imagery, chiropractic, massage, spiritual healing, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, folk remedies, and prayer, to name a few. It has been estimated that 42 of the American population uses at least one of these and other alternative healing methods to satisfy their medical needs. The most common users of complementary and alternative therapy are the more affluent people, women, those better educated, individuals born after 1950, and those who are concerned about emotional stress and the environment. The most common therapies were relaxation techniques (18 ), massage (12 ), herbal medicine (10 ), and megavitamin therapy (9 ). The perceived efficacy of these therapies ranged from 76 (hypnosis) to 98 (energy healing). The number of visits to providers of this health care is greater...

Concluding Thoughts

NIH Consensus Statement 15(5) 1, 1997. Deihl DL, Kaplan G, Coulter I, et al Use of acupuncture by American physicians. J Altern Complement Med 3 119, 1997. MacPherson H Fatal and adverse events from acupuncture Allegation, evidence, and the implications. Yamashita H, Tsukayama H, White AR, et al Systematic review of adverse events following acupuncture

Energy Medicine Frontier Science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The practice of CAM presents many challenges to Western science. How does acupuncture work, and what is qi How can dilute homeopathic remedies induce effects on biologic systems What are the chakras, or energy centers, so integral to yoga and Ayurveda These mysteries present us with opportunities for new discoveries and an expansion of our healing capacities (eAppendix 11-3). Many scientists are showing how research in biophysics and bio-magnetism is helping to elucidate the subtle energies of

What is acupressure When is it useful in treating LBP

Acupressure is the application of thumb or finger pressure to traditional acupuncture points. When applied to a myofascial trigger point, it is called ischemic compression. Acupressure techniques are reported to achieve a therapeutic effect by producing ischemia, muscle relaxation, and reactive hyperemia. When trigger points are identified in back musculature, acupressure techniques may produce rapid muscle relaxation and pain relief. One advantage of acupressure is the ease of application. The patient can use a tennis ball, cane, or other object to provide appropriate pressure independently. Alternatively, a family member or friend can be trained to provide acupressure treatment.

Physical BodyBased Approaches

Although body-based approaches are typically easy for patients and families to understand as potentially beneficial, these techniques are often difficult to implement due to pain or pain-related fears (e.g., fear of causing more pain). Some body-based approaches promote self-efficacy by increasing the child's ability to self-manage symptoms and serve to prevent further pain and disability. Body-based approaches include physical therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), acupuncture, yoga, and massage therapy. Expertise with the techniques requires training and practice with the specific type of pain being addressed. Following are brief descriptions of these somewhat overlapping interventions.

Hypericum and Other Alternatives

Several other alternative treatments are currently under investigation. Acupuncture is currently being studied as a potential treatment for depression. Initial reports from a controlled clinical trial have been encouraging (Schnyer and Allen, 2001). Exercise treatment has also shown promise (Babyak et al., 2000 Mather et al., 2002), although accomplishing a truly placebo-controlled trial is difficult.

Beliefs on Which It Is Based

Modern proponents theorize that electrical charges, which they say are responsible for maintaining the proper functioning of organs and tissues, flow along acupuncture meridians and can be influenced by proper qigong therapies. A related explanation is that qi activates electric currents and stimulates bioelectric conductibility in the body. Others suggest that improving the flow of qi modifies brain-wave frequency, heart rate, and the functioning of body organs. It is suggested also that qigong may improve resistance to disease and infection because it eliminates toxic metabolic by-products.

Description Of The Needle

An acupuncture needle is divided into five parts (Figure 20-1) tip, body, root, handle, and tail. The tip and body of a needle are the parts being inserted into the body of a subject on the acupuncture points. The handle and tail of a needle are the parts used by a practitioner to manipulate the needle. The root connects the body and handle of a needle. Commonly used acupuncture needles are made of stainless steel, with sizes from 26 to 40 gauge and lengths from 0.5 inch to 2.5 inches. Because of the small size, quite often people describe an acupuncture needle as a painless needle. The tip of an acupuncture needle is blunt, even though it is very tiny. Compared with the tip of a regular needle in the same gauge number, the tip of an acupuncture needle has less chance of cutting the tissue.

Treatment Interventions

Ing with a childhood cancer diagnosis (Hendricks-Ferguson 2000), in addition the social workers and pediatric psychologists who are a part of each program (American Academy of Pediatrics 2009). Interventions for acute procedural pain and anxiety, including hypnosis (Richardson et al. 2006 Wild and Espie 2004) and other types of complementary and alternative care such as acupuncture (Rheingans 2007), have been found to be useful for acute distress, although they are not offered at all centers.

Ventricular Sourcing Bypass

The concept of treating heart disease by redirecting blood to the myocardium independent of the coronary arteries was first conceived more than 50 years ago.18,39 Vineberg and, later, Beck recognized that there were large sources of oxygenated blood directly adjacent to the ischemic heart wall (i.e., within the left ventricular cavity or in arteries near the heart). Vineberg's approach involved implanting an internal mammary artery directly into the ischemic myocardium. Later, Sen and coworkers40 proposed a technique in which blood was directed to the myocardium from the left ventricle through an acupuncture-like technique, for which holes were created in the ische-mic tissue. Horvath and colleagues,41 among others,42 attempted to perfuse the myocardium by drilling channels in the heart wall using a laser. These channels occluded almost immediately, 43 and the mechanism responsible for potential clinical benefit was unclear. No increased survival was observed with this technique when...

Additional Resources

For information on certified and licensed clinicians, visit the American Association of Oriental Medicine ( and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ( Also, see Knaster (1996). Discovering the body's wisdom. New York Bantam Books.

How beliefs affect health care

(2001) found little difference between acupuncture and massage in a randomized controlled trial. More interesting, however, they also looked at patients' expectations of treatment at the start of the trial. Patients who believed that acupuncture was more effective did better with acupuncture. Patients who believed that massage was more effective did better with massage. Thus, patient expectations of treatment may have a greater influence on outcome than any physical effect of the treatment. Once again, they found that specific beliefs about treatment appear to be more important than general optimism or faith about health care. Jensen M P, Turner J A, Romano J M, Lawler B K 1994 Relationship of pain-specific beliefs to chronic pain adjustment. Pain 57 301-309 Kalauokalani D, Cherkin D C, Sherman K J, Koepsell T D, Deyo R A 2001 Lessons from a trial of acupuncture and massage for low back pain patient expectations and treatment effects. Spine 26 1418-1424 Kerns R D, Rosenberg R, Jamison...

Neck Back and Myofascial Pain

Recent randomized trials with good designs add to the potential armamentarium of interventions, although all of these results require confirmation by additional trials. For low back pain, osteopathic manual care and standard medical care produce equivalent results 140 bipolar magnets were no better than sham magnets 141 low energy laser treatment 3 times per week for 4 weeks is modestly better than sham treatment 142 40 units of botulinum toxin injected into 5 paralumbar sites is better than placebo for up to 8 weeks of less pain 143 neuromuscular electrical stimulation and TENS for 5 hours per day at 2-day intervals is better than placebo stimulation 144 percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation with acupuncturelike needles in the paraspinal muscles reduces the need for opioid analgesics more than sham treatment, TENS, or exercise 145 and facet injections with methylprednisolone are no better than placebo in patients who reported less pain after the facet was injected with local...

What Practitioners Say It Does

There are two linked beliefs on which reflexology is based. One is that reflex points exist on the foot, and that these reflex points can influence health in distant organ systems and parts of the body to which they are linked. The second is that the body contains an invisible life force, or subtle energy, similar to the concept of qi (chi) in Chinese medicine and acupuncture (Chapters 6 and 1), or prana in Ayurvedic or Indian medicine (Chapter 2). Reflexologists believe that, by stimulating reflex points on the foot, they can unblock and increase the flow of this energy throughout the body.

Determining which intervention groups are relevant

As an example of multiple control groups, a review addressing the comparison 'acupuncture versus no acupuncture' might identify a study comparing 'acupuncture versus sham acupuncture versus no intervention'. The review authors would ask whether, on the one hand, a study of 'acupuncture versus sham acupuncture' would be included in the review and, on the other hand, a study of 'acupuncture versus no intervention' would be included. If both of them would, then all three intervention groups of the study are relevant to the review. The same considerations of relevance apply when determining which intervention groups of a study should be included in a particular meta-analysis. Each meta-analysis addresses only a single pair-wise comparison, so review authors should consider whether a study of each possible pair-wise comparison of interventions in the study would be eligible for the meta-analysis. To draw the distinction between the review-level decision and the meta-analysis-level decision...

Heterogeneity considerations with multipleintervention studies

Meta-regression (Chapter 9, Section 9.6). Some complications arise when including multiple-intervention studies in such analyses. First, it will not be possible to investigate certain intervention-related sources of heterogeneity if intervention groups are combined as in the recommended approach in Section 16.5.4. For example, subgrouping according to 'sham acupuncture' or 'no intervention' as a control group is not possible if these two groups are combined prior to the meta-analysis. The simplest method for allowing an investigation of this difference, across studies, is to create two or more comparisons from the study (e.g. 'acupuncture versus sham acupuncture' and 'acupuncture versus no intervention'). However, if these contain a common intervention group (here, acupuncture), then they are not independent and a unit-of-analysis error will occur, even if the sample size is reduced for the shared intervention group(s). Nevertheless, splitting up the sample size for the shared...

Complementary Therapies for Some Common Ailments

Alcohol and drug abuse Acupuncture, meditation, mental imagery. arthritis Acupuncture, hand and back yoga exercises, hydrotherapy, topical capsaicin, willow bark, turmeric, and gamma linolenic acid. carpel tunnel syndrome Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage, ginger compress. headache Press acupoints between eyebrows or in hollows at base of skull on both sides of the spine massage, progressive relaxation, biofeedback feverfew butterbur. menopause problems Acupuncture, mind-body techniques, exercise, black cohosh soy. pain, chronic Acupuncture, massage and other body work, biofeedback, hypnotherapy. tennis elbow Acupuncture, bodywork techniques, chiropractic, apply ice.

General Approach to Treatment

Nonpharmacologic therapy for nausea and vomiting can be useful adjuncts to drug therapy, particularly in the setting of anticipatorynausea and vomiting. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends behavior therapies such as relaxation, guided imagery, and music therapy as well as acupuncture acupressure as useful in this setting.6 Other general measures that can be taken include ensuring adequate sleep before treatment, eating smaller meals, and avoiding greasy foods

Classifications of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fort Iii Osteotomy

Alternative medical systems are complete, complex systems of health-care practices that incorporate natural products, spiritual elements, diet, and other modalities. Some systems such as homeopathic medicine and naturopathic medicine have evolved in the Western world, whereas others, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, have developed in non-Western cultures. Ayurvedic medicine was developed in India more than 5000 years ago and is the best known of the traditional approaches associated with Indian medicine. The system involves the use of diet and herbal remedies, with emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit in disease prevention and treatment. Homeopathic medicine is based on the belief that ''like cures like'' minute doses of highly diluted animal, vegetable, and mineral substances can cure the symptoms that would be caused by higher concentrations of the same substance in a healthy person. It is believed that these minute doses stimulate the body's own defense mechanism...

Overview of Treatment for Ossification of the Longitudinal Ligament and the Ligamentum Flavum

Opll Operation

A positive head compression test is a good selection criterion for applying cervical traction 4 . When traction is indicated for patients with cervical OPLL, it is important to keep patients comfortable with the cervical spine in slight flexion. If cervical traction increases the pain, the direction of the traction should be changed or the traction stopped entirely. Cervical traction in the neck-extended position should be avoided as it risks precipitating or promoting myelopathy. Alternative medical treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and spinal manipulation are considered effective for patients whose complaints consist solely of neck shoulder arm 5. Birch S, Jamison RN (1998) Controlled trial of Japanese acupuncture for chronic myofascial neck pain assessment of specific and nonspecific effects of treatment. Clin J Pain 14 248-255

Closing the pain gate

There are other mechanisms that reduce pain. Placebos (medically neutral substances, like sugar pills) are effective painkillers in about a third of people, working through an, as yet, unknown mechanism. Acupuncture may stimulate endor-phin release in the body, but this is just a guess and, in any case, why it should do so is not clear. Distraction techniques, such as hot or cold packs, or extreme emotional states such as fear, anger or mania may all act to reduce or delay the experience of pain. Perhaps the most extreme example of the innate drive to use distraction comes from the condition of cluster headache, a rare form of migraine that can affect men (usually but not exclusively, heavy drinkers). Although it is now treatable, the pain in this condition is so severe that it has driven people to suicide. More typically, it leads the person to bang their head hard and repeatedly against a wall, because the distraction of the head injury pain is preferable to the cluster headache...

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Whereas the Western clinician starts with a symptom and tries to search for the cause of a specific disease, the traditional Chinese clinician directs his or her attention to the whole patient and forms a ''pattern of disharmony.'' This pattern describes the situation of ''imbalance'' in the patient's body. The traditional Chinese clinician asks not ''Which A is causing B '' but ''What is the relationship between A and B '' The patterns of disharmony provide the framework for therapy. In Chinese medicine, a person does not catch the flu a person develops a disharmony. If a patient requires an antibiotic, herbs or acupuncture may be used to dispel the disharmony. Regardless of the ailment, the mind, body, and spirit must be treated as a whole. Healing is achieved by rebalancing yin and yang and restoring harmony in the whole person. The Chinese have used iron balls for health since the Ming Dynasty (1368 1644). The balls, originally solid, today are hollow with a sounding plate inside...

Degenerative Disc Disease

The crucial initial step in management of patients with disc herniation syndrome is to identify those lesions that merit further evaluation and immediate therapy. In the remaining cases, the good prognosis for early recovery justifies a trial of conservative therapy before definitive imaging is done. Conservative therapy includes rest in a position of comfort followed by early remobilization, gentle exercises, and analgesics for pain as needed. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents probably provide little relief in most cases. For severe pain, judicious time- limited use of narcotics should be considered. Oral and epidural corticosteroids can be helpful. Many other modalities are available, but there are few reliable data about their effectiveness in populations medical and physical measures (e.g., ice, heat, massage, and ultrasound) that address secondary muscle spasm, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), acupuncture, exercise, and traction. '3 If...

Needle Insertion Techniques

There are four common ways to insert a needle finger pressing insertion, pinching needle insertion, pinching skin insertion, and tight skin insertion. The skin at the insertion site is cleaned with an alcohol pad. The needle insertion angle can be perpendicular, oblique, or horizontal to the skin surface with various depths, depending on the location of the acupuncture points, the medical conditions being treated, and the patient's general health. Finger pressing insertion. This technique is used when a short needle is used. Before inserting, the practitioner uses one fingertip (guiding finger) of the assisting hand to gently press the acupuncture point. The needle is then inserted into the skin of the acupuncture point along the edge of the guiding finger. FIGURE 20-1 Acupuncture needle. FIGURE 20-1 Acupuncture needle. Pinching needle insertion. This technique is used when an acupuncture point is deep and a long needle is used. Once the acupuncture point is identified, the thumb and...

What CAM treatments work best for the treatment of back pain

Popularity or personal testimonials do not prove or disprove treatment efficacy. CAM therapies are most frequently administered in combination with traditional therapeutic interventions for back pain using nonstandardized protocols. The medical evidence to support specific CAM treatments for back pain may be unavailable, insufficient, or conflicting depending on the specific intervention that is evaluated. Nevertheless, standardized reviews and randomized controlled trials have been published supporting CAM treatments, such as spinal manipulation and mobilization, acupuncture, prolotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and nutritional supplementation. Treatments should be pursued on an individual basis, taking into account the patient's total health picture. 1. Ammendolia C, Furlan AD, Imamura M, et al. Evidence-informed management of chronic low back pain with needle acupuncture. Spine J 2008 8(1) 160-72. 10. Kalauokalani D, Cherkin DC, Sherman KJ, et al. Lessons from a trial of...

Traditional Medicine In The Tropics

Traditional medicine practices are as varied as the societies of the world. Local practices for acute and chronic illnesses might include prayer, meditation, diets, fasting, massage, exercise, herbal remedies, acupuncture, skin scraping, and scarification. The concepts underlying these practices are also varied. Underlying principles of traditional therapies in some societies are related to the balance or homeostasis between negative (bad, dark, devil, etc) and positive (good, light, angels, etc) forces. Ayurvedic medicine is practiced throughout South Asia and roughly translates to knowledge of life. This common practice seeks to promote spiritual harmony based upon the theory that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily humors. Other concepts such as witchcraft or the evil eye are prominent in dozens of countries. The evil, or covetous, eye may be felt to be the cause of a curse, misfortune, or disease and various amulets, decorations, or procedures...

Physical Examination

Homunculus Rheumatology

Other medical systems, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), may have completely different explanations for the changes seen in rheumatologic conditions. Although a conventional practitioner may not be aware of these, it is helpful to know about complementary modalities that may be beneficial (e.g., acupuncture helping patients with OA and fibromyalgia).

Nonpharmacologic Therapy

Several nonpharmacologic interventions exist for the management of dysmenorrhea. Among these, topical heat therapy, exercise, and following a low-fat vegetarian diet all have been shown to reduce the intensity of the dysmenorrhea.11,14 Dietary changes also may shorten the duration of dysmenorrhea. These interventions require little time and minimal cost and are associated with little risk. Other nonpharmacologic options that may be considered before or, in most cases, after a trial of pharmacologic interventions include the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), acupressure, and acupuncture.11

Conditions prevalent in pregnancy and lactation Nausea and Vomiting

Nonpharmacologic measures, such as lifestyle (rest, avoidance of nausea triggers such as strong odors) and dietary changes (small and frequent meals, fluid restriction during meals) should be used as first-line management. Acupuncture and acupressure can be also helpful.16

Premedical Health Care

From entering and harming a human body by means of signs and symbols demonstrating an alliance with superior metaphysical powers, and they had to be removed from the body either through the casting of oral or written spells or with the help of substances designed to kill or chase away (for instance, through their odor) unwanted intruders. Several clues suggest that among the origins of acupuncture may have been attempts to pierce, with symbolic swords and lancets, afflicted, aching body regions thought to be invaded by some outside evil.

What if the pain persists for several weeks after the initial treatment

If the pain still does not resolve, the patient should be provided with reassurance. If not already performed, imaging studies are appropriate. MRI should be interpreted cautiously and correlated with clinical findings. If serious spinal pathology requiring referral to a spine specialist is not identified, supportive treatment is continued. Determine the severity of pain perception and how it interferes physically, psychosocially, and psycho-emotionally with function. Treatment options at this point include active physical therapy, medication, manipulation, and alternative medicine techniques such as acupuncture or yoga.

Alternative and Experimental Therapies

Alternative medicine covers a broad spectrum of therapies, ranging from special diets, vitamin and mineral supplements, and herbal therapies to hyperthermia, ultrasound, light therapy, gene therapy, magnets, acupuncture, moxibustion, yoga, massage therapy, relaxation exercises, and prayer. There is some evidence that specific dietary factors may be useful in preventing or slowing the growth of prostate cancer these factors, along with vitamins and minerals, are discussed in Chapter 13. The present chapter will focus on herbal therapies as well as other experimental therapies being studied for the possible treatment of newly diagnosed prostate cancer. Drugs and other experimental treatments for recurrent prostate cancer are examined in Chapter 11.

A naturopathic first

In 1996, Seattle opened the country's first state-supported naturopathic medical clinic. It featured, as do all naturopathy practices today, diet, exercise, vitamins, acupuncture, and plant-product therapies. Naturopathy and conventional medicine differ, however, in emphasis and in treatment. Naturopathy is not associated with a unique healing technology. Rather it uses a collection of natural treatment modalities such as botanical medicine, nutritional therapies, homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Asian medicine, hydrotherapy, counseling, and physical medicine (manipulation of muscles and bones). Homeopathy (Chapter 3) is a system of medicine involving the use of very small amounts of a symptom-causing substance to treat the condition that produces similar symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine (Chapter 6) applies techniques developed in ancient China to treat disease, and acupuncture (see Chapter 1) involves the insertion of needles in specific points on the body to cure or treat...