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Many women who come to my practice are opting to use acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to stop the pain and excessive bleeding from fibroids and cysts. I make sure that they have been properly examined and diagnosed by their conventional physician to rule out any malignant growths. Over 30 percent of all hysterectomies (removal of the uterus) in the United States are done to remove uterine fibroids. Since these growths shrink after menopause, avoiding surgery is an option some women are choosing, and Oriental Medicine is a helpful partner.

To shrink the cysts or fibroids, acupuncture is often accompanied by herbal medicine or moxibustion (see Chapter 5, "Acupuncture—Tools of the Trade"). Cysts and fibroids vary in their oriental diagnosis according to your body's health and general well-being. According to traditional theory, emotional stress is the most common cause of abdominal masses. Anger and worry tend to slow down the flow of Qi and blood in the lower abdomen. Consumption of cold and greasy foods can also aggravate certain masses, and impair your own immune system. Your acu-pro

Harm Alarm

Ease off the estrogen. High estrogen birth control pills may increase the growth of uterine fibroids. Avoid oral contraceptives with high estrogen and seek alternatives.

will first determine what kind of characteristics your masses have, so a treatment plan can be created.

The traditional oriental classification of causes includes

> Stuck Qi. Masses seem to come and go, and it feels like you can move them; pain is present but has no fixed location; abdomen feels bloated.

> Stuck Blood. Pain is stabbing and has a fixed location, and the fibroids are not movable and feel hard.

> Phlegm. Masses feel soft and have a fixed location; usually the patient experiences no pain.

According to traditional Oriental Medicine the abnormally heavy bleeding is a symptom of a particular diagnostic pattern. Most women who exhibit this type of heavy bleeding usually show other symptoms that confirm a pattern of underlying weakness. This pattern may be seen with whatever type of abdominal mass they are dealing with. I find that Oriental Medicine works well to help build up the lost Qi, improving overall health while the specific symptoms are being reduced.

Easing the pain and excessive bleeding caused by abdominal masses.

Locate LU-7 (Broken Sequence), which is about two-finger widths above the wrist crease on the side of your thumb. Hold this point with your index finger, taking easy, deep breaths for two to three minutes. Do both sides, together with KD-6 (see the next figure).

Easing the pain and excessive bleeding caused by abdominal masses.

Locate KD-6 (Shining Sea) directly below the inside anklebone. Hold this point with your thumb or index finger, taking easy deep breaths for two to three minutes. Do both sides, together with LU-7. These acu-points activate the channels specific to abdominal masses.

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