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Oriental Medicine is particularly well suited to look at your chronic fatigue. Work with your acu-pro to figure out a treatment strategy that realistically meets your expectations and goals. I'm a provider for the Fibromyalgia/CFIDS Network, which connects members with qualified practitioners who understand and frequently treat those conditions.

Your CFIDS symptoms may be similar to others with the same diagnosis, but your overall health will determine the Oriental Medical pattern that needs attention and the treatment plan that will be customized for you. Your acu-pro, in considering the patterns below, also includes the CFIDS symptoms listed earlier in this chapter. Common CFIDS patterns include

> Lung Qi deficiency. Easily catch colds, low voice, pale complexion, spontaneous sweating, and pale tongue.

> Spleen yang deficiency. Fatigue, muscular weakness, poor appetite, cold limbs, loose bowels, and slight abdominal ache.

> Heart blood deficiency. Tiredness that is worse at midday, palpitation, poor memory, insomnia, dizziness, and dream-disturbed sleep.

> Lung yin deficiency. Dry throat, dry cough, exhausting breathlessness, hoarse voice, afternoon feeling of overheating, sweating in palms, feet, and center of chest, night sweats, and flushed face.

The conditions we've just discussed take consistent effort and follow-through to achieve desirable results. I believe that Oriental Medicine can make a significant contribution to your health, and would also urge you to incorporate an entire health team to bring the best possible care during the course of your treatments. But don't fall asleep on me now because we talk about insomnia, weight loss, and other tricky conditions in the next chapter!

The Least You Need to Know

V Acupuncture detox clinics effectively treat drug, alcohol, and tobacco addictions.

V HIV/AIDS patients believe acupuncture and herbs are important parts of their healthcare.

Bring down high blood pressure, the silent killer, with acu-point therapy.

> Your CFIDS symptoms can improve greatly and be well maintained with Oriental Medicine.

Wise Words

The Fibromyalgia/CFIDS Network provides members with the latest recommended treatments and provider lists for this condition. Acupuncture is frequently mentioned as a viable treatment option. Check Appendix D, "State and National Organizations," for their contact information.

Wise Words

The Fibromyalgia/CFIDS Network provides members with the latest recommended treatments and provider lists for this condition. Acupuncture is frequently mentioned as a viable treatment option. Check Appendix D, "State and National Organizations," for their contact information.

Chapter 23

Balancing Your Qi—Too Much Here, Not Enough There

In This Chapter

>■ Sleep soundly with Oriental Medicine

Acu-points rescue you from the cold of Raynaud's Phenomenon

Tone down tinnitus with herbs and acu-points

Acu-points and exercise: your tag team to wrestle weight loss

Keeping your life in balance can be quite a challenge in the twenty-first century. I often explain to patients that their healing progress may be more enjoyable if they check into a spa for a month or two. Instead, most of us are doing our best to heal our bodies and minds in the process of living. Our jobs, kids, pets, car problems, noisy neighbors, unsympathetic supervisors, and mortgages make up the balance of the imbalances we call our normal lives. The challenge: to keep up the healing while we continue the dealing.

This chapter deals with the imbalances that result from not getting enough sleep, gaining too much weight, developing poor blood circulation, and having too much noise in your ears. Your life is still yours to figure out, but perhaps it's comforting to know that I've found some ways to help with these conditions to lighten your load a bit. You can start out this chapter very balanced. Place both feet squarely on the floor, grasp the book with a relaxed yet firm hold (even with the middle of your torso), and get ready to start turning pages. See you at the other end.

Insomnia: Cruisin' for a Snoozin'

There's nothing more refreshing than to greet the day after a good night's sleep. It's equally frustrating to be part of the estimated one-third of Americans (twice as many women than men) that suffer from some form of insomnia. Seniors make up about 50 percent of all those who suffer from sleep disorders, but I'm seeing a growing number of adolescents and adults who complain of poor sleep or wake up feeling un-refreshed.

Most of us have experienced difficulty falling or staying asleep due to a late meal, excitement, or worry. Other potential causes of insomnia include hypoglycemia, pain, breathing problems, caffeine, jet lag, and some medications. Chronic insomnia can make your days seem like months and any activity you undertake feels like an uphill battle.

Wise Words

How much sleep do you need?

Wise Words

How much sleep do you need?

Normal sleep is composed of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and NREM (nonrapid eye movement) sleep. During REM sleep, we dream, lose muscle tone, and have irregular heartbeat and breathing. During NREM sleep, we do not dream, maintain muscle tone, and have regular heartbeat and breathing. During a normal night's sleep, you will cycle through both kinds of sleep. About 30 minutes after falling asleep, you enter NREM; an hour later you go to REM sleep. The deepest and most restful sleep occurs during NREM, when your body is the least active.

There are about 80 different sleep disorders affecting approximately 70 million Americans, including

>- Psychological insomnia. Caused by mental and emotional stress.

> Sleep apnea. Intense snoring caused by blocked breathing passages that disrupts sleep; as a result, patients wake up as many as 200 times per night.

> Restless leg syndrome. Discomfort in calves and thighs, resulting in frequent leg movements and jerking that disturb sleep.

> Narcolepsy. Sudden, daytime attacks of severe sleepiness.

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