Anxiety A New Dimension in Apprehension

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Most of us have felt anxious at one time or another. You tend to feel the characteristic adrenaline rush through your bloodstream as your heart rate quickens; breathing becomes shallow and rapid, muscles tense, sugar is released by your liver, and your mind goes on full alert. You are ready for action!

But what if there is no action or danger to tackle? When these symptoms are not connected to an identifiable threat or last longer than is warranted, then it's called an anxiety disorder. Your fight-or-flight response is geared to go at the wrong time.

There are several recognized anxiety disorders, including

> Phobias. Fear of specific situations (for example, insects, confined spaces).

> Panic Disorders. Sudden onset of extreme fear without reason.

> Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Persistent, irrational thoughts or repetitive behavior.

> Post-Traumatic Stress. Prolonged anxiety after a traumatic event.

> Generalized or Free-Floating Anxiety.

Inexplicable feeling of uneasiness (affects twice as many women as men).

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Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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