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Diet is incredibly important in treating persistent pediatric diarrhea. Food allergies such as wheat gluten, sugar malabsorption, or deficient pancreatic enzymes are the most common causes of this condition. Try cutting out wheat products for several weeks. (And check your labels; wheat is in everything!) Next, give sugary foods and juices some time off. Children often become addicted to sugar, so this may not be easy, but their improved health will strengthen your resolve.

I also recommend bland food selections of cooked or warmed foods. Eliminate cold and frozen foods or liquids and cut back on raw foods that can tax a struggling digestive system. Chinese herbs prescribed by a qualified herbalist can also be used successfully to stop the frequent flow. I also recommend a nutritional supplement called acidophilus, which replaces the healthy bacteria that are frequently lost in diarrhea. These good guys will aid absorption in your child's bowels and help stop persistent diarrhea. One of the children I treat whose front tooth was taken by the tooth fairy said she liked taking the "awful-dophilus" because it made her feel good!

Watch your child with care if he or she suffers from diarrhea. Abdominal bloating, cramping, thin or watery stools, urgency, and occasional nausea characterize mild diarrhea. If you notice blood or mucus in the stools, sudden vomiting, weight loss, and fever, this suggests dysentery or infectious diarrhea. This is a more serious illness, and you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.

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