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Postpartum depression affects approximately 10-20 percent of new mothers, and usually appears between two to eight weeks after delivery. This is different from postpartum blues (sadness, anxiety, insomnia, and weepiness) that appear within several days of delivery and go away in 10-12 days. The blues are common, affecting between 50 and 80 percent of all new mothers.

Postpartum depression can last from weeks to a year, and the symptoms may be intense and frightening to the new mother and her family. The risk factors for postpartum depression include a history of moderate to severe premenstrual syndrome and depression, among others.

Risk factors for women with postpartum depression include

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Risk factors for women with postpartum depression include

>- History of moderate-to-severe PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

>- Depression or anxiety during pregnancy.

>- Family history of depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.

>- Recent stressful event (family death, moving, job loss).

>- Lack of emotional support.

>- Long, complicated pregnancy.

>- Newborn with physical or behavioral problems.

Oriental Medicine explains this condition as a sudden loss of blood and yin, which leaves the body unable to nourish and balance the mind and spirit. Your acu-pro will use acupuncture and acupressure, Chinese herbal medicines, and Qi Gong meditations to help you take back your life and feel good again. As usual, your exact condition will determine the treatment, but many of the herbs that you are likely to find in your prescription include Dang Gui, Shu Di Huang, Bai Shao, and Ye Jiao Teng. These can be prepared in teas, capsules, or powders, just to name a few. Acupuncture, acupressure, and Qi Gong are all designed to free up the heavy stagnant Qi that often accompanies this condition. Acupuncture is on the World Health Organization's list of viable treatments for depression.

The topics we've just discussed can be extremely emotional if you're in the middle of important decisions about the life and welfare of your family and yourself. I suggest taking a moment and weighing the options available to you. Oriental Medicine can be a valuable addition to your health team. We continue dealing with some of the most common and disruptive conditions that some women face. Stay with me, there's empowerment and assistance around the bend.

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