Spin Resolved Photoelectron Spectra

In spin-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (SRPES), one makes use of the fact that a single electron has a spin. In a properly designed instrument, the orientation of the spin with respect to the laboratory frame does not change from the moment the electron leaves the sample to the moment it hits the detector, or if it changes, it changes in a well-defined manner. If the detector is sensitive to the orientation of the spin, as for example, a Mott-detector (see Section III.E), information is obtained on the spin distribution of the photoelectrons that leave the sample. For a nonmagnetic sample, the spin distribution is usually random, and no additional information is gained. For a magnetic sample, however, the ratio of the number of electrons that are emitted with spin-up to the number of electrons with spin-down depends on the band structure of the system and therefore on the binding energy. The combination of spin-resolved and angular-resolved PES has contributed tremendously to the understanding of all kinds of magnetic materials.

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