The Thermodilatometry Apparatus

A simple TDA unit is shown in Fig. 12. This simply measures expansion or contraction of a sample under test with temperature or time. The rod used in this equipment is made of a material suitable for use in the temperature range required: up to 1000°C, fused silica; up to 1200°C, porcelain; up to 1800°C, sapphire; and up to 2000°C, graphite, molybdenum, or tungsten. In the latter case a reducing or an inert gas (argon) must be used.

The coefficient of expansion against temperature should be plotted. In the simple equipment noted above, an extension rod can be used. Alternative methods of measuring the extension (or contraction) are as follows.

1. A precursor micrometer.

2. A cathetometer.

3. An interferometer.

4. From X-ray diffraction measurements.

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