Superficial Perineal Space

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The superficial perineal space (pouch) is the region inferior to the urogenital diaphragm. It is enclosed by the superficial perineal (Colles') fascia. The superficial perineal space contains (Figure 13-1A-D):

Deep (Buck's) fascia of the penis. Continuous with the external spermatic fascia and deep perineal fascia. The deep dorsal vein of the penis is inside this fascial layer.

CRURA OF THE PENIS Each crus of the penis is composed of erectile tissue that is continuous with the paired corpus cavernosa of the penis. Erectile tissue consists of large, cavernous venous sinusoids (spaces like those found in a sponge) that normally are somewhat void of blood. However, during sexual arousal, the corpus cavernosa fill with blood, causing the penis to become erect (Figure 13-1B and C).

Corpus cavernosa. The crura of the penis are separate along the ischiopubic ramus. However, at the pubic symphysis, the corpora cavernosa course along the dorsum of the penis, adjacent to each other. The deep arteries of the penis

(branches of the internal pudendal artery) course within the center of the corpus cavernosa, providing blood that is necessary for an erection.

Ischiocavernosus muscle. The ischiocavernosus muscles are voluntary skeletal muscles that surround the crura of the penis. The ischiocavernosus muscle helps to stabilize an erect penis and compresses the crus of the penis to impede venous blood return to maintain an erection. This muscle is innervated by the perineal nerve (branch of the pudendal nerve).

BULB OF THE PENIS The bulb of the penis is the origin of the corpus spongiosum. The bulb of the penis is composed of erectile tissue and is continuous with the corpus spongiosum of the penis.

Corpus spongiosum. The ventrally located erectile tissue that surrounds the spongy urethra, which transports urine and semen.

Glans penis. The terminal part of the corpus spongiosum. A fold of skin called the prepuce (foreskin) covers the glans penis. The frenulum of the prepuce is a median ventral fold passing from the deep surface of the prepuce.

^^^ Circumcision is the surgical removal of the prepuce. ▼

Bulbospongiosus muscle. Contributes to erection and ejaculation. This muscle also helps expel the final drops of urine during micturition. The bulbospongiosus muscle is innervated by the perineal nerve (branch of the pudendal nerve). Tunica albuginea. A thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. The tunica albuginea is denser around the corpora cavernosa and inhibits blood return during an erection. The tunica albuginea is more elastic around the corpus spongiosum and enables semen to pass through the urethra during ejaculation.

VThe outline of the superficial perineal space can be observed when the spongy urethra is ruptured inferior to the urogenital diaphragm. Urine flows into the superficial perineal space (extravasated urine) by spreading into the scrotum, around the penis, and superiorly into the abdominal wall. ▼

Glans penis

Corpus cavernosum Corpus spongiosum

Superior pubic ramus

Obturator foramen

Ischiocavernosus m. Bulbospongiosus m. Ischiopubic ramus Bulb of penis

Perineal membrane

Glans penis

Superior pubic ramus

Perineal Sponge

Deep transverse perineal m.

Deep transverse perineal m.


Obturator internus m. Prostate gland Pudendal canal

Bulbourethral gland

Superficial perineal fascia

Perineal membrane D

Perineal Membrane

Figure 13-1: (continued) C. Erectile muscles and tissues. D. Coronal section of the male perineum.


Bulbospongiosus Bulb of penis

Peritoneal cavity

Subperitoneal space Ischioanal fossa

Deep perineal space

Superficial perineal space Subcutaneous perineal space


Figure 13-1: (continued) C. Erectile muscles and tissues. D. Coronal section of the male perineum.

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