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Some people enjoy the way that affirmations reinforce learning. The theory is that mentally rehearsing principles strengthens the neural pathways associated with them, more deeply implanting the ideas and making them available for coping under pressure. The procedure is straightforward. Find a place to relax undisturbed for about fifteen minutes. Deeply relax your body. Take two easy, deep breaths, saying your calming word or phrase to yourself as you breath in and out. Simply read the first statement and allow it to sink in. You might think of a time when you actually believed that statement and acted on it. Or you might imagine what your life would be like if that statement were part of your thinking. Imagine how you would feel and behave. Repeat the statement again; let it roll around in your mind. Feel free to modify or add to the following list of affirmations:

1. I gain advantage by remaining calm and cool under difficult circumstances.

2. I keep a cool, level head when situations get tough and think of the best thing to do.

3. If I find myself feeling angry, I think, "That's okay, that's life," and quickly regain my composure.

4. Although people have hurt me in the past, these hurts do not affect the way I live my life today.

5. I respect all people.

6. I wish kindness and the best interest of all people, including those who have hurt me.

7. I carefully preserve my peace.

8. I let go of bitterness so I can enjoy my life.

9. When I feel my sense of power slipping away, I think, "I still have much power within me to do good."

10. I accept that things don't always go the way I'd likeā€”that I don't always get my way.

11. I accept others, even when they disappoint me.

12. I can laugh at the ridiculous things I do sometimes.

13. I can laugh at the ridiculous things others sometimes do.

14. I have compassion for people, but not necessarily their behavior.

15. I see beyond irritating situations. I know they won't last forever.

16. I try my best, and I don't get too attached to the outcome.

17. I channel anger into constructive actions.

18. When others threaten or intimidate me, I stay calm and secure like a majestic mountain in a storm.

19. Even though others may not like me or treat me well, I love and accept myself.

20. Your own affirmations:

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