Core Beliefs


I should judge and punish myself for my shortcomings and failings.

I can greet myself cordially and with encouragement—this is a better way to grow and develop. I'll leave the judgment to others.

My worth is diminished by mistakes. My worth as a unique individual is far too com plex to be reduced to isolated performances. Mistakes reflect our skill level or development at the time. A mistake does not totally and irrevocably define a person.

The best person always wins. So I must If that were true, championship teams would

Now imagine that C, the emotional consequences, significantly changes so that you are now no longer seriously angry, but relatively calm; irritated, but not furious. Ask, "What thoughts changed in order to cause this shift in emotions?"

This imagery not only affords practice in staying calm, but also reinforces our ability to choose calming thoughts.

Take an anger-promoting core belief that you often find yourself using. Have a partner argue for the reasonableness of that core belief, while you try to explain why that core belief is not very reasonable and not very beneficial.

always win.

always be undefeated. I can try my best and then enjoy the outcome.

Living Life

Living Life

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