Figure 61 Two Minds

The wisdom mind represents your true, happy nature—uncomplicated and clear. The wisdom mind is wise and benevolent. It is happy because it desires the happiness of others as much as your own. It has calm, peaceful emotions. It is joyful, good humored, loving, and accepting. It has dignity, self-esteem, and humility. It is also flexible, hopeful, and expansive in scope. It is where the various fragments of the self dissolve and unify as friends.

The ordinary mind surrounds and walls off the wisdom mind. It keeps you ignorant of your happy nature and causes many problems and suffering. The ordinary mind grasps and attaches to things that are illusory or unimportant, such as greed, false fronts, and pride, which leads to hurt and jealousy. The ordinary mind is marked by disturbing negative emotions, such as sorrow, worry, anger in all its forms, ignorance, and confusion. It is not integrated, but is scattered and restless. When people say they are beside themselves with anger, they mean that they are pulled away from their wisdom mind.

Rinpoche explains that enlightenment occurs when we realize or glimpse our true nature. The light of this true nature bursts forth, shatters the walls of the ordinary mind, and merges with the greater light and truth beyond. In moving beyond your own unwanted tendencies to hurt and be negative (the ordinary mind), you then are able to connect with and serve others. And this is a root of happiness.

Letting Go, Moving On

Letting Go, Moving On

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