Physical Preparation

Rinpoche likens the posture in meditation to a mountain. A mountain is dignified, profoundly stable, and secure. It is always the same, despite the winds, rain, snow, clouds, or darkness that buffet or surround it. At the peak, the mountain commands an expansive view that compassionately sees into the hearts of all people who are suffering and want to be happy.4 The back is straight—you might imagine the spine filled with light. The chest and shoulders hold a poised, yet tensionless posture. I think of Sarah Brightman in concert. Originally trained as a dancer, she at times holds her hands together in front of her body with a dignified grace that is poised, yet relaxed.

The eyes are closed so that visual stimuli do not interfere with the peaceful experience. The hands rest in the lap. Some like to comfortably cover their knees with their hands. Others prefer to rest them palms down in the lap. I prefer to rest them palms up in the lap; any choice is appropriate. The attitude is one of gentle amusement, brightness, humility, and self-esteem, which arises from the awareness that we all have a true happy nature.

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