Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D. and Melissa Hallmark Kerr, Ph.D.

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Schiraldi, Glenn R., 1947-

The anger management sourcebook / Glenn R. Schiraldi & Melissa Hallmark Kerr.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-7373-0591-6

1. Anger. I. Kerr, Melissa Hallmark. II. Title. BF575.A5 S35 2002

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ISBN 0-7373-0591-6

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This book is intended to provide accurate and authoritative information and teach skills that will benefit a wide range of people. However, it is not a substitute for competent professional help, when such help is needed. We suggest that readers consult a qualified and experienced mental health professional for spousal or child abuse or other forms of violence; for clinical depression, anxiety, or other forms of mental illness; or for continuing relationship difficulties that do not resolve despite their best efforts.


Acknowledgments vii

Introduction ix

Part I: Understanding Anger 1

1 About Anger 3

2 The Principles of Anger Management 39

Part II: Anger Management Skills 53

3 Cooling Down 55

4 Calm Thinking 67

5 Self-Esteem 99

6 Meditation 109

7 Variations on Meditation 119

8 Hot Buttons: Healing Hidden Wounds from the Past 129

9 Maintaining Equilibrium 139

10 Peace Within 161

11 Reducing Hostility 169

12 Forgiving 181

13 Interpersonal Skills 193

14 Innovative Approaches 211

15 Special Situations: Road Rage, Criticism, and

Other Vexations 225

16 Caring for the Soul 241

17 Anticipating Angry Situations 249

Epilogue 263

Appendix A: Dietary Guidelines 265

Appendix B: Resources 267 Appendix C: Stress, Anger, and Cardiovascular

Disease: A Comprehensive Model 277 Appendix D: Coping with Terrorism and Other

Traumatic Events 285

Notes 291

Glossary 305

Bibliography 309

About the Authors 315

Index 317

The Secrets Of Anger Management

The Secrets Of Anger Management

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