What Is Meditating Like

Recall a time that was very pleasant. Perhaps you think of a sunset on the ocean. Perhaps you think of holding a sleeping child or a loved one. What such moments have in common is that you were pleasantly absorbed in the moment, peacefully aware. Your attention was not pulled away or distracted by worries.

Tibetan masters teach that when water in a glass is agitated, it is not clear. As the water settles, it becomes clear. Meditation allows the mind to settle, see clearly, and pleasantly dance or play with whatever arises.

Meditation only requires a quiet place to practice, a comfortably alert posture, a point on which to focus concentration (be it the breath, a calming word, or a prayer), and a passive attitude that pleasantly accepts whatever happens. Although there are many ways to meditate, the techniques are not the same as the experience. That is, the various methods can all help us to feel a peaceful, settled clarity and a greater sense of security.

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