Candida Infection In Atopic Dermatitis

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More than 50 different Candida species have been characterized and many of these species can be isolated from human sources but only a few are dominant. Candida can be isolated from normal skin but is more frequently present in the gastrointestinal tract and on mucous membranes. Candida colonisation does not imply illness; Candida is present in up to 65% of asymptomatic individuals.35 Skin diseases like immune deficiency, diabetes mellitus, hormonal dysfunction, and the use of drugs like oral antibiotics and cortico-steroids predispose to infections with Candida yeasts.

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Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections

Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections

If you have ever had to put up with the misery of having a yeast infection, you will undoubtedly know just how much of a ‘bummer’ it is.

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