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Teach Your Baby To Swim

Water-related deaths are one of the leading causes of deaths in infants. You will learn the ten steps that help your baby be safe around the water. You will not only learn how to keep your baby safe around the water, you will also learn how to make sure that your baby knows what to do in and around the water. It is not hard at all to teach your baby how to swim. The earlier that a child learns how to swim the easier life will be for them, and safer they will be when they get older. This 2-DVD course will teach your baby how to swim without hassle or worry. You will be able to start your baby on a healthy and active lifestyle, and make sure that your child will remain healthy through the natural cardio that swimming provides.

Teach Your Baby To Swim Summary

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Communicating with Your Baby

READING YOUR BABY'S CUES Babies can express their feelings and needs in many ways. Learning to read your baby is very important, especially for parents who want to respond to their baby's needs appropriately. Crying is a major source of communication that the newborn baby has. So in one way, it's a very healthy sign that your baby can cry and let you know that he needs you. The bond between the parent and baby may be deepened if parents are sensitive to their baby's cries, gestures, and behavior in general. I feel that it is very important to learn to listen to your children. Yon can learn to listen to your baby even at its very early age. Listening means focusing your attention, not in a worried way, but in an observing manner. You want to learn what your baby wants and needs. You can read books and articles but the main way you will learn about your baby is to be observant in a meaningful way. That means spending time looking and listening to your baby, not just feeding and cleaning...

Responding to Your Babys Cry A Few Specific Suggestions

There are a variety of ways yon may want to respond to your baby's cry. Babies are different in their response to different interventions by parents. Through practice, you will learn about your baby's response to different kinds of treatments at home. It's best if you don't exhaust yourself. Your baby may be fatigued also. Just remember that babies usually grow out of this crying period after the first three months. And you shouldn't blame yourself, or feel guilty, if your baby has any of these crying characteristics. You should be better able to understand your baby's cries after some careful listening and more experience.

Choosing1 a Doctor for Your Baby

Much depends, first of all, on whether there are two or more doctors in your community, or in your health rnanagpTTipnt organization, to give you a choicp. Tf not, and if you find you're dissatisfied, you've got to screw up your courage and have a frank talk. In many such situations, the frank talk solves the difficulties well enough to make a go of the relationship. One thing to remember is that you and your baby's doctor aren't the first to have difficulty understanding and working with each other. Also, frankness in discussion of such difficulties may create, in the end, a better than average doctor-parent relationship. How do you start looking for a doctor for your baby If there is only a family doctor in the community, he will probably deliver the baby and then become its doctor. If there is one doctor who specializes in obstetrics and another who is a family doctor or a pediatrician, there is no choice. However, if there are several physicians who practice pediatrics or family...

The Arrival of the New Baby

Caring for a new baby is not all that different from caring for a one-, two-, or three-month old with two big exceptions. By two or three months the parents will have overcome a lot of the painful insecurity that comes from inexperience. And by three months the fret fulness and colic that so many babies show at first will have decreased a lot or disappeared. It's been a tradition of baby care that you look for an open safety pin when a baby is screaming, especially back in the clays when all babies wore cloth diapers attached with pins. But in all the years that I was in practice, I never saw such an accident or heard of an actual case. It's easy to check though. In suggesting certain compromises like these I don't mean to be arbitrary I'm only trying to keep the mother from getting exhausted. You can breast-feed almost continuously if that suits you and your baby is nursing well, seems content, and is gaining weight. If you decide to use a formula, you can offer a bottle as often as...

Preparing Sibling for the New Baby

If there are older children in the family It Is wise to prepare them for the new arrival as well as this can be done. That's fairly easy in the case of a child three years or older by talking about the birth of a new baby sister or brother. Some parents can't wait to announce the pregnancy as soon as it is confirmed. Other parents prefer to wait a few months to be certain that there aren't any problems with the pregnancy. You might have the child help in planning any reairangement of the house, furniture, or clothing months ahead of time, things such as turning over the crib or part of the bureau to the baby and passing down baby clothes or baby playthings. The parents should try not to speak as if they are about to take possessions away from the child, but to offer suggestions about how the child can help and please the baby. There are many fine children's books available in a library or bookstore that help children with the arrival of a new baby

Enjoy Your Baby

The main thing to remember is to enjoy your baby. All of the cooing, grunting, pre-verbal sounds, and other means of communication are wonderful ways to enjoy your baby. You can easily instill in her a sense of self-enjoyment by showing your own enjoyment at all that she does. A baby will get the sense that she is worth noticing and is loved. She will feel good about herself and gain self-confidence even at this early age, if you give her the response that she needs. Just being there for her is the first and best response. The more you are with her, the more you will learn how to read out her signals and respond accordingly.

Crying Associated with Diaper Rash and Teething

Some babies with more sensitive skin will cry when they are wet, especially if they have a sore bottom or a rash. If you think that your baby's crying starts up when she is wet, the diaper may be changed as soon as the baby wets it. Even disposable diapers, although they are more absorbent than cloth diapers, should be changed to prevent skin irritation if you discover that your baby settles after a change. When fretfulness and crying are associated with drooling and biting, your baby is communicating signs of teething. The behaviors associated with the eruption of baby teeth may take place from the age of three or four months until two and one-half years of age. The baby will want to put tilings in his mouth his fist, his toys, or anything he can put his hands on.

Maternal responsiveness

Five, three-minute interactions were videotaped when infants were awake and alert. The same toys were used for each play session. Mothers were asked to 'play with your baby as you would normally at home'. The dyad engaged in the play session for a few minutes prior to filming, to help them feel at ease. Efforts were made to focus the video camera on the faces of mothers and babies during the interaction, while keeping the play activity in frame.

Arranging Help for

A father may be the ideal helper especially if he can get time off from his work. Fathers should be encouraged to take time away from work and be at home during the first week following the birth of a new baby. Bonding, an emotional attachment between a baby and parent, occurs with fathers as well as mothers. Some fathers have a knack for finding out quickly and easily how to be helpful. But others are slow to catch on. There may be another relative who's willing and able to pitch in.

Fun and Purpose in Pretending

Dramatic pretend play also offers avenues for learning in the emotional and social realms. It teaches children social skills more effectively than any kind of didactic instruction. Children also use pretend play to deal with things that bother them in their daily lives, whether they're feelings of jealousy over the arrival a new baby in the house or a conflict with a playmate. They may re-enact intense or scary experiences they've witnessed or experienced themselves. They can do this, for example, by pretending to be a doctor or a nurse working in a hospital or a policeman making an arrest in the neighborhood.

Which Solids in What Order

Baby foods in cans or jars are convenient to store and to warm up, and can be as nutritious as fresh cooked foods. But some manufacturers mix the fruit, vegetables, and meats with cereals. I think it is wiser to buy such foods separately so that you will know what you are serving and you will know if vegetables, fmits, and meats are diluted with cereals. For if a baby is getting plain cereals or puddings from some jars, cereals mixed with vegetables, fruits, and meats from others, the diet may be lopsidedly starchy. Read the fine print to learn what your baby is eating. It is often convenient to give the baby the same cooked vegetables and fruits, fresh or canned, that the rest of the family are eating. These foods should be strained so that prior to one year your baby can swallow the food with comfort and safety. You can shift gradually to lumpy vegetables and fmits after a year, whether fresh or canned or in junior food jars. Canned fruit for adults is often full of syrup which is...

Paying Attention to the Audience

Although you should be sensitive to the mood of the entire audience, you should not overreact to the reaction of any one individual. For instance, you might encounter an audience member whose countenance is so angry that it frightens you to the point of distraction. In such cases, it is best not to look directly at that person. Perhaps that person has had an awful day and the expression of anger is not for you, but for someone else. Other times, you might have an audience member who is going to fall asleep on you no matter how well you present. In such cases, let the person sleep and focus on the rest of the audience. Perhaps that person has a new baby, and for that person your presentation is going to be the only quiet hour of the day.

Skin The Purpose of the Surface

Eczema occurs most often on the face, wrists, elbows, and knees, but it is not limited to those areas. You're likely to discover it on your newborn baby or infant, although many children outgrow it before their second birthdays. If they do not, they are likely to be chronic sufferers with distinctive thickened brownish-gray skin where the outbreaks frequently occur.

Six to Sixteen Months Demanding and Walking

Got over the colic, but have become used to being walked and carried around until late at night. If you put the baby down, she Instantly wakes and demands to be walked. The guilty parent gives in and continues to carry the baby, worried that she may still be in pain. Tt's best not to heroine a slave to your baby's demands to be carried for hours before going to bed. You should put her in her own bed. Make sure she is comfortable then turn out the light and leave. The first night she will scream for thirty minutes, the second night ten to twelve minutes, then by the third night she will get used to the idea and go to sleep without crying. It's hard for parents to do, but it will work most of the time if the parents are firm.

Whats All the Swelling Akout

Edema is the uncomfortable swelling, or retention of water, that occurs primarily in your feet, ankles, and hands during pregnancy. As long as there's no increase in blood pressure or protein in the urine, edema is normal and unfortunately tends to get worse in the last trimester. However, there is no need to panic most of this bothersome fluid will be lost during and shortly after your baby's delivery.

Yesr MomstoBe Can Lift Weights

Being pregnant doesn't necessarily mean passing up the weight room. In fact, some light weight training might cut back on some of the back and shoulder pain associated with enlarged breasts, extra weight, and a growing uterus. It might also reduce the leg cramps and neck strain that some women experience toward the last trimester. Personally, my favorite benefit from prenatal lifting is that your muscles will be primed for the baby aftermathThat is, you'll be ready to lug around your pocket-book, diaper bag, and stroller on one arm, while carrying your baby on the other. To this day, I still amaze my sister Debra with the amount of equipment I can juggle with just two arms

Your Very First Food Decision Breast Milk or Formula

Most pediatricians and nutritionists across the board agree that breast milk is the food of choice for growing babies. First, nursing is a beautiful mother-baby bonding experience, and it's economically savvy. In other words, it's cheap But most importantly, breast milk has the capability to protect your baby from several infections because it is believed to carry immunities (protective substances) from mother to infant. Colostrum, the yellowish pre-milk substance secreted in the first few days after delivery, might carry even more antibodies plus it's loaded with protein and zinc.

Call Your Doctor Or Midwife

Fetal monitoring involves recording your baby's heart rate using an ultrasound device. Changes in heart rate may indicate that the baby's oxygen supply from the placenta is reduced. Monitoring is usually carried out during labour but may also be done during pregnancy if problems are suspected. During labour, changes in the baby's heart rate in response to your contractions indicate how well your baby is coping with labour. produce about 1 litre (2 pints) of milk per day. Problems soon after childbirth are often associated with establishing breast-feeding. However, these problems are usually shortlived. In most cases, breast-feeding is still possible and is the best option for the baby (see Feeding your baby, below).

Distribution and Incidence

Neonatal tetanus occurs when C. tetani enters the body as a result of a dirty dressing or poor care of the umbilicus. Where the disease is common, the umbilicus is often cut with an unclean instrument such as a knife, razor, sickle, or piece of sharpened rock or bamboo. Often the umbilicus stump is covered with ashes, charcoal powder, cow dung poultices, ghee, powdered pepper, snail saliva, turmeric, or other contaminated substances, and is dressed with leaves or dirty rags, or is left exposed. Rural tribes might blame evil spirits for the disease, but efforts to keep spirits away from a new baby often increase unhygienic postnatal procedures. Observers have found the disease to be more common among male newborns than among females, although this reported difference may reflect greater parental concern for the health of sons than daughters in some cultures. There is a question of whether race affects the frequency of neonatal tetanus, but unclean habits and living conditions of...

Parents Biggest Newborn Concerns

CONCERN My baby's, umbilical stump is pretty red and scary looking. Is it infected The umbilical stump forms when the cord, that connected your placenta and your baby in the womb, was cut at the time of birth. It takes from one to three weeks for the stump to heal and fall off. At times, you might see a small discharge as the stump heals. Occasionally, a pink area will develop over the baby's skin that is irritated by the cord. These are normal findings. You don't have to be concerned. If you notice that the skin around the cord is bright red, smell a harsh odor around the cord, or see a thick discharge of fluid, contact your baby's doctor. These are signs of an infection which needs prompt medical attention. Most babies will not develop an infection of the umbilical stump if the area is kept clean and dry. Some doctors recommend the use of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab twice each day until the cord heals. When bathing the baby during the healing process, do not let the bath water...

Reasons for Problems with Grief Resolution

I now remember certain things about my childhood. I was five and playing with my marbles on my bed. My baby brother Matt was there with me. The marbles were great colors, and had been a gift from my uncle who had come to visit that day. All of a sudden dad grabbed Matt off the bed and ran from the house. Now I remember the scene. I know that he died because he swallowed one of the marbles. I realize that I have lived with shame and guilt all these years. (45-year-old Vietnam Veteran presenting for symptoms of PTSD 20 years later)

Commonest Allergenic Essential Oils and Components

Photosensitivity and phototoxicity occurs with some allergens such as musk ambrette and 6-methyl coumarin that are now removed from skin care products. Children were often found to be sensitive to Peru balsam, probably due to the use of baby-care products containing this (e.g., talcum powder used on nappy rash).

Determined Digestion What Goes Down Can Stay Down

The most common form of vomiting is known in oriental terms as a deficient cold stomach. This is reflected in your baby's characteristics, such as vomiting back milk that he or she has just swallowed. It looks just like milk and usually has no change in color or odor. Your baby's hands and feet are usually cold, face is pale, and there often is a visible blue vein at the bridge of the nose. Your baby is usually less energetic than you might think and is uncomfortable if you put any pressure on his or her abdomen. All the pediatric conditions mentioned in this chapter weigh heavily on parents' minds as they do their best to care for the new life they've been blessed with. Oriental Medicine has been assisting parents for centuries in these common, but frustrating ailments. I will stress here again to work in concert with the other health care professionals that care for your child. Using the best and safest options is what everyone wants for your baby. Next we will look at the treatment...

Call Your Doctor

Changes in circumstances, such as a new baby in the family or starting school, may make a child anxious and delay toilet training. Children whose parents were late to learn may also be later in learning reliable control. Unless there is a physical problem, toilet training occurs naturally, and the process cannot be speeded up by pressure from parents. Consult this chart if you are concerned about your child's ability to control his or her bladder or bowels.

Colic Massage Rub a Dub

Place your thumbs beside your baby's navel, slowly and gently stretch the abdomen by moving your thumbs to the outside. Only a slight amount of pressure is needed to help your baby's digestion. Repeat 2-3 times. After completing a few circles as in the previous figure, move your baby's knees to his or her chest and hold for 15-30 seconds. Straighten out your baby's legs and massage them. Repeat this entire cycle two to three times daily for best results. Smile while you massage your baby will love it

Hypertonic Baby

A hypertonic baby very Jumpy and doesn't relax well. This baby is bothered by sudden movements, loud noises, and sometimes is very uncomfortable in a tub bath. She may also have symptoms of colic or periodic Irritable crying. If you suspect your baby is a hypertonic one, then she may be comforted by swaddling her in a receiving blanket. She will enjoy a sponge bath more than a tub hath. And you will want to keep the noise down. And have few visitors and the least amount of sudden movement for her.


Danger signs Call an ambulance if your baby has a fever accompanied by any of the following symptoms SELF-HELP Taking your baby's temperature To take your baby's temperature using a standard thermometer, place the bulbous end in the armpit. Alternatively, you can use an aural thermometer, which you place in the baby's ear (see Taking your child's temperature, p.76). You must never place a glass thermometer in a baby's mouth. Thermometer in armpit Is your baby's breathing abnormally fast (see Checking your child's breathing rate, p.110)

Start Here

Does your baby have any of the following action Your doctor will examine your baby and check whether he or she is dehydrated. Your doctor may also give you advice on preventing dehydration in babies (opposite) and treating gastroenteritis in babies (p.57). To prevent future attacks, follow the advice for preventing gastroenteritis (p.56). If your baby is bottle fed, have you added sugar to the feeds Have you recently introduced fruit juice into your baby's diet or increased the amount of fruit juice you give to your baby action Always dilute orange juice for babies, or use drinks designed for babies, making sure that you follow the instructions on the label. Sugary drinks and foods do not contribute to your baby's nutrition and are best avoided because they can lead to tooth decay. possible causes Your baby's diarrhoea may be due to your drugs or the spicy food passing into your breast milk and affecting your baby. action If you are taking over-the-counter drugs, stop. If you are on...

Is the Baby Sick

Usually a baby can become very irritable just before coming down with a cold or an infection of some kind. You can take the baby's temperature, and if there is a fever, then report this to your doctor. The baby may have a ninny nose, a cough, loose bowel movements, vomiting, or other symptoms. This crying is different since it has these other symptoms to go along with it. You should watch your baby closely for any changes in the stools, or changes In temperature, or changes in eating habits. You should report all of these symptoms to your doctor, who will advise you as to how to take care of your baby. The best way to satisfy your baby's sucking needs is to provide a long enough feeding time to satisfy not only hunger, but also the need to suck. Breast-feeding usually takes care of this problem if the baby is allowed to nurse until he is satisfied. Usually twenty minutes is enough time to satisfy both hunger as well as sucking needs. If you bottle-feed, make sure the holes in the...


For example, most babies make gmnting sounds occasionally. These are squeaks or throat-clearing sounds. She may be listening to her own sound and enjoying it. She may be imitating your voice. She may be grunting with pleasure. At another time her grunts may be with stomach pain or a wet diaper. I think in this case you would want to see how your baby is in general not just go by the grunt alone. She will have an expression on her face which also should give you a clue. And she may gnint in her sleep, as if she were dreaming or she may happily grunt when she is awake and anticipates being fed. Each time would mean a different response from you, depending on the circumstance. At about two months of age, she will develop a

Part Three Overview

Two main puzzles are associated with the evaluation of stress. First, life's misfortunes, from minor snubs to major tragedies such as the death of a loved one, are obvious causes of stress. But research evidence shows that seemingly positive events, such as marriage, a shift to a better job, a new baby, and so on, also can act as stressors. Indeed, the process of change in and of itself appears to induce stress. Second, the perception of stress varies markedly from one person to the next, based on temperament and genetic predisposition. Some thrive on situations that, in other people, cause serious emotional problems or paralysis of will.

The Parents Response

Most parents are thrilled when their babies begin giving signs of being more grown-up. After weeks of mostly sleeping and eating, your baby will begin making sounds ancl gestures that may Indicate the baby's disposition. main thing is to give attention in a loving and kind manner, rather than focusing on how to analyze every squirm. The analysis of every signal is less important. The fact that you are there and that you are eager and excited about your baby's behavior, and you show it in your expressions and tone of voire, is more important. If you are too worried about how to figure out every grunt or gesture, your worry will overshadow your warmth, tenderness, kindness, and excitement. Your enthusiasm to any response will be more valuable than the exact what exactly did you mean by that '' Babies can go from being happy one minute to crying the next. And they can stop crying and be happy again just as quickly. Their moods can vary from one moment to the next. It's good to know that...

In This Chapter

They can melt away the day's tension and put a smile on the sourest of pusses. When you dreamed of having your baby your visions probably included baby giggles or gazing lovingly at your toddler sleeping peacefully in your arms. You'll discover that many of the techniques available can be done by you, the parents. Your acu-pro can guide and advise, but it's up to you to take action. These conditions can be frustrating to a parent who is already worn out, but the rewards of helping to heal your baby are endless. As you hold your child in one hand, use the other to turn the page and learn the power of your own healing hands. Lying down for a well-deserved sleep is just hopeful wishing if your baby is suffering from colic. Very common with infants, colic officially affects over 20 percent of all babies, although the numbers are thought to be much greater. Colic pertains to the colon (intestine), and the old word for it was the gripe, usually pronounced grip....

Get the Point

Acupuncture and herbs can be very effective in persistent diarrhea, because the symptoms, as well as the underlying Oriental Medical conditions, are treated. Dehydration can cause serious complications if left untreated. Seeking assistance can help your child's overall health improve. Acu-pros perform pediatric acupuncture using a gentle stimulation of acu-points mostly on the abdomen and legs. Each practitioner has his or her own techniques and will be sensitive to the fact that your baby is uncomfortable and will not hold still for prolonged procedures. Your baby will relax just as you would following a treatment and the relief will be shared by you both.

Oh My Aching Heart

Contrary to the name, heartburn is actually a burning sensation in your lower esophagus that is usually accompanied by a sour taste. Although this dreadful feeling can happen at any time during your pregnancy, it's most common toward the last few months, when your baby is rapidly growing and exerting pressure on your stomach and uterus. What's more, during pregnancy, the valve between your stomach and esophagus can become relaxed, making it easy for the food to occasionally reverse directions.


Eating a balanced and varied diet will provide you and your baby with the 40 or so nutrients important for good health. Pay extra attention to folate, iron, calcium, and protein and take good care of yourself by monitoring your weight gain and being physically active. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, so enjoy

Toilet Training1

Dren because they had such firm ideas about health and discipline. They believed that regularity of movements was the very foundation of health and that the habit of regularity should be established as early as possible in the first year by early toilet training. They prescribed supporting the baby on the potty at the same time of day every day. One Central Park mother would boast, My baby hasn't had a dirty diaper since the age of six months. Another mother would counter, Well, my baby has been clean since four months.

Informed Consent

The amount and accuracy element of informed consent can also apply to the limits of the testing being offered. The importance of this is illustrated by prenatal testing counseling situations. We have all encountered patients who do not understand the limitations of the testing or who are not aware of the general population risk for problems in children. A good example is the frequently heard This means my baby is normal, when a patient receives normal amniocentesis results.


You mean the consent form for the laboratory What they mean by experimentation doesn't have anything to do with you, or your husband or your baby's body. It's about using the leftover amniotic fluid to check for other chromosome patterns, to compare it with other fluid, instead of just looking at it for a diagnosis for you. That's the way they find out about general patterns, by comparing lots of leftover fluid. It won't even have your names attached, just a number when they use it for experiments, if you give them Marcya Oh, and another thing. Now, before you go, there's one thing I really must tell you. When I went to counseling last year, it was a nice lady that counseled me, and the figure was one half. On the desk, she wrote that figure. It's a fifty-fifty chance the test will harm my baby. first time, I was very young, 15, 16 when I had my baby. I talked with my mother, she really wanted me to have the tests, I wanted it too, she had such a cross to bear. God gave it to her, but...

The Unexpected Baby

She was tiny, but she was great, like she was just the cutest thing. And then my husband came in, and he looked weird and immediately he said, The baby, something's wrong. And all I could think of was that she's blind, I guess that was probably the worst thing I could ever have imagined. But the doctor had just called him and told him that Rose was mongoloid. It took a half hour to get it out of him, like he couldn't finish telling me the story, and then the doctor came and said, What your husband just told you is right. He was, like, very down on the whole thing, very negative. He said, The only blessing is they don't tend to live very long. So he thought it would be a good thing if our new baby would die. What more can I say (Flora Taglitone, white homemaker, mother of a 6-year-old with Down syndrome) While the immediacy of adoption information is shocking to most parents coping simultaneously with both a new baby and news of its serious problems, hospital social workers are also...

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