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Halitosis affects about 50 of all adults. Fortunately, in only a small percentage does the problem persist the entire day. Most individuals with halitosis are told by others that they have bad breath, although they themselves may be unaware of the problem. In some cases, the odor in the mouth is so objectionable that it can compromise the patient's social and professional life. The source of bad breath is in the oral cavity in 90 of cases the other 10 have disorders in the nasal passages or lungs or a systemic disease. It is questionable whether the gastrointestinal tract is a source of halitosis. It is believed that halitosis is caused by volatile sulfur and other compounds exhaled into the air during speech and respiration. These compounds are produced by putrefactive, gramnegative anaerobic bacteria colonizing on the posterior dorsum of the tongue, in periodontal pockets, and around some dental restorations and prostheses. The volatile sulfur compounds are generated by the...

Keratocysts odontogenic keratocysts

Periodontal space of an adjacent tooth. It is important to realise that, unless infected, these sometimes very large lesions are painless and do not exert sufficient pressure on vital structures such as the inferior dental nerve to cause anaesthesia of the lip and chin. When infected, however, they can become very painful, cause anaesthesia and may discharge into the mouth, with consequent bad taste and bad breath as additional clinical features.

Essential Oils Used In Treating Diseases In Animals

Bad breath as a result of gum disease and bacterial buildup on the teeth of pets can be treated by brushing their teeth with a mixture of a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, 1 drop of clove oil and 1 drop of aniseed oil. Lavender, myrrh, and clove oils can also be directly applied to their gums.

Angular Cheilitis Early Hiv Symptom

Stages Infection

Alteration of taste, gingival pain, malaise, fever, and halitosis. As the disease progresses, a whitish pseudomembrane develops along the gingival margins, with ulceration and blunting of the interdental papillae. Acute necrotizing gingivitis, pictured in Figure 12-57, may be an early feature of HIV infection.

Constipation Ready Set No Go

Constipation is a frequent GI complaint, especially among women, children, and those over age 65. Again, we don't talk about it, but it can lead to various maladies, including bad breath, body odor, depression, headaches, hemorrhoids, indigestion, insomnia, gas, and fatigue.

Dental disease

Dental disease is the most common disease affecting pet dogs and cats. It is so widespread that it could be thought of as an epidemic. Pet owners can easily identify the signs associated with dental disease, especially bad breath, but often do not link these signs with dental disease. tartar (dental calculus) and also gives rise to halitosis (oral mal-odour). Tartar formation, by providing a rough surface encourages further plaque deposition. The toxins from the bacteria in plaque, aided by the irritation caused by tartar, result in gingivitis (sore, red, inflamed gums that bleed). This is the beginning of periodontal disease and if this disease progresses periodontitis results, in which the supporting structure of the tooth (the periodontal ligament) is damaged and ultimately destroyed, leading to loosening, and finally loss, of the teeth. Life-stage diets are now available that help to avoid the occurrence or recurrence of periodontal disease, by wiping away accumulated plaque and...


Signs and symptoms of most nasal and sinus disorders include nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, bleeding, facial pressure, halitosis or pain, headache, cough, otalgia, facial or periorbital swelling, altered (diminished, absent, or distorted) sense of smell, or postnasal drainage. Initial evaluation of the patient with nasal complaints begins with a complete history, with specific questions directed at the timing and chronicity of the symptoms and modifying factors. The patient should be questioned specifically about previous nasal trauma.


Tissue adjacent to the affected tooth and this can lead to trismus and difficulty in swallowing. The patient may be generally unwell, with lymphadenitis and pyrexia. There will often be marked halitosis. On occasion, pus associated with an impacted lower wisdom tooth will track buccally forwards above the buccinator attachment forming a sinus in the region of the first permanent molar. This may lead to some confusion as to the source of the infection and can lead to unnecessary removal of the first permanent molar. This condition is referred to as a migratory abscess. Pericoronitis can also be associated with acute ulcerative gingivitis causing marked halitosis and gingival sloughing and ulceration. Spread of infection can occur in various directions (Table 27.4), including laterally into cheek, or distobuccally under the masseter muscle to give rise to a submasseteric abscess characterised by profound trismus. It can also spread to the sublingual or submandibular region and also into...

The pharynx

Patients often complain of white or yellow lesions on their tonsils. These are foul tasting and may be associated with halitosis. Examination shows numerous white granules occupying the tonsillar crypts these are often diagnosed incorrectly as food debris. In fact, the most frequent cause of this is actinomycotic colonies within the tonsillar crypts. Actinomycetes are normal oral commensals but in some patients they 'overgrow' and form so-called 'sulphur' granules within the tonsillar crypts. Patients often use antiseptic mouthwashes to try and cure the problem, but this may well be the cause rather than the cure Treatment includes reassurance and the avoidance of antiseptic mouthwashes. Some patients, however, are significantly debilitated by this problem and this may be seen as a rare indication for tonsillectomy.

Inspect the Tongue

Fissured Leukoplakia

A geographic tongue is a benign condition in which the dorsum of the tongue has smooth, localized red areas, denuded of filiform papillae, surrounded by well-defined, raised yellowish-white margins and normal filiform papillae. These areas together give the tongue a maplike appearance. The appearance of the tongue gradually changes as the depapillated areas heal and new areas of depapillation occur. A black hairy tongue is another benign condition in which the filiform papillae on the dorsum of the tongue are greatly elongated these enlarged, ''hairy'' papillae become pigmented with a brownish black color caused by staining from food or tobacco or proliferating chromogenic microorganisms. This condition, more commonly seen in men, may be a sequela to antibiotic therapy. A scrotal, or fissured, tongue is another normal variant approximately 5 of the population has fissures in the tongue. The fissures first develop in late childhood and become deeper with age. The fissure pattern is...


The diagnosis of sinusitis is initially clinical. Imaging and cultures are not initially indicated (Reider, 2003). In 1996 the Task Force on Rhinosinusitis sponsored by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery developed diagnostic criteria for sinusitis. The signs and symptoms of sinusitis are divided into major and minor. Major signs and symptoms include facial pain and pressure, nasal congestion and obstruction, nasal discharge, discolored posterior discharge, anosmia or hyposmia, fever (acute only), and purulence on intranasal examination. Minor signs and symptoms include headache, otalgia or ear pressure, halitosis, dental pain, cough, fever (nonacute), and in children, fatigue and irritability. The diagnosis of sinusitis is probable if the patient has two or more major factors or one major and two or more minor factors. A suggestive history is indicated by the presence of one major factor or two minor factors.

How To Cure Bad Breath

How To Cure Bad Breath

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