Age Gender and Epidemiology

The onset of DLB is usually seen between ages 50 and 80 with a mean age of onset of 72 (Byrne et al., 1989). In neuropathologically confirmed case series, DLB is about 50 percent more common in males than females (Jellinger, 1996). The prevalence and incidence of DLB in the general population have not yet been determined. DLB accounts for approximately 20 percent of dementia cases referred for autopsy, and this number approximates those reported from clinical settings (Jellinger, 1996).

Genetic factors may play a role in some patients with DLB. A few kindreds with DLB have been described (Galvin et al., 2002; Tsuang et al., 2002). Symptomatic and neuropathological variability has been noted both within and between families. The apolipoprotein E E4 allele frequency is increased in patients with DLB (Benjamin et al., 1994).

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