Animal Models

The field of schizophrenia has only been marginally impacted by the study of animal models due to the lack of our understanding of the causes and mechanisms of the disease. In addition, since schizophrenia is largely a disease of higher cognitive functioning, it is difficult to conceive that schizophrenia can be simulated in an animal of lower phylogenetic origin than primates.

While some of the proposed paradigms are not themselves models of schizophrenia, they are nonetheless valuable tools to measure precise aspects of impaired cognition or behavior, including sensory gating and attention deficits, in pharmacological, surgical, genetic, and other models of schizophrenia. They are also useful for the development of new antipsychotic medications. The following will be a brief overview of these psychophysiological construct models, as well as animal models that have been used in the study of schizophrenia etiology, pathology, neurochemistry, and genetics.

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