Future Of Neuropeptides In Biological Psychiatry 627 And Emotional Psychopharmacology Goals And Strategies

Jaak Panksepp and Jaanus Harro

Introduction 627

Neuropeptide Medicines: Still Waiting in the Wings 630

Emotional Foundations of Psychiatric Disorders 632

Neuropeptides in Psychiatric Disorders 634 Affective Foundations of Psychiatric Disorders and the Neurochemical 636

Coding of Emotions

Two Childhood Disorders: Debatable Examples of Neuropeptide and 645

Neurobehavioral Approaches

Neurotrophins and Psychiatric Disorders 647

Conclusions 649

References 651

Appendix A pharmacodynamics and 661


Jaanus Harro

Introduction 661

Pharmacodynamics: What Can the Drug Do to the Body? 662

Pharmacokinetics: What Can Happen to a Drug in the Body? 670

Drug interactions, Tolerance, and Dependence 678

For Further Reading 680


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