General Changes in Cognitive Functioning

Early studies of age-related cognitive changes were quite pessimistic in that they demonstrated pervasive declines of cognitive functioning over the age span. These were typically cross-sectional group studies that suffered from two defects: (1) they

'In the Nun Study, a group of elderly American Roman Catholic nuns is being studied longitudinally in an attempt to discover factors that modify risk of developing AD and other neurological conditions. Detailed archival personal information gathered throughout the life of each study participant, data from yearly examinations, and neuropathological data from postmortem examinations are being synthesized.

confused cohort-education effects with developmental effects and (2) they did not control for the higher rate of serious illness, including dementing illnesses, in elderly populations, which impacted cognitive functioning. More recent studies continue to document cognitive declines with aging, especially in persons who are 75 years or older, but the changes are considerably more delimited than initially thought.

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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