Lesions To The Right Convexity

The right hemisphere is conventionally said to be specialized for spatial cognition (De Renzi, 1982). Where damage to association cortex in the left hemisphere produces disorders of various aspects of language, damage to the equivalent parts of the right hemisphere produces disorders of a range of spatial, or visuo-spatial, abilities. These patients cannot draw a bicycle without misaligning the component parts; they cannot copy a simple construction made with children's blocks; and they cannot learn the route from their bed to the toilet [for a detailed review see DeRenzi (1982) or for more general coverage see basic neuropsychology text]. However, some right-hemisphere functions do not sit easily under the heading of spatial cognition. This is readily apparent from the syndrome that most typically occurs with right parietal lobe damage. This pattern of signs and symptoms, often described as the right-hemisphere syndrome, has three cardinal components. One of the components comprises the unequivocally spatial deficits just described (such as constructional apraxia and topographical disorientation), but the two other components of the syndrome are more complex. These go by the names neglect (or hemispatial neglect, or hemineglect) and anosognosia.

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