I wish to express, on behalf of all the authors, our sincere thanks and gratitude to many individuals who have helped either directly or indirectly our efforts in the teaching of bedside clinical cardiology over the years and thereby made the publication of this work possible. First, our thanks go to all the patients who kindly volunteered their time for the purpose of medical education and teaching. I wish to express also my sincere thanks to all my colleagues in the cardiology division of St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto, with whom I worked from 1970 to 1988, my colleagues at St. Joseph's Health Centre since 1989, as well as the administration ofthe St. Joseph's Health Centre for their support of our educational programs and endeavors. A special thanks is also due to Mr. John Cooper and his family, whose kind donation toward the cardiology service at St. Joseph's Health Centre allowed the acquisition of a computer with a fast processor and modern video editing capabilities that eventually helped in the conversion of old technology to modern technology. We express our thanks also to Professor Emeritus Rashmi Desai ofthe Department of Physics at the University ofToronto and his colleague Dr. Katrin Rohlf of the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, for their input and comments.

We offer our profound gratitude and sincerest thanks most especially to Mr. Roger Harris, who is the head of the audiovisual department at St. Joseph's Health Centre, without whose ingenuity and dedicated and continuing assistance, the publication ofthis book and its companion CD would not have been possible. Most of the audiorecordings were originally made on a four-channel Cambridge magnetic disc recorder ofthe 1960s. In fact, we used to play these discs—even during our annual continuing medical education courses—using a storage oscilloscope and a television camera connected to large monitors for instant display of the waveforms. In 1989, after I joined St. Joseph's Health Centre, I had the good fortune to begin my association with Roger Harris. With his assistance and advice, the audiorecordings were initially converted to videorecordings. When reliable video editing programs with good and acceptable synchrony between the audio and the video tracks became available, Roger helped to digitize and archive these videorecordings. In addition, it is through his efforts we have made the successful transition to current technology, which enables display in the Windows media player on any up-to-date computer. Furthermore, his assistance has been invaluable for the production of all of the illustrations in the text as well as the production of the companion CD. Therefore, his enthusiasm for this project and many contributions are gratefully acknowledged and very much appreciated.

Finally, we express our sincere appreciation and thanks also to Mr. Balu Srinivasan for the professional assistance in the preparation of the CD.

Narasimhan Ranganathan, mbbs, frcp(c), facp, facc, faha

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