Six to Sixteen Months Demanding and Walking

Some babies develop a resistance to going to sleep unless they are walked. They may have started out as a colicky baby in the first three months, then gradually got over the colic, but have become used to being walked and carried around until late at night. If you put the baby down, she Instantly wakes and demands to be walked. The guilty parent gives in and continues to carry the baby, worried that she may still be in pain. Tt's best not to heroine a slave to your baby's demands to be carried for hours before going to bed. You should put her in her own bed. Make sure she is comfortable then turn out the light and leave. The first night she will scream for thirty minutes, the second night ten to twelve minutes, then by the third night she will get used to the idea and go to sleep without crying. It's hard for parents to do, but it will work most of the time if the parents are firm.

Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping

Everything You Need To Know About Baby Sleeping. Your baby is going to be sleeping a lot. During the first few months, your baby will sleep for most of theday. You may not get any real interaction, or reactions other than sleep and crying.

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