Dr Syed Imtiaz Haider

I take pride in acknowledging my heartiest sense of gratitude to Dr. Syed Imtiaz Haider, for not only granting me the opportunity to author this book with him but also for his sterling guidance, valuable support and inspiring encouragment.

I am indebted to my wife, Dr. Beena Asif, and wish to pay my special thanks for extending her best cooperation during the writing of this book, for providing me the finest possible atmosphere and demonstrating endurance during the lovely summer evenings that were spent compiling the book instead of sitting in the serenity of the living room and commenting on interesting television programs. Of course, my children, Rija Asif, Usman Syed Asif, and Umer Syed Asif, have no less importance in this regard. I would like to pay my sincerest thanks to A. Hashmi for compiling the pictures of equipment for the validation protocol templates. My colleague Dr. Syed Vakil Ahmed holds an equally significant role because of his encouragement and compassion while writing this book. They all remain deep-rooted in my heart for all time.

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