Cerebellar Nuclei

The cerebellar cortex of the vermis and the intermediate and lateral parts of each hemisphere are connected to different deep cerebellar nuclei. Each half of the cerebellum contains four distinct nuclei. The vermis projects to the fastigial nucleus, the intermediate part of the cerebellar hemisphere to the emboliform and globose nuclei, and the lateral part of the hemisphere to the dentate nucleus (see Figs. 17-2 (Figure Not Available) and 17-3 ). The fastigial nucleus is located most medially, followed by the emboliform and globose nucleus and, most laterally, the dentate nucleus. The Purkinje cells are the principal projections from the cerebellar cortex to the deep cerebellar nuclei. The cerebellar nuclei transmit the main output of the cerebellum. The efferents of the flocculonodular lobe (archicerebellum) project directly only to the vestibular nuclei in the brain stem, which are functionally analogous to the cerebellar nuclei.

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