Traumatic Disorders

Randolph W. Evans Jack E. Wilberger

Acute Head Injury Postconcussion Syndrome Cranial Neuropathies Post-traumatic Epilepsy Post-traumatic Movement Disorders Spinal Cord Injury Whiplash Injuries

Brachial and Lumbosacral Plexopathies

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Causalgia

Mountain Sickness

Decompression Sickness

Lightning and Electrical Injuries

Reviews and Selected Updates


Disorders due to head, spine, and peripheral nerve injuries are among the most commonly seen by neurologists. The impact of these injuries can be devastating for individuals and society, because injuries occurring in a fraction of time can result in death or lifelong impairments associated with chronic pain syndromes. Motor vehicle accidents continue to be a leading cause of neurological trauma despite efforts at primary prevention. Although some neurological injuries such as those due to gunshot and stab wounds reflect a violent society, others, like a lightning strike, are random and capricious. Basic and clinical neuroscience research is directed toward prevention and better treatment of traumatic neurological injury.


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