Conduction Apraxia

Patients with conduction apraxia show a greater impairment when imitating movements than when pantomiming to command. Because this constellation of signs was similar to those of the conduction aphasic who repeats poorly, Ochipa and colleagues termed this disorder conduction apraxia. y Patients with conduction apraxia can comprehend examiners' pantomimes and gestures but cannot perform the movements themselves. We, therefore, believe that patients' visual systems can access the movement representations (praxicons) and that these activated movement representations can activate semantics. It is possible that decoding a gesture requires accessing different movement representations than does programming an action. Therefore, according to Rothi and her co-workers, there may be two different stores of movement representations, an input praxicon and an output praxicon. y In the verbal domain a disconnection of the hypothetical input and output lexicons induces conduction aphasia, and in the praxis domain, a disconnection between the input and output praxicons could induce conduction apraxia. Whereas the lesions that induce conduction aphasia are usually in the supramarginal gyrus or Wernicke's area, the lesions that induce conduction apraxia are unknown.

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