Diffuse Autonomic Failure Pandysautonomia

Preganglionic autonomic failure central neurodegenerative diseases Multiple system atrophy (Shy-Drager syndrome) Parkinson's disease with autonomic failure

Ganglionic and postganglionic disorders-peripheral neurodegeneranve disorders Pure autonomic failure

Peripheral neuropathies and neuronopathies with autonomic failure

Acute and subacute (preganglionic and postganglionic)

Acute pandysautonomia

Guillain-Barre syndrome

Others (porphyna, toxins, drugs)

Chronic small-fiber (postganglionic) neuropathies )



Hereditary (familial dysautonomia, Fabry's disease

Subacute or chronic sensory and autonomic ganglionopathies


Sjogrens syndrome

Other peripheral neuropathies

Infections (human immunodeficiency virus)

Connextive tissue disease (systemix lupus erythematosus)

Metabolic-nutritional (alcohol, uremia, vitamin B. 2 deficiency)

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