Examination of Coordination and Ataxia

Directed Neurological Examination

Posture and Gait

Voluntary Motor Acts

Upper Limb Ataxia

Lower Limb Ataxia


Oculomotor System Other Cerebellar Signs Associated Neurological Findings Associated Medical Findings Evaluation Guidelines Clinical Syndromes

Truncal, Gait, and Stance Ataxia (Absence of Romberg's Sign)

Stance and Gait Ataxia (Presence of Romberg's Sign)

Unilateral Limb Ataxia

Truncal and Bilateral Limb Ataxia

Paroxysmal Ataxia

Cerebellar Speech

Cerebellar Oculomotor Signs

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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