Pathology Vessel Type

Necrotizing, small-medium muscular arteries

Fibrinoid necrosis with eosinophils; small-medium arteries, veins, capillaries

Leukocytoclastic vasculitis, postcapillary venules

Granulomas in organs, necrotizing arteritis

Perivenous, granulomas

Segmental granulomatous, external carotid, and aortic branches

Mononuclear perivascular cell, granulomas

Acute inflammatory giant cell; large arteries of aortic arch

Perivascular cell loss and demyelinization, perivascular plasma cells and lymphocytes

Arteritis of small and medium-sized arteries

Inflammation of retinal arteries and veins

Obliterative, noninflammatory arteries and arterioles

Fibrous vascular proliferation, rare inflammation

Proliferative thrombo-occlusive disease of skin and brain and small arteries and arterioles

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