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In this final chapter on the basic emotions, we have made two important shifts in the focus of our theoretical analysis. The first is from the consideration of negative emotions to the consideration of positive ones; the second is from an analysis of emotions related to the fate of specific goals to the consideration of an emotional state, which for the present purposes we have labelled Happiness, which reflects the goal status of the whole system. However, we do wish to emphasise, along with many philosophers and psychologists before us, that happiness as reflected in brief momentary states of joy and elation is distinct from happiness in the sense of a state of contentment of a life well lived. We can only complain that the same word is used in English to refer to these very different meanings.

Our analysis of happiness is intended to show how the whole of the SPAARS model of emotion can function over and above the workings of its constituent parts. Being happy does not preclude ever being sad, angry, disgusted, or afraid, and indeed if this were the case then you would have to question the status of such happiness (see the section on repressors).

In the next and final chapter we continue this attempt to draw together the constituent parts of the SPAARS approach and endeavour to give a sense of the whole and the implications of this account for the clinic and for future research.

Chapter 11

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