How many emotions are there and what is the nature of their relationship with each other

Are there a limited number of discrete emotions? Or are emotions merely points in a dimensional space characterised by dimensions such as pleasure-pain, positivenegative? William James argued famously on the subject of the emotions that: "If one should seek to name each particular one of them . . . it is plain that the limit to their number would lie in the introspective vocabulary of the seeker" (Principles of Psychology, 1890, p. 766). James' ideas are considered later in this chapter, and the issue he alludes to concerning the number of emotions is an important one. Perhaps of even greater import, though, is the relationship of different emotions to each other. Are all emotions equivalent or are some more basic or primitive than others? Are some emotions always violent while others are calm? Are some emotions negative while others are positive? How is it possible to feel more than one emotion at a time and for those emotions to sometimes be in conflict?

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