The Role and Structure of Mannose Binding Lectin

MBL is a multifunctional protein known to be exerting the following functions: i) initiation of the lectin pathway through the binding of carbohydrates; ii) opsonization of target structures; iii) modulation of inflammatory response; iv) promotion of apoptosis (Turner, 2003).

The initiation of the complement cascade is realized through the binding of the MBL lectin domains to sugar residues and the subsequent activation of the MASPs (Wong et al., 1999). Activated MASP-2 in turn activates C4 and C2, and from the cleavage products the classical pathway C3-convertase, the C4b2a protease complex is formed. MBL has been shown to bind to a variety of micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites (Neth et al., 2000; van Emmerik et al., 1994). Lectin pathway activation is especially important in early childhood in the window period when maternal antibodies are no longer found in the circulation and the self-

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