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Make-Up for Beginners: Learn Doing Make-Up like a Pro is an online course created by Lana Vallo. It helps individuals do their makeups in a professional way such that they are durable, last for long and enhance beauty. It transforms you into an expert that other people will turn to for help over and over. Subscribing to this program guarantees you more beautiful than ever before. The course was designed following an increasing demand for brand-neutral, timely, and professional advice on the skill of makeup. Enrolling to the course does not require any special tool or requirements. Nonetheless, once you are done with the sessions you will require professional makeup brushes and other necessary tools including a complete makeup kit. It will also be necessary that you find a model for putting into practice all the strategies covered by the video tutorials, especially if you aspire to do makeups for other individuals. This is a fantastic program with thousands of positive reviews. It will significantly improve your skills and make you an expert in the makeup industry. Payment is processed via ClickBank and the product has a 60-day warranty. Continue reading...

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Adornment and Beautification

Beautification and adornment are mutually inclusive terms that involve cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, body piercing, tattooing, and so forth. They are fueled by our subconscious drive to look attractive and feel good about ourselves. We also enjoy the attention we get from others when they notice our attractiveness (Boucher 1965), which explains the contemporary high demand for cosmetics by all classes of society. makeup found buried with the dead prove that these were indispensable funerary gifts (Kunzig 1999). So far, no one has found a sample of ancient Egyptian lipstick. However, the Louvre Museum in Paris indicated that Nefertiti had perhaps attempted painting her lips. Surprisingly, both men and women of the upper classes used ground ant's eggs to paint their eyelids. The dye from henna plants was used to color hair and fingernails and to adorn the palms and soles of feet. To freshen their breath ancient Egyptians chewed on natron, a naturally occurring sodium carbonate...

US Government agencies that regulate dietary supplements

The FDA is one of three government agencies with the authority to regulate the marketing of products we swallow. The U.S. Postal Service may police products marketed through the mail, and in recent times it has challenged the sale of products that promise cancer cures. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the authority to regulate the advertising of food, cosmetics, nonprescription products, and health-related services that are marketed across state lines.

Looking At Ethical Theories

Theoretical considerations are necessary if we are to act. Even the statement that we shall act without theoretical considerations is itself a theory of how to act. Likewise, principles or rules are inevitable. Even the decision to act without a rule or principle itself serves as a rule or principle. Thinking persons using the building stones of past theories and adapt them to their own needs, experience, and makeup. The relationship among theories, principles, and application can be seen to be an interactive one We derive our principles or rules of action from our (conscious or subconscious) views of ethics (ethical theory), and in turn we must use such principles when dealing with individual cases or problems by seeing such problems in their particular and peculiar contexts. In other words, we involve ourselves with such problems or cases and begin to care. While not allowing our feelings to dominate our decisions we allow our feelings about them to help us arrive at a decision. It...

The Role Of C3 In Shaping The Lymphocyte Repertoire

This repertoire of receptors is the result of the combined selection forces determined by the genetic makeup of the individual and environmental factors. The former sets the framework for selecting the clones with the potential of interacting with self cells without injuring them, the latter creates or deletes clones thereby forming an immunological imprint reflecting encounters with various antigens during the lifetime of the individual.

Conceptualizing the Therapeutic Process

In Discipline and Punish, Foucault (1977) focuses on the emergence of modern disciplinary technologies after 1757, when moral control comes to be the primary means of social control. He identifies hierarchical observation and normalizing judgment as central mechanisms of modern discipline. Hierarchical observation involves intensive unilateral scrutiny of a subordinate (e.g., patient) by a superior (e.g., psychiatrist) and provides the basis for normalizing judgment. Normalizing judgment entails evaluation of an individual's performance, behavior, characteristics, psychological makeup, etc. according to detailed standards of normality. Normalizing judgment aims not only at offenses or infractions, as in prior disciplinary modes, but at any failure to perform optimally. Foucault saw these modern disciplinary processes as central to psychiatric social control. The psychiatric patient, for example, is judged and learns to self-monitor not only for inappropriate behavior but also for...

Embryology And In Vitro Fertilization

Zygotes can be frozen and stored indefinitely, although 25-50 are lost in the process. Zygotes can be split to form two individuals (cloning), or two or more zygotes can be fused. These two possibilities have not yet been tried in humans. The genetic makeup of the zygote can be determined by preimplantation diagnosis where one cell is removed and the genetic material in this cell amplified through modern gene-amplifying techniques. Genetic engineering can be performed on the zygote.

Gotta Have More and More

Figure 5-4 Drugs change gene expression by signal transduction. An example of the complex process of signal transduction is shown in this diagram of part of a neuron containing a receptor embedded in the cell membrane. Near the center of the nerve cell body is the nucleus with its DNA chromosomes depicted as a double-stranded helix. The chromosomes contain the genes, some of which are activated at any given moment. On the top part of the neuron is a transmembrane receptor with a notch in the top. The transmembrane receptor is about to bind a neurotransmitter. When the neurotransmit-ter binds to the receptor, the receptor changes shape and activates a series of processes inside the cell referred to as a cascade, because it is a series of connected steps. The cascade activates other proteins, called transcription factors, which regulate gene expression. In other words, an activated transcription factor can turn on or shut off the expression of genes in the chromosomes. Because drugs can...

What To Ask If Youre Considering A Special School Or Centerbased Program

Walk through the school setting and imagine seeing it through your child's eyes. Is it free of distractions that may trigger an outburst from your child The environment should be positive, highly supportive, and conducive to meeting your child's specific needs. Will your child receive one-on-one treatment, group treatment, or a combination of both How is progress measured and how often Be sure there are standard assessments in place to measure your child's progress on a regular basis. What is the class size You'll want a small class with a teacher student ratio of no more than 1 3 so that your child can receive as much individual attention as possible. What is the makeup of the class Is it a general special needs class that's made up of children with various disorders, or is it exclusively a class for children on the autism spectrum If it is a general special needs class, make sure the teacher has experience and training in working with children with ASDs. If the school is exclusively...

As low as is reasonably practicable

Complex ALARP decisions involving high risks usually include the consideration of formal cost-benefit analysis (CBA), but ALARP decisions are never based on CBA alone. The inclusion of CBA means that when considering chemicals with no threshold, e.g. genotoxic carcinogens, their use in, say, cosmetics would be prohibited, but industrial exposures, under very strict controls, might still be tolerated.

Drug Use Changes the Activity of the Brain

It isn't surprising, given that drugs change the biochemical makeup of the brain and that drugs change the electrical and metabolic activity patterns in the brain. This was clearly shown by Dr. Linda Porrino and her colleagues who analyzed glucose utilization in monkeys after a few initial doses of cocaine and after many doses (chronic) of cocaine. Glucose utilization is relevant because the parts of the brain that use more glucose do so because they are more active and therefore need more energy. The brain slices shown in Figure 5-5 have dark regions showing where glucose utilization was high. Note that the area of high glucose utilization was enlarged in the slice from an animal treated chronically with cocaine compared to the slice from an animal with only an initial experience with the drug (see Figure 5-5). It is as though drugs take over more and more of the brain gradually, and their influence spreads. Figure 5-5 shows only one slice of brain but the study revealed that many...

The impact of research on patient care

10.26 The genetic makeup of an individual may determine how effective a particular medicine is and the risk of adverse side effects. Research in this area, known as pharmacogenetics, is accelerating as a result of the Human Genome Project. Genes affecting the metabolism of more than twenty drugs, including anti-cancer agents, have been identified.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Facing Your Pain

Which area is painful to you depends on which of the three nerve branches has become damaged. The pain is described by many as the most terrible pain known to humankind. This pain is on one side of your face and is experienced as short bursts of electrical shocks. The shocks may only last for a few seconds, but a series of attacks can repeat within a minute, making it difficult to do the simplest things. Often, a simple touch to one area of the face can trigger an attack. Eating, washing, shaving, and even applying makeup can be tricky propositions.

Methods And Measures Measuring Infant Mortality

Infant mortality is often subdivided into neonatal mortality (deaths to infants under 28 days) and postneonatal mortality (deaths during the remainder of the first year). By the last decade of the 20th century, about 65 of all infant deaths in the U.S. occurred during the first month of life, with the majority of the latter (about 80 ) occurring during the first week (National Center for Health Statistics 1996 Table 23). While there is reason to be interested in the timing of infant death, per se, researchers have also used this dichotomy to proxy cause of death structure. Specifically, neonatal mortality has been used to approximate deaths due to endogenous causes, i.e., conditions that are related to genetic makeup or that are a consequence of circumstances occurring during the prenatal period and or the birth process'' (Frisbie et al. 1992 535). Exogenous infant mortality is due to environmental or external causes, such as infections, accidents, etc. (Bogue 1969). Although the...

Problem Definition and Funding

Nationally, concerns about ''Big Brother'' have reemerged. As early as 1971 Joseph Fletcher observed of genetic research, ''Even though its medical aims were only to gain control over the basic 'stuff' of our human constitution it could no doubt also be turned into an instrument of power.'' (1971. Ethical Aspects of Genetic Controls Designed Genetic Changes in Man, New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 285, pp. 776-783). Insurance companies and employers potentially have the power to select or deselect their customers or employees based on their genetic makeup. Individuals potentially have the power to select the genetically ''best'' mate for themselves or for their relatives and to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term.

As low as reasonably practicable

In the case of genotoxic compounds for which we assume no threshold, exposures must be kept ALARP, i.e. 'as low as reasonably practicable'. The concept of ALARP involves the consideration of the risks and benefits of the exposure, and so this could mean that some exposures to the chemical may not be permitted at all. For example, such compounds would not be used in household products, cosmetics, food additives, and similar products which are frequently used. However, industrial use could be allowed under strictly controlled conditions.

Toxicity in Young Children A Special Case

Many cosmetics designed for use by children contain fragrance allergens (Rastogi et al., 1999). In Denmark, samples of children's cosmetics were found to contain geraniol, hydroxycitronellol, isoeugenol, and cinnamic alcohol (Rastogi et al., 1999). Children are more susceptible than adults to any chemical, so the increase in childhood asthma reported in recent years could be caused by fragrance components also found in fast foods. Aromatherapy therefore could be dangerous.

Will early treatment cause such great improvements in my child that he is able to attend our local public school with

You'll also want to visit the school and sit in on the classroom that your child will be attending to see if it is right for her. If your child has sensory issues, see if the classroom setting may be too noisy or bright or if the combination may induce sensory overstimulation that may impede your child's learning. Look at the size of the classroom and the makeup of the children. Find out the length of the school day.

Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy AAS

There are some constraints that have limited the application of AAS to general unknown analyses in forensic laboratories. The primary one is that the analyst must have some knowledge of the sample's makeup and which elements are of analytical interest so that the proper lamp can be selected to illuminate the sample. Just one or a few elements can be analyzed in any given sample run and a crucial element might be missed.

Genomics and Diet The Future

This scenario may become a reality in the future. The emerging field of nutritional genomics may improve treatment options and preventive measures so that they are tailored to the specific genetic makeup and needs of the individual. A central theme in a comprehensive review of studies on genomics and nutrition is the importance of the family history as a tool for chronic disease prevention and health promotion (Khoury and Mensah, 2005). In 2004 the U.S. Surgeon General launched a campaign urging all citizens to know their family history and to discuss it with health care providers using an online family history collection tool (USDHHS, 2004). The presence of a disease in a family member, especially a first-degree relative, increases individual risk. Although old-fashioned, family history remains the least expensive and best genomic tool compared with other tests (Khoury and Mensah, 2005). Family physicians who often see a number of family members at once are in a perfect position to...

Psychosocial Adjustment

How a school-age child copes with his or her illness depends on many factors, including age and developmental stage, cognitive abilities, parental adaptation, social skills, and the child's psychological makeup (Wiener et al. 2003). It is important to assess the disclosure status and stage of illness, because all these factors determine the meaning the illness carries for the child and the kind of psychological and intellectual resources available to cope with the disease and to meet each challenge. For those with vertically acquired HIV, pubertal development and sexuality, fear of contagion and transmissibility, and a need for adherence to complex and often difficult regimens are primary concerns throughout adolescence (Grubman et al. 1995).

Nanomaterialsdefinitions and applications

The uses of nanomaterials are extremely diverse, covering almost any product imaginable. Examples include medicines, medical diagnostics, sunscreens, cosmetics, food additives, food packaging, clothing, paints, electronics, and construction materials. Nanomaterials used as sunscreens include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, because of their ability to reflect UV light (Osmond and McCall 2010). Both materials when generated as larger particles are white and opaque, whereas the nanoscale versions are clear and transparent, which is often considered to be more attractive by users. A number of nanomaterials have also been developed because of their antimicrobial properties (e.g. silver and titanium dioxide), which has led to the incorporation of nanomaterials in hospital equipment, wound dressings, food preparation surfaces, food packaging, and clothing (Chen and Schluesener 2008). Arguably, one of the most useful applications of nanotechnology is in the development of filters for the...

Precautionary Principle

GMO genetically modified organism, an animal or plant whose genetic makeup has been altered through the introduction of foreign genetic material by some laboratory or industrial technique. indicator species A particular species whose presence (or absence) is regarded as characteristic of a given environment, and whose ability or failure to thrive there is thus thought to be indicative of the overall ecological status of this environment.

Spotting Hidden Market Opportunities

Demographers are sometimes called upon to highlight the long-term significance of impending population shifts for consumer markets. Characterizing market evolution with reference to changing age structure, household makeup, and spatial distribution introduces new perspectives on potential opportunities. The following example illustrates how a demographic perspective might inform business thinking on the potential market for a relatively new product, the low-speed electric neighborhood vehicle (Morrison 1999b).

Setting Realistic Goals

Also, understand that genetics play a key role in determining your body makeup, so don't dream about that Barbie-doll body it's not gonna happen. Take a look at your mom, dad, and other relatives biology isn't destiny, but heredity does play an integral part in shaping your shape.

Developmental Biopsychosocial Model for Assessment and Treatment

L he Clinical Interview of the Child is based on a developmental biopsycho-social model. We have described this model as a developmental, individual-difference, relationship-based (DIR) approach. In this approach, as we discussed in Chapter 1, three dynamically related influences work together to direct human development. The first influence is what the child brings into the world by way of his or her biological and genetic makeup. These hardwired structures do not act directly on behavior but influence the ways in which a child is able to interact in his or her relationships with others. For example, relative strengths or weaknesses in processing capacities in the areas of auditory processing and language, visual-spatial processing, motor planning and sequencing, and sensory and affective modulation, as well as other cognitive, motor, or sensory processes, will play a mediating role in the ease or difficulty a child has in interacting with those around him or her. A second influence,...

Treatment of Hypothyroidism

LT4 products have a long history of bioavailability problems. Over the years, LT4 bioavailability has increased, so maintenance doses today are significantly lower than those seen in the 1970s and early 1980s. Currently, the average bioavailability of LT4 products is about 80 . Because of longstanding concerns about LT4 bioequivalence, and because LT4 products had never undergone formal approval by the FDA under the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, the FDA mandated that all manufacturers of LT4 products submit an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) to keep their products on the U.S. market after 2001.18 Products approved under this process would have to comply with FDA manufacturing and bioequivalence standards. This FDA action has resulted in many changes in the U.S. LT4 market, as well as renewed interest in LT4 bioequivalence. By 2009, a variety of brand and generic products had been approved by the FDA. Some of the generic products carry AB ratings (bioequivalence) to...

Biomedical Demography

Demographers over the past half century have increasingly become involved with the design of surveys and the analysis of survey data, especially pertaining to fertility or morbidity and mortality. Recently, various kinds of physical measurements (height and weight), physiological measurements (of blood pressure and cholesterol levels), nutritional status (assessed by the analysis of blood or urine and other methods), physical performance (hand-grip strength or ability to pick a coin up from the floor), and genetic makeup (as determined by analysis of DNA) have been added to surveys, including those conducted by Christensen, Goldman, Weinstein, Zeng, and others. Such biological measurements can be used as covariates in demographic analyses in much the same way that social and economic information is used. These kinds of analyses are an important activity of biomedical demographers (Finch et al. 2000).

History of Public Health and Sanitation in the West before 1700

Cleansing agents for the skin, and oils, soaps, unguents, and other cosmetics used to maintain a good personal appearance and skin tone. Moreover, concern for personal hygiene went far beyond the realm of attracting sexual partners or performing religious cleansing rituals. Greeks and Romans worshiped health and consequently elevated in importance to their life-style the technical knowledge they believed would promote individual health and longevity.

Increase in Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Recent Years

A study of 1600 adults in 1987 showed that 12 reacted adversely to cosmetics and toiletries, 4.3 of which were used for their odor (i.e., they contained high levels of fragrances). Respiratory problems worsened with prolonged fragrance exposure (e.g., at cosmetic perfumery counters) and even in churches. In another study, 32 of the women tested had adverse reactions and 80 of these had positive skin tests for fragrances (deGroot and Frosch, 1987). Problems with essential oils have also been increasing. For example, contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) caused by tea tree oil has been reported, which was previously considered to be safe (Carson and Riley, 1995). It is unclear whether eucalyptol was responsible for the allergenic response (Southwell, 1997) out of seven patients sensitized to tea tree oil, six reacted to limonene, five to a-terpinene and aromadendrene, two to terpinen-4-ol, and one to p-cymene and a-phellandrene (Knight and Hausen, 1994). Switzerland...

BRM other agents Can also consider BRM earlier even as first line bul costly

Tazarotene is a topical retinoid used for mild to moderate psoriasis and is also effective for acne. It normalizes keratinocyte differentiation and has antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory effects.2 Tazarotene is available commercially as a 0.05 or 0.1 gel. It may cause significant skin irritation including erythema, pruritus, and burning, especially upon initial use.2,10,16 Combining tazarotene use with a topical corticosteroid in an alternate-day regimen or morning corticosteroid-evening taz-arotene dosing fashion may minimize skin irritation and steroid-induced skin atrophy, and enhance efficacy.16 Avoid its use in women of child-bearing age unless effective contraception is being used there is a potential risk of systemic drug absorption2 and systemic retinoids are known teratogens. Concomitant use of other topical preparations or cosmetics with a strong drying effect should be avoided when possible.10

Metabolism Of Monoterpenes

Camphor, a bicyclic monoterpene, is extracted from the woods of Cinnamomum camphora, a tree located in Southeast Asia and North America. Furthermore, it is also one of the major constituents of the essential oil of common sage (Salvia officinalis). Solid camphor forms white, fatty crystals with intensive camphoraceous odor and is used commercially as a moth repellent and preservative in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (Wichtel, 2002). In dogs, rabbits, and rats, camphor is extensively metabolized whereas the major hydroxylation products of d- and L-camphor were 5-endo-and 5-exo-hydroxycamphor. A small amount was also identified as 3-endo-hydroxycamphor (Figure 8.2). Both 3- and 5-bornane groups can be further reduced to 2,5-bornanedione. Minor biotransformation steps also involve the reduction of camphor to borneol and isoborneol. Interestingly, all hydroxy-lated camphor metabolites are further conjugated in a Phase II reaction with glucuronic acid

Eight Potential Pitfalls of Animal Models

Were the rodents randomly assigned to an intervention and were outcome measures blinded Clinical trials for phase 3 studies employ the gold standard design of a randomized clinical trial with blinded observers who measure the primary outcomes (see Chapter 7). Subjects assigned to a particular arm of the trial are included in the outcomes for that arm on an intention-to-treat basis, even if they do not complete the trial or if they die. In animal studies, a clinician may ask Were the rats randomly assigned to their intervention Were rodents of different species or strains used to add a touch of real-life diversity Were the rats that died during the interventions counted in the results of the group to which they were assigned Does the investigator state what became of all rats subjected to the injury and the intervention If some rodents were unable to learn the task that was to be tested after the CNS injury and the repair intervention, were those animals kept in the study or tossed out...

Textiles for respiratory protection

Plinius the Elder, in his monumental work Natural History, written around the time of the Roman Empire, stated that the dust he observed had been produced by disintegrating lead carbonate (used for cosmetics) and oxides of lead applied for pigments. For centuries, miners have used special clothes to cover their nose and mouth and protect their respiratory system against dust. Bernardino Ramazzini, who lived around the turn of the 17th century, indicated in his work De morbis artificum the need for protection of the respiratory tracts against dust for workers labouring in various professions. In 1814 Brise Fradin developed the first device to provide durable protection of the respiratory tract. It was composed of a container filled with cotton fibres which was connected by a duct with the user's mouth. The first filtration respiratory mask was designed at the beginning of the 19th century with the aim of protecting the users against airborne diseases. At this time, firemen began to use...

What are externalbeam and conformal externalbeam radiation therapies What are the side effects of EBRT

Ams Artificial Urinary Sphincter

How skin tolerates radiation depends on the dose of radiation used and the location of the skin affected. The perineum and the fold under the buttocks are very sensitive and may become red, flake, or drain fluid. To prevent further irritation, avoid applying soaps, deodorants, perfumes, powders, cosmetics, or lotions to the irritated skin. After you wash the area, gently blot it dry. Cotton underwear and loose fitting clothes can help prevent further irritation. If the irritated skin is dry, topical therapies, such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline), lanolin, zinc oxide, Desitin, Aquaphor, Procto-Foam, and corn starch, can be applied.

Work Leisure And Overeffort Pathologies

Regardless of one's temperament and personality makeup, however, the modern workplace is more prone to generate anxiety than the work structures of the past. The overall level of tension is increased by the permeable nature of work boundaries, as well as the need to operate as one's own au-thority.16 Well-established work parameters have given way to less defined ones that demand continual invention and revision. Pacifying historical elements are disappearing as work becomes more situational and less safeguarded by proven routine. Workers need to perform without the outside indicators that once afforded direction and rationale. Additional complexities have been introduced as work has come to entail more negotiation, personal accountability, and knowledge management.

Symptom Clusters That Affect Quality Of Functional Outcomes

More than half of long-term survivors of glioma develop significant cognitive impairments and severe short-term memory deficits. There are a number of pathophysiologic mechanisms by which brain tumor treatments injure the brain, including vascular and immunologic mechanisms. There are in addition neurochemical and neurotransmitter changes that underlie the development of neurocognitive deficits. Neuro-chemical changes in the brains of glioma patients distant from treatment-induced white matter changes have been demonstrated by magnetic resonance spectroscopic (MRS) imaging.19 This study showed a loss of choline in areas with normal-appearing white matter, reflecting membrane damage at sites remote from the tumor and radiation. The degree to which the changes in the neurochemical makeup of the brain distant from the original site of the tumor affect brain function is poorly understood.

Genetics vs Lifestyle

Indeed, for children younger than 3 years, parental weight is a greater determinant of risk of obesity than the child's own weight (Whitaker et al., 1997). However, the influence of parental weight does not reflect only genetic predisposition, because family members also share the same environment. A correlation in adult weight between identical twins is seen, even when they have been raised apart. Among adoptees, weight correlates with the weight of their biologic parents, but the correlation is not as strong as in twin studies. In summary, genetic makeup plays a permissive role, with adult weight being determined by interaction with the environment. Overall, genetic factors are estimated to be responsible for 30 to 40 of the variability in adult weight.

Methodology Issues In Evaluating Chronic Pain

The primary problem in evaluating chronic pain is to define relevant outcome measures that can provide an estimate of success of treatment consistent with the therapeutic procedure. Caution needs to be exercised in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting outcome data because of two important conceptual concerns. First, there are no satisfactory objective indicators of pain that are universally applicable and acceptable. Second, every outcome is prone to some degree of error during design, collection, analysis, or interpretation. An attempt to define and apply quality control helps in obtaining dependable data. Other factors that need to be considered when evaluating outcomes include the demographic makeup, inpatient outpatient status, and the credibility of the treatment procedures in the patient population.133 Issues related to referral patterns, adherence to treatment, and attrition of the initial study group need attention. Reactivity, which is a measure of inherent subjectivity of...

Patient Encounter Part 1

MW, a 43-year-old Caucasian female, is a married mother of two boys and is moderately obese. She is dressed in a short skirt, low-cut blouse, heavy makeup, and is somewhat disheveled. Motorically, she is mildly agitated, speaking rapidly, has fair eye contact, and appears tired and anxious.

Screening for Lead Toxicity

Groups of children, except in areas where universal screening is still recommended because of a prevalence of elevated lead levels. Specific state information can be obtained at http nceh lead. Children considered at risk who require screening include (1) those suspected by a parent or health care provider to be at risk for exposure (2) those with a sibling or frequent playmate with an elevated blood lead level (3) those with a parent or caregiver who works professionally or recreationally with lead (4) a household member uses traditional folk or ethnic remedies or cosmetics or (5) family designated at increased risk for lead exposure by the health department because of local risk factors for lead exposure, such as residing in a high-risk zip code (Wengrovitz and Brown, 2009).

Selected Toxicities of Common Essential Oils and Their Components

Most cosmetics and perfumes are tested on human guinea pigs using similar tests to those described for animals. These are demanded by the RIFM as a final test before marketing a product. Further data are accumulated from notifications from disgruntled consumers who report dermatitis, itching, or skin discoloration after use. These notifications can result in legal claims, although most cases are probably settled out of court and not reported to the general public.

Attraction SelectionAttrition

Schneider's (1987) attraction-selection-attrition (ASA) model was a direct extension of the similarity-attraction paradigm. He argued that the attributes of people in the workplace (primarily attitudes, personality, and values), and the interpersonal context created by the mix of these attributes, are the fundamental determinants of organizational behavior. The ASA framework suggests that similar kinds of people will be attracted to the organization, which will begin to determine the makeup of the place. Organizations are said to further promote this homogeneity by recruiting and selecting individuals who are similar, only differing on specific competencies. The theory also suggests that people who do not fit the organization will likely leave. In this sense, the people who remain will be similar. As a result of these attraction, selection, and attrition processes, it is predicted that the resulting similarity will influence employees' attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors.

Oxidation of Tertiary Amines to NOxides

Previous reviews have dealt with metal-catalyzed 76 and stoichiometric 77 oxidation of amines in a broad sense. This section will be limited to the selective oxidation of tertiary amines to N-oxides. Amine N-oxides are synthetically useful compounds 78, 79 and are frequently used stoichiometric oxidants in osmium- 81-82 manganese- 83 and ruthenium-catalyzed 84, 85 oxidations, as well as in other organic transformations 86-88 . Aliphatic tert-amine N-oxides are useful surfactants 79 and are essential components in hair conditioners, shampoos, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. 89 .

Embryos Have Moral Status

The traditional Christian view, which is presently used primarily by Catholic moral theorists and by some evangelical groups, claims that an embryo has full moral status from the point of conception fertilization. Similar views are held by some Orthodox Jewish and Islamic scholars. This view can be based on a theory of immediate ensoulment, or by reference to the fact that at fertilization a human being is created with a unique genetic makeup. either two souls in one entity prior to twinning or the infusion of a new soul at the point of twinning (c) that there is a possibility of chimera formation where two zygotes fuse, and this would seem to lead to an entity with two souls (d) that the argument referring to the embryo as a human being may be guilty of speciesism (i.e., relying on the mere fact that something is human as an argument for giving it moral status) and (e) that there are other human cells with a unique genetic makeup which we do not accord the same status.

Study Questions

Our memories reflect the accumulation of a lifetime of experience and, in this sense, our memories are who we are. Surely the background of our makeup is determined largely by our genes genetics sets the range of what we can aspire to be. However, by contrast to generality of genetic limitations, the specifics are a matter of memory. We learn to walk, to dance, to drive a car, to throw a ball, and to play a video game a myriad of acquired skills we come to take for granted. We learn to fear dangerous situations, to appreciate particular types of music and styles of art a broad range of aversions and enjoyments we have assumed as elements of our preferences and personality. We learn to speak, and to speak and understand our particular language. We learn world history, and we learn our own family tree and personal autobiography all of these, and much, much more, compose the vast contents and intricate, complex organization of memories that make each of us a unique human being. So, the

Award categories

As will be apparent to anyone who has watched a televised Oscar ceremony, awards are offered in numerous categories of cinematic achievement. The biggest honor is that given for best picture, followed by best director, screenwriter (both original and adapted script), the four acting awards - male and female leads and male and female supporting. Less conspicuous, but no less important, are the honors given for cinematography, editing, art direction, costume design, makeup, score, song, and ending with the more technical contributions of visual effects, sound effects editing, and sound mixing. Admittedly, not all award ceremonies offer honors in all of these categories. Indeed, some will stick to only the first half dozen or so. Furthermore, some organizations will split one or more categories into more specialized achievements. The Golden Second, although the inventory of award categories is quite large, certain honors tend to go together. In particular, if we leave aside the best...

Averaging Faces

Although it has been suggested that standardization for lighting, view, facial expression, and makeup, is not necessary when making average faces from samples larger than 30 individuals (Rowland and Perrett 1995), this does not argue against using standardized images. While it is true that a small number of images that deviate from standardized conditions have little power to affect averages made from large numbers of highly standardized photographs, the case seems to be different for small samples of poorly standardized images. Poorly standardized photographs are likely to include variations between many images increasing their power to affect the mean. Such variations are unlikely to be random, particularly in smaller samples (n 50), resulting in different means in comparison to highly standardized images. Even when methods and equipment designed for repeatable and highly standardized craniofacial photography are used, some variation between the images usually remains (Stephan et...

Research Direction

Finally, future technology may alter the characteristics and experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting and thus contribute to making the future trends and differentials uncertain. For instance, postponed childbearing increases the risk of sub-or infecundity. But these risks can be partly offset by assisted reproductive technologies. Will new innovations and discoveries make this technology less intrusive, more effective, and more acceptable and thus virtually eliminate infecundity as an antinatalist factor Also, genetic engineering, techniques that allow parents to choose the genetic makeup of their children, could have far reaching effects on reproduction, the family, and society (e.g., Silver 1998). But it remains unclear whether such technology will become available and whether it will be widely used. The debates over these new technologies will be among the most interesting and important of the coming decades.

Movie Awards

The third way of assessing cinematic impact is to use awards. Various organizations offer numerous nominations awards each year. Besides honors for best picture, these can include recognition for direction, writing, acting - male female and lead supporting - cinematography, art direction, costume design, makeup, score, song, special visual effects, sound effects editing, and sound mixing. Some of these awards are bestowed by professional or guild organizations, such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or the Screen Actors Guild, whereas others are distributed by critics associations (e.g., the New York Film Critics Circle). The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a society of journalists, grants the famed Golden Globes each year. Despite the diversity of award organizations, they tend to display a consensus regarding the recipients. The agreement is almost as strong as that seen for critical acclaim, albeit the consensus is greatest for the most salient honors, such as...


Adaptations are like sequels and remakes in bearing some link with a previous creative product. Yet the predecessor now comes from a different medium, especially plays and novels. In terms of box office, adaptations from novels are neither better nor worse than average while adaptations from plays have poorer financial performance. As might be expected, adaptations have higher odds of winning awards in the principle categories of cinematic achievement. If the adaptation comes from a classic literary work, the resulting film is also prone to receive recognition for art production, costume design, and makeup. Such visual honors represent the typical 'costumer' based on a novel by Charles Dickens or Jane Austin. Given the critical preference

Substantive Issues

Second, further inquiries should also shift the unit of analysis from the film to the filmmakers - the cast and crew engaged in creating the film product. Even if film is a collaborative product, it remains the case that collaborations require collaborators. These collaborators range from creative talents to technical experts, but they all have a responsibility for the final film. There has been some empirical attention devoted to directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, and composers, but these inquiries are rather sporadic and scattered in approach. At present, the literature lacks findings that must be considered essential. As an example, although we know how the personality of artists differs from the personality of scientists, and even how scientists practicing in different disciplines vary in their dispositional makeup, we know nothing about the distinctive personality profiles of producers, directors, writers, actors, and composers - even less the rest of the core crew....


With a low likelihood of relapse 5,20,25-27 , the population of patients treated on the observation arm had a favorable prognosis when compared with the other patients on observation alone. Patients who had low-volume disease have been shown by other studies to have a low likelihood of relapse (one third or less) on surveillance. In contrast, the relapse proportion for patients who have high-volume disease exceeds 50 , and has been reported to be as high as 90 for patients who have extranodal disease when no adjuvant chemotherapy is given 28 . The differences in makeup of the two randomized groups may have resulted in a disproportionately high number of patients on surveillance alone who did not relapse.

Regulation of lead

Lead is banned in cosmetics manufactured or marketed in the EU (and the UK). However, cosmetics are sometimes brought into the UK from abroad for personal use or bought via the internet, so should not be ruled out as a possible source of exposure. Lead has recently been found in kohl, a widely used traditional cosmetic mainly worn around the eyes.


In the emergency room, about 50 percent of patients have alcohol in their blood to varying levels. Forty-four percent of fatal motor vehicle accidents and about 30 percent of fatal falls in the home involve alcohol. It is often found in perpetrators of violent crimes such as murder and brutal domestic disputes. Pregnant mothers who use alcohol put their unborn babies at risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that can cause brain damage and other abnormalities in the infant.

Bipolar Disorders

Dr Ruth Richards and her colleagues studied creativity in manic-depressive and cyclothymic participants (under DSM-II and DSM-III criteria), their normal relatives, and control participants. Richards' focus is on noneminent (what she calls 'Everyday') creativity, and this expands the debate away from famous geniuses, and somewhat away from diagnosed psychiatric patients as well. Her work also removes some of the confounds with social evaluation and self-promotion that can be introduced into evaluating creative work. Richards and her coworkers suggested nonlinear, 'inverted-U' relationships linking indicators of symptom intensity and levels of creativity. They made explicit connections between creativity and psychological health, as well as connecting the construct of everyday creativity to well-lived life in general and the overall makeup of human beings.

Heavy metals

And food supplements reported to the National Poisons Unit in London from January 1983 to March 1989 and in 1991 included 657 (12 ) reports of symptomatic cases and five confirmed cases of heavy metal poisoning resulting from the use of contaminated traditional remedies (Perharic et al. 1994). The same unit reported 12 cases of poisoning with lead, arsenic, or mercury between 1991 and 1995, nine of which were associated with herbal remedies from India and three with use of Indian cosmetics (Shaw et al. 1995). Lynch and Braithwaite (2005) published 31 cases of poisoning by lead, arsenic, mercury, and magnesium resulting from the use of Indian traditional medicines. The reports came from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Israel, Germany, The Netherlands, and Qatar. Seventy-one per cent of these patients were of an Indian ethnic origin and 10 were of white ethnic origin. The patients' ages ranged from 9 months to 70 years.

The Opening Phase

The first phase of the interview begins in the waiting room. Your first observations are of the child with his or her parents notice their spatial relationship and interactions. Then, as discussed in Chapter 2, before approaching the parents or child, pause for a moment and get your first impressions of the child, noticing things such as physical makeup, coordination, gross and fine motor activity, and sensory motor functioning. Observe how the child responds to mother and other family members, as well as to other people in the room. You may even have an opportunity to see gestures, affects, and activities that give you information for some of the other categories.


The main reason for the expansion of the essential oils industry and the growing demand for products was the development of the food, soap, and cosmetics industries. Today's multinational companies, the main users of fragrances and flavors, have evolved directly from the developments during the mid-nineteenth century.


The combination of the availability of individual genetic data on a scale never before seen with a detailed understanding of nutrition has led to the field of nutrigenom-ics the study of the relationship between a person's genetic makeup and their individual nutritional needs. The relationship between the human body and food is now understood to be far more complex than simple nutrition.

Monitoring progress

Look 10 years into the future at your wedding day. White gown, perfect hair and makeup the perfect day. Now you look into the mirror and smile What do your teeth look like What you are doing today will determine how beautiful your smile will be on that day in the future

Mom Fctish Photos

Bisexuality A psychological makeup in which the individual may choose either a man or a woman as a sexual object. Freud believed that bisexuality was universal in the unconscious. On a conscious level, research has demonstrated that most individuals have a primary preference for either a male or a female sexual object, while only a minority of individuals are bisexual.


Dense Parotid Mass

The diagnosis of a tumor of the parotid gland will be dependent upon the history, clinical examination, imaging, and fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB). In most cases the history will be of a painless slow-growing lump that the patient had been aware of for some months or even years, and that was noticed initially when shaving, washing, or applying makeup. Occasionally the patient will report a rapidly growing mass, but this is not always a malignancy, as a long-standing retroman-dibular tumor that can no longer be accommodated in this space may have popped out and become prominent. Pain in a parotid mass is usually an ominous sign and can be an indication

Origins of Acting

Our knowledge about the origins of Eastern theatre and acting begins to take shape about 4000 BCE when Egypt and the Near East entered an advanced stage. Egyptian hieroglyphics supply the first tangible evidence of drama enacted by priests. In the Far East, according to Hindu legend, Brahma taught the art of drama to the sage Bharata, author of Natyasastra (The Science of Dramaturgy), written around 200 BCE. Since it gives details on acting, dance, costume, and makeup it is assumed that these acting elements had long been in existence. The early Sanskrit plays were organized around fundamental psychological moods or 'rasas' (nine rasas include erotic, comic, pathetic, furious, heroic, terrible, odious, marvelous, and peaceful). A Sanskrit play contained many rasas but all plays ended happily the intention was to leave the spectator in a state of harmony. Violence and death were kept off stage, good and evil were clearly differentiated, and good was always triumphant. These plays were...


Lead gains access to the human body principally through the air we breathe and the substances we ingest. Residents of industrialized nations acquire about half of their body burden of lead from polluted respired air. Healthy adults only absorb about 10 percent of ingested lead, but children may absorb as much as half of the lead they eat or drink. Lead absorption is enhanced by a low level of calcium in the diet. Lead may also be absorbed through the skin. Prolonged applications of lead-containing substances such as poultices or cosmetics may result in health-threatening absorption of lead.

Infant Mortality

The infant mortality rate (which is commonly calculated as the number of deaths among infants under 1 year of age in a calendar year per 1,000 live births in that year) measures the probability that a newborn baby will survive the hazards of infancy and live to celebrate his or her first birthday. Whether a given infant survives this crucial first year of life is influenced in part by certain biological characteristics (e.g., genetic makeup, nature of the birth outcome, susceptibility to particular diseases). But a voluminous body of research over the past century has clearly identified the major determinants of the overall infant mortality rate to be, first, the nature of the physical environment, especially the state of sanitation, and, second, the nature and availability of health care facilities. Although the health of persons of all ages is affected by these conditions, the newborn infant is most susceptible and most likely to be adversely affected by the absence of appropriate...

Papez Circuit

It is well recognized that the ability to recall and engender memories is intimately linked to the emotional makeup of such memories. Furthermore, several clinical conditions show combined deficits in these domains, suggesting a direct anatomical or physiological interaction of functions. In 1937, the neuroanatomist Papez published a study describing an anatomical circuit that involved a number of central nervous system nuclei and pathways that are important in aspects of memory and emotion. Familiarity with this Papez circuit allows clinicians to think systematically about the overall anatomical foundation of memory and to analyze which elements are involved in different aspects of memory function. The concept of a circuit is particularly important in dealing with memory, since lesions anywhere along the pathway may interrupt memory function, although the coloration of the deficit may be particularly influenced by the specific nuclei or path that is damaged (Fig. 5-1 (Figure Not...

Greece and Rome

Liver, was hot and moist, and was prone to overflow during the spring. Not only were humors the material and dynamic components of the body, but their ever-imperfect and labile mixture was responsible for a person's psychological makeup, or temperament, as well as for deficiencies in bodily constitution that created susceptibilities to disease.

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