Domain Basis for Friendships

Often, friendships of creative individuals come from the same or related domain of endeavor. "People become friends because they are passionately and emotionally involved in the same pursuits. They have common ground and become friends because of their common interests," according to creativity scholar, Jane Piirto. Although adult creators often describe great loneliness in childhood, they may develop strong peer friendships in late adolescence, particularly if they are able to learn or work together in their domain, which may sustain them throughout life.

Friendships among creative children are important for development of self-esteem and for intimacy, particularly as students become teenagers. To share passions with like minds is important for well-being, as well as for generation of ideas, testing novel ideas, and growing cognitively and creatively. However, such friendships may be fraught with problems. Creative young people have the need to be valued and to share their interests with others. At the same time, there is a need to have time and space alone to focus on their own work. There is also the competition for the same scholarships or awards, for accomplishment, and the need to be 'the best,' especially among young performers. Such conflicts may lead creative young people to eschew one aspect for the other. How to find a balance that is both personally satisfying and allows for the freedom to create is a challenge.

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