Marriages and Children

She had had an abortion after becoming pregnant by one of the saxophonists in the Benny Goodman band when she sang with them. After this, she never had a child. She never discussed this. Her first marriage in 1941 to Bernard Kornegay, an admirer of the Chick Webb band, was short-lived and ended in mid-1942 in annulment, after Ella's managers discovered Kor-negay's criminal past and conveyed to her that they thought he was using her. Ella met her second husband, Ray Brown, a bass player, on the first tour with Dizzy Gillespie. They were married in December, 1947. They divorced in 1953, but continued to work together over the years. They adopted one son, Ray Brown, Jr., the son of her half-sister, Frances, who died young, and to whom Fitzgerald was very close. During the years she also had several affairs, but after she and Brown divorced, she never remarried.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

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