Preface ix

Editors xi

Contributors xiii

Introduction to Drug Design and Discovery 1

Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen and Lennart Bunch

Chapter 1 Molecular Recognition in Ligand-Protein Binding 15

Tommy Liljefors

Chapter 2 Biostructure-Based Drug Design 29

Flemming S. J0rgensen and Jette S. Kastrup

Chapter 3 Ligand-Based Drug Design 43

Ingrid Pettersson, Thomas Balle, and Tommy Liljefors

Chapter 4 Chemical Biology 59

Kristian Str0mgaard

Chapter 5 Stereochemistry in Drug Design 75

Maria B. Mayo-Martin and David E. Jane

Chapter 6 Natural Products in Drug Discovery 89

Guy T. Carter

Chapter 7 Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development 107

Markus Rudin and Thomas Mueggler

Chapter 8 Peptides and Peptidomimetics 123

Minying Cai, Vinod V. Kulkarni, and Victor J. Hruby

Chapter 9 Prodrugs: Design and Development 135

Anders Buur and Niels M0rk

Chapter 10 Metals in Medicine: Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry 151

Helle R. Hansen and Ole Farver

Chapter 11 Enzyme Inhibitors: Biostructure-Based and Mechanism-Based Designs 173

Robert A. Copeland, Richard R. Gontarek, and Lusong Luo

Chapter 12 Receptors: Structure, Function, and Pharmacology 189

Hans Bräuner- Osborne

Chapter 13 Ion Channels: Structure and Function 207

S0ren-Peter Olesen and Daniel B. Timmermann

Chapter 14 Neurotransmitter Transporters: Structure and Function 225

Claus J. Loland and Ulrik Gether

Chapter 15 GABA and Glutamic Acid Receptor Ligands 239

Bente Fr0lund and Ulf Madsen

Chapter 16 Acetylcholine 263

Anders A. Jensen and Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen

Chapter 17 Histamine Receptors 283

Iwan de Esch, Henk Timmerman, and Rob Leurs

Chapter 18 Dopamine and Serotonin 299

Benny Bang-Andersen and Klaus P. B0ges0

Chapter 19 Opioid and Cannabinoid Receptors 313

Rasmus P. Clausen and Harald S. Hansen

Chapter 20 Hypnotics 329

Bjarke Ebert and Keith A. Wafford

Chapter 21 Neglected Diseases 341

S0ren B. Christensen

Chapter 22 Immunomodulating Agents 359

Ulla G. Sidelmann

Chapter 23 Anticancer Agents 375

Fredrik Björkling and Lars H. Jensen

Chapter 24 Antiviral Drugs 393

Erik De Clercq

Chapter 25 Antibiotics 419

Piet Herdewijn

Index 449

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