What youll choose to change will depend on your unique set of circumstances your goals the time frame you set for yourself and your motivation

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A number of tools can help you get comfortable with this initial process of recovery, some of which you may already know about, such as journal writing, taking relaxation breaks, and cultivating relationships with people you trust and enjoy. Other steps will probably be new to you, such as "taking dictation from yourself" by answering deeply personal questions; noting, challenging and changing your negative self-talk and negative triggers; and defusing your eating environment one step at a time to help you begin thinking about food and eating in non-eating-disordered ways. Eventually, you'll change how you respond to and communicate with people so the eating disorder won't have to do that for you. In addition, your "world view" that thinness determines your personal worth will shift, and you'll rebuild self-esteem on a more secure foundation.

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Crushing Your Goals and Achieving Success

Crushing Your Goals and Achieving Success

Meeting Realistic Goals Can Be Easy if You Have the Right Understanding of the Process. The Reason So Many People Fail at Meeting Their Goals is Because They Have a Confused Understanding of Realistic Goal Setting and Self-Motivation Methodology.

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