Emergency Department Treatment And Disposition

Lindane shampoo should be lathered into the pubic, perineal, and perianal hair or lindane lotion applied in the affected areas and left on for 10 minutes and rinsed off. Synergized pyrethrins (RID), or synthetic pyrethrins, may also be used. Since lindane may be toxic, pyrethrins are preferred in pregnant women and children. Treatment should be repeated in 1 week to treat any nits that may have hatched. Clothing worn or linen used in the preceding 24 hours should be washed. Mechanical removal of nits attached to hairs should be attempted. Petroleum jelly or any bland ophthalmic ointment can be applied to the eyelashes twice daily for a week to treat infestation of the eyelashes. Sexual contacts should be examined. Figure 9.30.

Source: Knoop KJr Stack LB. Stcrrow Afl. Thurman RJ: The Atias of Emergency Medicine, 3rd Edition: nttpi//www,a ccessmedlcine.com Copyright © The McGraw-Hil Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Pediculosis Pubis—On Hairs. Phthirus pubis, or the crab louse, in the pubic hair of a patient complaining of itching. Note also the nits attached to the hairs. (Reproduced with permission from Morse, Moreland, Thompson. Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. London: Mosby-Wolfe; 1990.)

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