Emergency Department Treatment and Disposition

Outpatient treatment of younger men (<35 years) should be directed at sexually transmitted organisms. Older men tend to have infections caused by organisms in common with urinary tract infection. Adolescents and children should be referred for urological evaluation to rule out congenital anomalies, which are common in nongonococcal infections in this age group. Febrile patients should be considered for admission and IV antibiotics. Figure 8.6.

Source: Knoop KJr Stank LB. Storrow A&, Thurman RJ: The Atias of Emergency Medicine, 3rd Edition: ¡ittji;//www.a ccessmediicine.com Copyright © The McGraw-l-Tl Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Acute Epididymitis. Swelling of the right hemiscrotum and tenderness of the inferior posterior portion of the testicle. (Photo contributor: Adam R. Saperston, MD, MS.)

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