Benefits of Parathyroidectomy in Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Patients with untreated primary hyperparathyroidism have an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancers. This increased risk of death is similar in magnitude to that associated with smoking, and the risk appeared to correlate with parathyroid tumor size and the peak calcium level.17,18

Parathyroidectomy benefits most patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. Muscle strength and fine motor function19 as well as psychiatric symptoms20 improve within 1 month after parathyroidectomy. The incidence of renal colic decreases from 66% to 2% per year 1 year after parathyroidectomy.21 Left ventricular hypertrophy also improves within 1 year after parathyroidectomy.22 Bone mineral density improves after parathyroidectomy in patients with asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism, and the improvement is sustained for at least 4 years after parathyroidectomy.23 Quality of life measurement also improves after parathyroidectomy.24

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