Catecholamine Effects

The influence of catecholamines on insulin secretion was initially thought to be inhibitory because norepinephrine and epinephrine were demonstrated to reduce the insulin secretory response to glucose.70'80'81 However, the influences of the catecholamines are dependent on the degree of expression of various adrenergic receptors. Thus, activation of postsynaptic a-adrenergic receptors, mainly of the 0C2 subtype on the islet B cells, inhibits insulin secretion,82 whereas activation of the ^-adrenergic receptors, mainly of the p2 subtype, stimulates insulin secretion.83 On the other hand, with regard to glucagon secretion, catecholamines seem to be stimulatory through the activation of both a- and ^-adrenergic receptors.84'85

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