How Does Epilepsy Affect Womens Sexuality

Hyposexuality is seen more often in epileptic women than in the general population; 25-65% of women with TLE are estimated to be affected.44 As with epileptic men, hyposexuality in epileptic women is seen much more often in those with TLE than with primarily generalized epilepsy. Hyposexuality is characterized by lack of libido and difficulty in achieving orgasm. The disorder may be a result of a number of factors, including psychosocial disability, medications (see text that follows), and epilepsy-related dysfunction of limbic structures, in particular of the amygdala. In this respect, hyposexuality occurs more commonly with right-sided TLE. In that setting, it is associated with hypothalamic hypogonadism and low serum LH level.32 By contrast, it has been our experience that women with left-sided TLE are rarely hyposexual.

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