What Are The Laboratory Findings In Hyposexual Patients Who Are Given Aeds

Total serum testosterone levels may be normal or occasionally even elevated.69 However, levels of FT—or biologically active testosterone (BAT)77—are reduced. Serum estradiol is frequently elevated. In summary, the laboratory findings show: (1) Usually normal serum total testosterone; (2) reduced serum-free or biologically active testosterone; (3) elevated SHBG; (4) often elevated serum estradiol.

In practical terms, the following endocrine tests should be administered to hyposexual men who are receiving AEDs: total testosterone, FT, and estradiol levels in all patients; and bioactive testosterone level in those patients in whom results of the former two tests are normal.77 In addition, serum LH and FSH should be checked to evaluate the possibility of hypothalamic hypogonadism.

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