What are the results of microwave therapy

Results after microwave therapy are either subjective and objective. Subjective results use patient symptoms score sheets where the patients record their perception of their voiding characteristics. Objective results, such as measurements of peak urinary flow rates and post void residual volumes, are measured by the physician. Several studies have shown improvement in both subjective and objective measurement following microwave therapy. This technology is still relatively new, and long-term data are lacking. No one yet knows whether these promising early results are durable.

In a Cochrane review, microwave therapy was found to be a relatively safe and effective treatment option for BPH. Microwave therapy has fewer, as well as less severe, side effects than TURP. TURP produced greater improvement in urinary symptoms and fewer men required retreatment for symptomatic BPH.

This technique involves placing interstitial radiofrequency needles through the urethra into the lateral prostatic lobes to cause coagulation necrosis.

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