What are the risks of penile injection

Despite the high efficacy and relatively benign side-effect profile of injection therapy, there is a high discontinuation rate with this treatment for ED. A recent review demonstrated that 15% of men who are offered injection therapy do not even try it, 40% discontinue treatment within 3 months, and only 20-30% of men continue with injection therapy for more than 3 years. Reasons for discontinuation include fear of needles, the injected volume, adverse effects, partner discontent with this mode of therapy, loss of partner or relationship issues, problems with the ability to administer the medication, and the return of spontaneous erections. Other side effects include: (1) pain—injection site-related or diffuse, (2) hematoma—increased risk in men taking blood thinners, (3) priapism, (4) penile fibrosis—scar tissue within the corpora which may lead to a need for a higher dose of medication, (5) plaque formation— palpable scar tissue at the site of needle penetration of the corpora. The risk of liver injury with injection therapy is low and does not appear to be a concern for men using Caverject or Edex.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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