What are the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate either cancer related or benign

The prostate gland in the adult male is normally about 20 to 25 cm3 in size. Over time, the prostate gland may grow as a result of benign enlargement of the prostate, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or as a result of prostate cancer. Enlargement of the prostate gland may cause changes in urinary symptoms; however, the severity of urinary symptoms does not correlate with the size of the prostate. In fact, some men with mildly enlarged prostates (for example, 40 cm3) may be more symptomatic than men with greatly enlarged (>100 cm3) prostate glands. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate are caused by the prostate's resistance to the outflow of urine and the bladder's response to this resistance. Common symptoms include:

• Getting up at night to urinate one or more times per night (nocturia).

• Urinating frequently (eight or more times per day).

• Feeling that you have to urinate, but when you attempt to, finding that it takes a while for the urine to come out (hesitancy).

• Straining or pushing to get your urine stream started and/or to maintain your stream.

• Dribbling urine near the completion of voiding.

• A urine stream that stops and starts during voiding (intermittency).

• Feeling of incomplete emptying after voiding such that you feel that you could void again shortly.


Awakening one or more times at night with the desire to void.


A delay in the start of the urine stream during voiding.


An inability to complete voiding and emptying the bladder with one single contraction of the bladder. A stopping and starting of the urine stream during urination.

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